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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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After the meal, Su Yicheng and Zhang Mei left first. Lu Boyan and Su Jianan waited in the doorway of the restaurant for the parking attendant to drive their car over.

Lu Boyan then asked her, “Why did you try to get your brother to spill the beans just now?”

Su Jianan stuck out her tongue and thought, “Surely, he noticed it. Then, was he trying to help me test Su Yicheng by asking him ‘Do you need to choose?’?”

“Do you remember that Xiao Xi asked you for an invitation to the anniversary?” Su Jianan said, “Xiao Xi was trying to slip into the anniversary celebration and pester my brother as his female companion. If my brother finally chooses Zhang Mei, there is no chance for Xiao Xi.”

At this time, the parking attendant drove Lu Boyan’s car over and opened the door of the vice seat for Su Jianan very thoughtfully. Su Jianan thanked him and got in before asking Lu Boyan, “What do you think of my brother’s just smile?”

Lu Boyan started the car and said, “He intended to choose Zhang Mei as his female companion, but he hasn’t told her yet. Do you understand?”

Su Jianan nodded. “That’s to say, Xiao Xi still has an opportunity if she takes an action now.”

Su Jianan decided to deliver the information to Luo Xiaoxi as soon as she went back to the company. Unexpectedly, Luo Xiaoxi was actually in the Manager Cai’s office.

Her coquettish curly hair was tied into a ponytail, and she wore a tight tracksuit with a neat coat tied around her waist, which still could not hide her good figure.

Su Jianan once thought that she was dazzled, but Luo Xiaoxi’s smile grew clearer and clearer in front of her. “I heard a large group of people talk about that Boss Lu brought you to the company yesterday. I didn’t expect that you really came here.”

Su Jianan smiled and said, “l have good news to tell you.”

After listening to Su Jianan, Luo Xiaoxi did not feel surprised. “As I said earlier, even if there is nothing between your brother and Zhang Mei, they will definitely come up with something.”

“Then what do you plan to do?” Su Jianan asked.

Luo Xiaoxi let her ponytail down and fondled her charming curly hair while answering, “What to do? Nip the hope in the bud!”

After saying that, she left the Planning department quickly. Su Jianan knew where she was going and did not stop her. Anyway, Luo Xiaoxi was more familiar with that place than her.

However, Luo Xiaoxi did not hurry to go there but first returned to the practice room.

Lu Enterprise Media was located behind the building of Lu Enterprises. From the 3rd to 4th floors, there were many practicing rooms, dancing rooms, and gyms for the artists. Luo Xiaoxi was currently practicing catwalk. She came there early every day and changed her clothes to prepare for the coach’s devil training.

The purpose of her return was to get her clothes changed, and by the way, told her agent Nora that she wanted to take a break in the afternoon.

Before getting her agent’s approval, she put on her coat and went out.

Nora couldn’t do anything about it.

Luo Xiaoxi was the most hard-working one among the interns.h.i.+p artists. She seemed to play around all the time, but she was never late and would not show any superiority against others. The actions which were difficult for others to do were also very hard for her, but when others were screaming about escaping from the training, she just ground her teeth and practiced again and again until she could perform the movement perfectly.

Her figure was good enough, but if she wanted to be an excellent model, she still needed to do more practicing. When she was sweating on the fitness equipment, she never complained about it. It seemed that there was only one word left in her dictionary—insist.

She also once fell when walking on the platform in 10cm stiletto heels. Others might shed tears over their wounds, but she would always get up and do it again with a smile.

She did not seem to be the most serious one, but it could not be denied that she was the most hardworking one. However, it did not mean that she was completely under the control of her company. In a situation like this, she would still go her own way.

However, Lu Boyan had also told his staff that as long as Luo Xiaoxi’s requirement was not so unacceptable, they should try to satisfy her. Therefore, it was ok for her to leave for an afternoon.

At this moment, Luo Xiaoxi was driving her beloved red Ferrari on the way to the Cheng An Group.

For some time, she was a regular visitor of Cheng An Group and followed behind Su Yicheng like a shadow. She would appear in his company to scare him from time to time and by the way, won his staff’s favor with some presents. After a long period, the entire Cheng An Group, up to the top management, down to the guard, even including those who had never seen her, had heard of her name and knew that she was pursuing Su Yicheng.

Later, she was really embarra.s.sed, coupled with several encounters with her uncles in the company, she then gave up going there to pester Su Yicheng.

Now, Luo Xiaoxi was back!

The guard of the Cheng An Group had not been changed, and he greeted her far away, “h.e.l.lo, Ms. Luo.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled and walked over, handing a cup of milk tea and a small box of egg tarts to him while saying, “Uncle Zhang, you must be tired. Well… Is Boss Su in the company?”

“Yes.” Uncle Zhang received the food without hesitation and said, “You haven’t been here for a while.”

“So here I am. I’m going up.”

After saying that, she ran into the company carrying the foods like a gust of wind. The receptionist chased after her, and when she found it was Luo Xiaoxi, Luo Xiaoxi had already entered the special elevator of Su Yicheng and went upstairs.

Luo Xiaoxi was familiar with Su Yicheng’s a.s.sistants and secretaries. After putting the coffee and snacks down, she said to one secretary, “The coffee is from Starbucks, and the snacks are from your favorite JB HOUSE, please feel free to take them!”

The secretary who she was familiar with cheered up and secretly suggested that Su Yicheng was in his office.

Luo Xiaoxi got her cue and went to Su Yicheng’s office. When she was close to the door, there was a strange voice behind her. “Ms. Luo, you can’t go in.”

She looked back, and surely, it was Zhang Mei.

“I know that I can’t go in.” Luo Xiaoxi put on a harmless but arrogant smile. “But I will go in.”

“Can you stop being so headstrong?” Zhang Mei was angry. “Boss Su is working. You will disturb him if you go in like this. He happens to hate being bothered, especially by the people he doesn’t like!”

“Does the injury on your forehead recover?” Luo Xiaoxi was not irritated by Zhang Mei’s last sentence, and her smile was bright. “I really didn’t mean to hurt you in the mountains. I am sorry. But… Su Yicheng is used to being disturbed by me. You’ve worried too much.”

She quickly entered the code and opened the door before walking in.

Humph, she had known the pa.s.sword of this door much earlier than Zhang Mei, who could never stop her.

Su Yicheng was reading some doc.u.ments when Luo Xiaoxi entered the room. He recognized her footsteps and raised his head. Surely, it was Luo Xiaoxi.

He frowned and asked, “What are you doing here?”

“To disturb you.” Luo Xiaoxi went straight to his desk, handed on the edge of the table, leaned down, and smiled like a little fox. “Are you free now?”

“No.” Su Yicheng turned over the file without any expression. “Get out!”

“No!” Luo Xiaoxi pulled a chair to her and sat down beside Su Yicheng. “If I go out now, I will be laughed at by your chief secretary.”

Su Yicheng looked at her coldly. She couldn’t help but shrink her shoulders. “Are you busy now? Then… you can do your work. I won’t bother you.” As she said that, she did not move at all.

Su Yicheng seemed to be extremely impatient. “Leave me alone.”

“OK.” Luo Xiaoxi was very obedient and pulled the chair back to the front of his desk before sitting down and staring at Su Yicheng.

Su Yicheng ignored her and continued to read the doc.u.ments. Luo Xiaoxi did not say anything to him, sitting opposite him. He thought that he could work as usual, but as he continued to read, every word on the doc.u.ment seemed to become Luo Xiaoxi’s smiling face.

He blinked his eyes and closed the doc.u.ment angrily. “What do you want to say actually?”

Luo Xiaoxi chuckled. “Have you chosen any female companion for the anniversary celebration of Lu Enterprises?”

Su Yicheng coldly crossed his arms around his chest. “It’s none of your business.”

“Of course, it is!” Luo Xiaoxi sat straight. “I want to be your female companion. You can’t look for other women.”

Su Yicheng sneered and said, “I have already found a female companion and you have nothing to do here. Go back!”

“Is that woman your chief secretary?” Luo Xiaoxi asked word by word. “Su Yicheng, you don’t even think about it! If I see you with her at the celebration, I’ll find a way to break you up! I’ve told you this, so, you can reconsider about it and don’t make trouble for yourself.”

“What method do you want to use to break up us?” Su Yicheng said indifferently, “There won’t be any tennis match at the anniversary celebration of Lu Enterprises.”

“… I said that I didn’t mean to hurt her.” Luo Xiaoxi curled her lips. “She was trying to exhaust me and make me feel embarra.s.sed by throwing all the b.a.l.l.s to me. It was kind of me not to maim her. I’ll always take my revenge. So, what you want to do with me?”

Su Yicheng pressed his temple. “I believe that you didn’t mean it. You go back first, and I will have a meeting in 5 minutes.”

“Have you memorized what I said?” Luo Xiaoxi did not give up.

Su Yicheng’s gaze turned cold. “Do you believe that I will call a security guard in and throw you out?”

“Just do it.” Luo Xiaoxi was not afraid. “All your security guards have been bought over by me. Unless you call the police, there is no use calling any guard in.”

At this time, Zhang Mei came in. “Boss Su, the General Manager of the HC Group arrived. You should go to the conference room now.”

Su Yicheng stood up and buckled the b.u.t.ton on his suit jacket while warning Luo Xiaoxi. “Disappear from my office before I come back.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled and waved at him. When he got out of the office, she immediately took his mobile phone and entered Su Jianan’s birthday to unlock it. She succeeded.

She delivered one photo of her from her mobile phone to Su Yicheng’s mobile phone and set it as the wallpaper. Then she put the phone back, clapped her hands and left his office.

Su Yicheng came back from the meeting and found that Luo Xiaoxi really left, but… he felt that Luo Xiaoxi would not give up so easily. She must have done something else.

At this time, Zhang Mei asked, “Boss Su, Ms. Luo seems to know the pa.s.sword of the office door. Will it affect your work? Do we need to change the pa.s.sword?”

Su Yicheng causally took his phone and unlocked it. At first, he thought that he had seen something wrong. He blinked his eyes, and Luo Xiaoxi’s bright smile was still on the screen.

Sure enough, she was never the person who would be easily obedient.

He rubbed his temple. “No.”

Zhang Mei was stunned and wanted to say something more but was interrupted by Su Yicheng.

“No matter how many times we change the pa.s.sword, she will always find a way to know the new pa.s.sword. Go ahead with what you are doing.”

Zhang Mei did not say anything and went out of the office silently.

Su Yicheng looked at the pictures of Luo Xiaoxi on the screen and finally just threw the phone aside.


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