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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 9


Shen Yunci could not help but pour out her grievances with people she held dear. Standing to the side, Lu Zhi could not help but laugh while he washed the dishes.


Lu Ning was resting in the room for a while, and when she woke up it was already evening. She wanted to take a shower and change her clothes, so she opened her closet.

She did not bring any of her clothes from the Lù residence.

The closet was filled with brand new clothes. Most of them were dresses, and their texture seemed very different.

Lu Ning reached out to touch them; their fabric was very comfortable. She took a piece to take a look at the tags, but the tags had all been removed. Strangely, there were no logos or branding on the clothes. However, it did not look cheap.

Lu Ning sighed. If the brand logos had been removed, she probably could not have them refunded.

She picked a casual outfit and entered the bathroom.

After was.h.i.+ng up and changing her clothes, she felt much more refreshed. Her beautiful eyes were misty, and her appearance gave off an air of mystery.

Her skin was fair and her hair was black and beautiful. It was simple, but people were unable to take their eyes off her.

Lu Ning wiped her hair and walked to the desk. There was a new laptop on it, and the logo on it indicated it was from a prestigious brand; this brand was not cheap.

Lu Ning frowned. She turned on the computer and inserted the USB drive that Lu Jingzhi had given her.

After the USB drive was plugged in, an interface automatically popped up—it was a black interface with a few icons on it. The names were arranged according to numerical order; she could not tell what it was, but it looked like a game.

Lu Ning sat down and moved the mouse to open the first icon.

Upon opening it, the interface enlarged and filled the screen; a small character moved about on the screen, and soon enough a game interface loaded. It looked simple, clean, and clear, without any extraneous animation. There were simply three b.u.t.tons.




There was not even a name for the game.

Lu Ning looked at the start b.u.t.ton and clicked on it.

This was the simplest, crudest game she had ever seen. The moment the game finished loading, a small character was standing on the edge of a cliff, and before she could react—bam! Her character fell to its death.

Lu Ning: “…”

She knew the opening strategy, and her fingers tapped on the b.u.t.tons quickly as she fought her way straight to the twentieth level.

After she saved and logged out, she opened the remaining two; they were also simple and crude, but the gaming experiences were very different. Both of them were exciting and interesting.

She maneuvered to the program’s back-end; it was a game without a name, and even the developer column only had a single letter, [Z].

She tried searching for these games on various platforms, but there was no information on them at all. It was as though they had been created out of thin air and not announced to the public, but were simply made for one’s own entertainment.

Since it was not announced to the public, how did Jingzhi have these?


Lu Ning seemed to have thought of something and her eyes lit up. She could not help but grin.

She picked up her phone. As she was about to make a call, a call came in.

She glanced at the caller ID, and picked it up.


The person who called was the of Yizhong, Shen Guang.

“Little Ning, are you back?”


“Have you reached your new home? Are you settling in alright? Are they treating you well?”

Lu Ning replied softly, “It’s alright. Mom and Dad are very nice to me.”

“That’s good.” The other party heaved a sigh of relief. “School will start in a few days. Why don’t we head to the capital if you have time? It won’t delay the start of school.”

She spoke gingerly, seemingly afraid that Lu Ning might get upset.

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