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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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After Su Jianan had done all the things, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon

From the moment she left Manager Cai’s office, she had begun to think whether she should go home or go to find Lu Boyan.

When she came into the elevator, she pressed the b.u.t.ton of the 86th floor by mistake.

She thought with her head tilted to one side, “Since it’s so, I could go upstairs to see Lu Boyan.”

Lu Boyan was reading some doc.u.ments when she entered his room, and from Su Jianan’s view, his face was perfect and beautiful. With an exquisite pen between his fingers, he had a strong and overwhelming aura around him even he kept his head down.

Su Jianan walked very slightly.

She didn’t let Daisy inform Lu Boyan of her arrival because she wanted to scare him.

“Have you finished your business?”

Lu Boyan looked up at her suddenly as if he had already known that she was in the office.

Su Jianan felt embarra.s.sed and said in upset, “When do you notice me? I think you couldn’t hear my footsteps.”

“But I heard the door opening,” Lu Boyan leaned backward and said. “The one who dared came in without knocking the door and making any sound in the room couldn’t be anyone else except you.”

Su Jianan touched her nose and smiled to change the topic. “All the things related to the anniversary celebration have been prepared. Anything else can I do for you, Boss Lu?”

Lu Boyan pushed his coffee cup to her and said, “Go to get me a cup of coffee.”

It was a too easy task for Su Jianan to do, but she still took up the cup and went to the tea room.

She checked the time while grinding the coffee. “It’s still early. If I continue to stay in Lu Boyan’s office, it’ll bother him and waste my time. I should hang out nearby.” She thought.

Then, she took the coffee back to Lu Boyan, but, before she could speak, he said frowningly, “I need iced coffee.”

“Are you used to drinking iced coffee?” Su Jianan asked.

Lu Boyan frowned harder. “Didn’t Daisy tell you that yesterday?”

“No.” Su Jianan picked up the phone on his desk with a smile and called Daisy, “I’ll call her.”

Lu Boyan looked at her and raised his eyebrows. What he could think about was that she would ask Daisy to grind a new cup of coffee.

“Boss Lu?” Daisy’s voice sounded from the phone quickly.

“Daisy, it’s me.” Su Jianan said smilingly. “From this moment on, Boss Lu’s coffee should be hot.”

Daisy was surprised for a second and then said, “Ok, lady, I get it.”

“Then, continue on your own business.”

When Su Jianan ended the call, a happy smile adorned her lips.

Lu Boyan was not angry. He asked in a normal tone, “You should give me a reason about this, shouldn’t you?”

Su Jianan had sat down on his desk while talking on the phone. At that moment, she leaned forward and approached him. She poked his stomach and said, “Darling, you have stomach problems, don’t you know that?”

Lu Boyan stared at her chest. “That—are you tempting your husband now?”

Su Jianan looked down. She wore a casual white cotton s.h.i.+rt that day, and the neckline was a little low. When she leaned over to Lu Boyan, who, therefore, got a “visual feast”.

Her face turned red, and she hurriedly covered her chest with her hands. “Rogue! I’m leaving now.”

“Come back.” Lu Boyan called her. “Don’t you see that it’s going to rain? Where are you going?”

Su Jianan looked out the window, only to find that dark clouds covered the sky of City A, and a downpour was coming.

She was depressed. “I want to go shopping nearby. Or… forget it. Go on with your own business and I’ll stay here waiting for you to go home from work.”

As she said that, she had already sat down on the sofa, took out an iPad from the bag she carried with her, plugged in the headphones, and started watching a movie on it.

Lu Boyan saw her find something to kill time so, he ignored her and continued to deal with his doc.u.ments.

When he looked up at her again, a long time had pa.s.sed. Su Jianan had fallen asleep on the sofa with the iPad in her arms and the earphones well-worn in her ears.

Lu Boyan got up and walked over to her to kneel down beside the sofa. The lightning suddenly shone through the gla.s.s window of the room, and the light inside turned dark in a second. Lu Boyan covered Su Jianan’s ears with his both hands, and the next second, thundering sounds echoed in the sky. Raindrops as big as beans slammed against the gla.s.s window.

Su Jianan was still woken up by the thunder. At that time, Lu Boyan had already withdrawn his hands from her ears, thus, Su Jianan only saw that Lu Boyan was kneeling in front of the sofa. She closed her eyes in confusion and asked, “Is it raining?”

“Yeah.” Lu Boyan took off her headphones. “Get up and go to sleep in the rest room.”

The words which the sleepy people hated to hear the most might be “get up”. Su Jianan grumbled and turned around to bury her face in the sofa and pretended to hear nothing.

Lu Boyan called her a few times more, but still, she pretended not to hear it, and finally, he simply hugged her up.

This time, Su Jianan was totally awoken because she was scared by his actions.

Lu Boyan had embraced her more than once but almost when she was unconscious. The only time he held her in his arms when she was awake was that she was kidnapped by the Brothers of Shao. At that time, he held her down the stairs.

However, it seemed that these two situations were different.

Her heartbeats became faster in an instant like the last time, and her breath was suddenly out of control, but this time, the atmosphere between them seemed to be intimate.

It was not as blunt and awkward as that time.

She refused to get up, and he hugged her helplessly, which seemed to be a natural thing.

The subtle sweetness opened the gate again, and constantly came out from the heart of Su Jianan. She was nestled in Lu’s arms and was happy to laugh.

After entering the restroom, Lu Boyan put Su Jianan down on the bed, and she took his hand while asking, “Do you have any pajamas? Lend me one.” It was uncomfortable to sleep in a s.h.i.+rt and jeans, and she did not want to wrinkle her s.h.i.+rt.

“My pajamas doesn’t fit you.” Lu Boyan opened a small closet and took out a s.h.i.+rt for her. “You can wear this.”

Su Jianan looked at the s.h.i.+rt and then at Lu Boyan. She felt something evil behind it. Before she could say anything, Lu Boyan had already gone out.

She held his s.h.i.+rt with a silly smile for a while before going into the bathroom to change her clothes.

When she came out, the rain outside the window was even heavier. There were lightning and thunder in the sky, and the thundering sounds seemed to blow up the sky. The lightning seemed to break into the room from the window. Su Jianan sat on the bed, wrapped in the quilt, and suddenly recalled the things that happened when she was ten.

That day, she followed her mother to their old house to see Tang Yulan and Lu Boyan. She fell asleep at the old house at noon. Later, she was awakened by such lightning and thunder. At that time, she was still the little princess of the Su Family, too scared to get up from the bed, crying while holding the quilt in her arms.

The sound of the rain covered her crying. No adult heard it and came upstairs to see her. Finally, it was Lu Boyan who pushed the door open.

She stretched out her hand to him as if she had seen a helper. Usually, Lu Boyan would ignore her, but that day, maybe because she cried too pitifully, he hesitated and finally hugged her before saying in a disdainful tone, “It’s just raining with thunders, what are you crying for?”

Despite this, he still patted her back gently.

At that time, she was really scared and was even more afraid that Lu Boyan would push her away because she was too timid. Thus, she held him tightly and wept a large piece of his clothes on his chest.

The rain of that day fell suddenly and stopped without any warning, just like Lu Boyan at ten years old, who suddenly appeared in her life and soon suddenly left.

When the rain was over and the sky was sunny, she fell asleep again, not knowing whether it was because she was too sleepy or too tired after crying, and there was a rainbow hanging outside her window before she was asleep.

She did not know if she could see a rainbow this time when she was awake.

Just like every nap in the past, Su Jianan fell asleep in a daze and woke up in confusion.

She checked the time when she woke up, and it was over four o’clock. It was sunny again after the rain, and the gla.s.s window was so clear as if it had been washed by spring water. She felt peaceful when looking at it.

She pulled the quilt away and walked to the window to open it. At first, she thought that she had seen something wrong. She blinked and looked again—there was actually a rainbow in the sky.

The rainbow was curved while hanging in the sky, consisting of seven different colors, and behind it was a blue sky and white clouds.

In a city which looked like the forest made of cement, every strand of air was polluted. It was a miracle to see a rainbow and such a sky after rain.

Su Jianan thought for a moment and found that the last time she had seen the rainbow was with Lu Boyan in that old house when she was ten years old.

Could this be a miracle coincidence?

She ran to the door of the room with excitement when she was still in a s.h.i.+rt. She opened the door. “Lu Bo…”

There were other people in Lu Boyan’s office. One of them was Shen Yuechuan, and the others were two men she didn’t know. Both of them were in suits and attracted by her voice. They looked over at her and were dazed before unnaturally looking away.

Su Jianan did not expect that there would be other people in the room and felt fortunate that she did not rush out in an impulse, but she realized that she was still wearing Lu Boyan’s s.h.i.+rt. She was frozen for a second and quickly flashed back to the restroom before closing the door.

Outside the room, Lu Boyan’s expression was indescribable, and even Shen Yuechuan had never seen him like this.

The three people seemed to achieve a secret agreement. They stood up together, and Shen Yuechuan said, “Boss Lu, we’ll leave first. As for the remaining things, we can discuss it on tomorrow’s meeting.”

Lu Boyan got up and went to the restroom, pus.h.i.+ng the door open. There was no figure of Su Jianan in the room, but there was an unnatural arch under the quilt.

He walked over and opened up the quilt. Su Jianan buried her face in her hands in the bed and complained. “Why did you give me a s.h.i.+rt? Thought the pajamas don’t fit me, they are better than a s.h.i.+rt. I will not come to your company anymore.”

Lu Boyan couldn’t help laughing. “You were so excited to run out to look for me just now, what did you want to say?”

Su Jianan pointed to the window, “Look by yourself.”

The restroom and Lu Boyan’s office faced different directions, therefore, Lu Boyan did not notice the rainbow even after it stopped raining.

He raised his eyebrows. “Is there anything wonderful to look at the rainbow? Why are you so excited?”

Su Jianan got up and covered her exposed legs with the quilt. “When was the last time that you saw a rainbow?”

Lu Boyan squinted his eyes and did not answer her for a long time.

Su Jianan looked disappointed. “You really forgot it.”

After a pause, she gave Lu Boyan a hint.

“Was there a rainbow at that time?” Lu Boyan seemed to have no impression of that. “I only remember that you wetted my quilt and clothes with your tears.”

“…Your quilt?” Su Jianan was astonished at that moment. “The quilt I used was yours? How could it be possible?”

“Why is it impossible?” Lu Boyan smiled faintly. “You didn’t want to go to sleep in my mom’s room and didn’t leave my room. Who else could the quilt belong to?”

Su Jianan felt like being hit by thunder. She was only 10 years old that year; how could she be so shameless to insist on sleeping in Lu Boyan’s room?

She thought harder about it and faintly remembered that… It seemed to be true. At that time, her mother even teased her. “Jianan, do you like brother Boyan?”

Lu Boyan saw her expression and knew that she remembered it. He said in a low voice, “Jianan, I suffered loss twice.”

Su Jianan couldn’t understand his words. The last time she wetted his clothes and quilts, which made him have to change his clothes and wash his quilts. It was indeed a big loss. But this time… What loss did he suffer?

She looked at Lu Boyan blankly, and his lips had covered hers-

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