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After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal

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Chapter 10

The Capital

Lu Ning did not beat around the bush. “Princ.i.p.al, I’ve already given you my reply regarding what you’ve mentioned before. I don’t have the capability, so I cannot accept.”

The other party immediately became worked up. “That’s not the case, Little Ning! You’re the most capable person I know! Didn’t you promise me you would consider it when you came to No. 1 High School? Why did you change your mind? Think about it again. Uncle won’t force you; if you don’t want to go, we won’t go to the capital.”

Lu Ning felt a headache coming on. She was really a wimp, so why did everyone want her to take up more responsibilities?

Shen Guang was afraid she would continue to refuse, so he hurriedly changed the topic. “By the way, your adoptive parents had forced their biological daughter in. I wasn’t here at that time, so I didn’t know; it was the school board which made the decision. They said they would donate a building to the school, so they agreed.

“Little Ning, believe me; it really has nothing to do with me.”

He tried his hardest to disa.s.sociate himself from the situation, as he truly did not want to give Lu Ning a bad impression of him.

Lu Ning did not think much of it. “Right.”

Shen Guang could not read Lu Ning’s feelings. “Are you unhappy? Why don’t I get someone to transfer her somewhere further, so that you won’t see her and won’t feel uncomfortable?”

Lu Ning did not really mind, and did not feel it would be uncomfortable.

Since the dust had settled and they had returned to their rightful places, there would be no need for them to interact much with each other. The Lù family probably did not want too much contact with her either.

“There’s no need. Aren’t her grades rather good? In that case, she won’t be a.s.signed to my cla.s.s.”

Shen Guang nodded. “That’s true, but if you perform normally, she won’t be able to catch up to you even if she worked her hardest. Little Ning, do you want to transfer to a better cla.s.s? One’s learning environment is still very important. Although you can achieve first place in your cohort by a large margin without studying, Cla.s.s 9 is nevertheless a little rowdy.”

“You don’t have to.”

Lu Ning refused flatly.

“Alright, alright. If you’d rather not then I won’t change it. Make sure you report on time! I’ll also be there on the day school starts. You must be tired after just coming back, so I won’t disturb you anymore. Get some rest.”

He could clearly hear that Lu Ning was getting slightly impatient. Shen Guang promptly hung up after giving her his instructions; he wanted to nip any details that Lu Ning might detest in the bud!

Looking at her phone, Lu Ning went quiet for a couple of seconds before she found another number to call.

Before the call connected, she could already feel her temples throbbing.

Expectedly, as soon as the call connected a deafening voice boomed.

“Boss!!! This is the first time you called me after you went back! Did you miss me?! I missed you too!”

Lu Ning: “…”

“I have something to ask you.” Lu Ning simply ignored him. “I remember that you have a lot of programming books.”

“That’s right, that’s right! Do you want to see them? I’ll send them all to you, as many of them as you want!”

Lu Ning: “I don’t need that many, it’s just that someone I know might need them. I’ll send you some of the games he’s made so you can judge his standard; you can use that to find some books suitable for him and send them over.”

“Got it! I promise I’ll complete this mission!”

Lu Ning nodded. “Thanks, Little Twelve.”

For the first time, there was silence on the other end.

“I told you not to call me that!”

Lu Ning found it funny. “Then what should I call you? Zizi?”

The other party was even more furious. “It’s all Brother Long’s fault for giving me this lousy name! And it’s Gu Zi!”

It was rare for Lu Ning to joke with him. “Have you asked Tenth and Eleventh about this?”

Tenth and Eleventh were called Gu Chou and Gu Yin respectively.

Gu Zi was silent for a bit before laughing his head off.

“I sent them to you, check that you’ve received them.”

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