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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 16: Teamwork

Jiang Huai’s actions caused the live broadcast chat room to explode again.

“Shocking! Something’s wrong with Jiang Huai. He’s never been a warm, caring man. Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

“Something’s wrong +1. Could it be that my Brother Huai has fallen in love?!”

“That shouldn’t be the case. Brother Huai said that he doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Could it be that Brother Huai is slapping himself in the face?”

“I don’t think everyone should think too much about it. Brother Huai has always been quite good to his fans. During the live broadcast today, I feel that Brother Huai treats this little fan called An’an more like he treats his younger sister.”

“I agree with the person above. I believe it’s more like brotherly care.”

There was a debate in the live-stream about whether they were more like a couple or siblings. At this moment, Jiang Huai was faced with a difficult decision and had no time to care that the topic of the live-stream had gone astray.

Tan Ming also wanted to change her clothes, but they were partic.i.p.ating in a show now. She didn’t want to cause their team to lack resources because of her personal issue, so she rejected his offer. “Brother, it’s alright. Survival supplies are more important. It’s just wearing clothes for another day. Moreover, there’s probably no place to shower here. Changing our clothes when we can’t shower is pretty useless.”

Fortunately, fans also addressed the male celebrity they liked as their older brother. Therefore, Tan Ming’s address was considered a coincidence and did not cause a greater commotion in the live-stream.

Seeing that Tan Ming insisted, Jiang Huai did not say anything else. The two of them began to choose supplies. Jiang Huai took a lighter, a portable cask stove, and an iron lunch box for outdoor use. Tan Ming chose a pot, a Swiss army knife, and a flashlight.

Director Han lowered his head and looked at the time on his watch. He picked up the loudspeaker and shouted, “You only have three minutes to make your choice. There’s still half a minute left. If you’ve made your choice, please step away from your luggages immediately. When the whistle blows later, if you haven’t made your choice, our staff will forcefully take everything away.”

As soon as he said this, everyone’s struggle in choosing was miraculously cured. They quickly took out items for survival.

At this moment, Tan Ming noticed the items that Bai Ling’s team had taken. She had an idea and ran over. She discussed with the other team, “Bai Ling, we can share our lighters and pots. This way, we can have a quota of supplies on both sides. I’ve watched some variety shows where contestants have to do missions to obtain ingredients. In order to prevent the mission from failing and obtaining too little food, it will be safer if we can prepare more.”

Tan Ming’s idea was not very innovative. Under normal circ.u.mstances, anyone could have thought of it. However, Director Han had deliberately given them a very short time. Everyone was already resentful. It took some time to grumble and complain, and it took a lot of time to decide what to take. Therefore, Tan Ming’s fast reaction speed was rare.

When Bai Ling heard this, she also came to her senses. “Good idea. That’s it. We’ll bring lighters, and you guys bring pots!”

Director Han’s urgent voice sounded again. “The countdown begins. Three!”

Tan Ming quickly put the lighter back.

“Two!” The staff had already walked to the side of everyone and was waiting to forcefully drag the luggage.

Tan Ming took out a large pack of instant noodles for five people.


Everyone immediately carried their supplies away from the luggage, afraid that they would be taken away because they had not chosen the goods.

Everyone chose similar things. When they found out about the collaboration between Jiang Huai’s group and Bai Ling’s group, the other guests wailed.

Hou Li had been hesitating for a long time about whether she needed her doll to sleep. Hence, she had only chosen the good stuff at the last moment. How could she have the time to think about how to maximize their benefits? She looked at Tan Ming with admiration. “An’an, your reaction speed is too fast. I didn’t think of it at all just now!”

All this while, whenever someone praised Tan Ming, Tan Si’s expression would be ugly. Although she was still smiling at every moment, she was about to grind her teeth into powder.

Jiang Huai smiled knowingly when he saw Tan Ming’s actions. He raised his hand and touched the top of his sister’s head with a proud expression. “An’an is so smart!”

This head-grabbing move made Jiang Huai’s live broadcast room wail as well.

“G.o.d! Let my soul pa.s.s through my body!”

“I’m tired of saying the word ‘envious’. What does Brother Huai mean by that doting expression?! Could these two really be a couple?!”

“Sigh, Brother Huai is not young anymore. Even if he really likes someone, no one can stop it.”

When Yuan Shao saw the look in Tan Si’s eyes, he immediately understood. Taking advantage of the fact that he was the youngest among them, he smiled. “Sister An’an is so smart. She even has the time to team up with Sister Bai Ling. I’m so envious that you could get one more thing.”

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