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After Getting Divorced, Her Powerful Birth Family Welcomed Her Home!

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Chapter 15: Survival on a Deserted Island

“If you like Tan Si, that pretentious white lotus, stay at her side. If you dare to cause trouble again, we’ll go over and wash the screen of your main live-stream with blood!”

“That’s right. You’re blind and don’t know how to read people, yet you still want to come here to lead the hate. Don’t think that I don’t know that you’re just here to cause friction. Our fan base is dozens of times larger than yours. Don’t cause trouble. You can’t afford to offend us!”

When that small wave of Tan Si’s die-hard fans saw that their motives had been exposed, they were also worried that they would be counterattacked on Tan Si’s live-stream and affect Tan Si’s popularity. They did not dare to provoke them anymore and quietly lay low, waiting for their opportunity.

However, Jiang Huai’s fans were not to be trifled with. They had sent dozens of strong combatants to infiltrate Tan Si’s side. As long as they dared to cause trouble here, they would make things difficult for Tan Si’s side!

Tan Ming looked at the conversation in the live-stream and watched it curiously. When she was studying, she worked everywhere to earn money. After graduation, she was married to the Si family to take care of Si Cheng. She knew very little about the open and covert struggles in the entertainment industry and did not have the time to pay attention to the happenings in fan circles.

Everyone watched as Tan Ming sat upright in her seat with her hands demurely placed on her lap. She looked at the screen with a curious expression. Her especially obedient appearance immediately attracted the attention of Jiang Huai’s fans.

“Sister, you’re so modest!”

“Moreover, she’s very beautiful. With her looks, she can definitely make her debut!”

Tan Ming didn’t expect anyone to say that they liked her. When she saw other people’s praise, she smiled embarra.s.sedly. “Thank you for liking me.”

“It’s over, we’ve fallen!”

“When I saw that smile, I suddenly felt my heart stop.”

“If she debuts, I’ll definitely support her!”

When Jiang Huai saw the comments praising his sister, a smile appeared on his originally expressionless face. “Thank you for liking An’an. I hope you can support us more!”

“Oh my G.o.d, I’ve taken a screenshot of Brother Huai’s first smile today. I’m going to lick it for the entire day!”

“Brother Huai really takes care of his fans. It’s another day of envy.”

“Why didn’t I get picked that time!!”

Because they could interact through the live broadcast, the journey on the boat did not seem so dull anymore. Jiang Huai had been intentionally or unintentionally diverting the topic to Tan Ming to help her increase her popularity in the entertainment industry.

An hour later, everyone arrived at the island. The island was not big, and it only took 30 minutes to cross through the forest in the middle to get to the other end.

w.a.n.g Li and her daughter looked at the desolate island with a trace of disdain in their eyes. Other than them, there was also Yuan Jing’s group.

After all, although everyone knew that they were in the wilderness, they all thought that it was going to be more like a picnic, and that it was just a relaxing variety show.

In fact, this was also the definition of the program since the beginning. This was also the variety show style that Director Han was familiar with. However, this time, he suddenly had a strange thought, so it became a deserted island survival program. After all, the definition of the wilderness was really wide.

After the guests and all the staff were on the island, Director Han began his ridiculous operation.

Director Han appeared in front of everyone with a loudspeaker. “Everyone, please hand over your phones. Then, each of you will choose three items from your luggage to take away. We will temporarily take the remaining items and keep them for you!”

Yuan Jing was a delicate girl. When she saw the environment on the island, the disdain in her eyes was already undisguised. When she heard this, she felt like she was about to collapse. “What! Outerwear and shoes already make up three items. How can we survive without anything here?!”

Tan Si could not help but ask very gently, “Director, we also need phones for work. Can you let us keep more things?”

Director Han smiled and replied, “If there’s an emergency, your colleagues can contact us. We’ll definitely make special arrangements.”

“In addition, everyone can be rest a.s.sured that our production team will provide food, so I suggest that you don’t leave the three precious spots for food. However, kitchen utensils are not provided. I know that you all brought cooking utensils to the wilderness, so this will test everyone’s ability to choose.”

Although the others were shocked, at this point, they had already promised to follow the production team’s rules when signing the contract. If they withdrew, they would have to pay three times the compensation. Everyone had brought a lot of picnic food in their boxes, so they could only put it away with tears in their eyes.

Jiang Huai couldn’t bear to let Tan Ming wear her clothes for two days straight. He said softly, “An’an, you can take clothes for your three items. I’ll take the lighter, pot, and bowl. We can just use tree branches as chopsticks, it’s practically the same.”

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