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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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The time for lunch break came in the blink of an eye.

Su Jianan had no idea that the time between 12pm and 1pm was meant to be the employee’s lunch break. She had a late breakfast, so she did not feel hungry at all. She stayed behind and kept poring over doc.u.ments. Out of deference, Manager Cai did not remind Su Jianan that it was time for lunch. At the same time, she did not dare head off to have her lunch either.

There was a knock, and Lu Boyan appeared outside the door.

Usually, employees would drop by Lu Boyan’s office if there were urgent matters to discuss, not the other way round. It was rare for Lu Boyan to show up at various departments of the company. Manager Cai was taken by surprise and was just about to greet him when he gave her an eye signal, one that read “don’t say a word”.

Manager Cai glanced at Su Jianan, who was still immersed in the doc.u.ments and was completely unaware of Lu Boyan’s presence. Taking the cue, Manager Cai nodded and sneaked quietly out of her office.

Lu Boyan walked to the desk Su Jianan was sitting at. She had already dealt with some of the doc.u.ments. Those she had signed were set aside in one stack. She had labelled another stack that required further clarification from him. There was only one doc.u.ment left that she had neither labelled nor signed. It was the event schedule.

“Is there a problem with the schedule?” he asked.

“Oh, well, the event schedule is-” Su Jianan raised her head. “It’s… hey? What are you doing here?”

“It’s time for lunch,” Lu Boyan said. “Come on. I’ll take you out.”

“Just in time. There’s something I need to discuss with you,” Su Jianan said, standing up. “It’s about the event schedule!”

“Let’s talk once we’re out of here.”

Lu Boyan grabbed Su Jianan’s hand and led her out of the Planning Department. Along the way, they were met with the looks of surprise on the faces of the employees who were leaving and entering the place. Some had even looked upon Su Jianan with envy. In the end, they all snapped out of it and greeted the couple.

“President Lu. Madam!”

“President. Madam!”

Su Jianan curled into Lu Boyan’s sides. “Weird. I don’t recall the path being this long when Shen Yuechuan brought me down here. Lu Boyan, let’s walk faster.” She was still unaccustomed to all the “Madams” being thrown around.

“You’ll have to get used to it eventually,” Lu Boyan said. “There will be even more people addressing you by that t.i.tle in the future.”

Su Jianan blushed for no reason at all. She tugged at Lu Boyan to hurry him up. They stepped into the elevator.

Someone had readied Lu Boyan’s car ages ago. It was then that Su Jianan realized something. “Wait, aren’t we going to the cafeteria?” she asked.

“You want to go to the cafeteria?” Lu Boyan answered with another question.

“No. It’s just they say that if the leader makes an appearance at the employee’s cafeteria, it’ll help boost employee productivity,” Su Jianan said.

“I’ve been there before. Ended up causing a ruckus. Never went there since.”

Su Jianan looked him over from head to toe and could not help but agree. “You look… Yeah, you do look like someone who would have that kind of effect on people.”

“Also, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Lu Boyan said lazily. “The cafeteria will be teeming with employees at this hour. Imagine a scene where there’s about a thousand people calling you ‘Madam’.”

Su Jianan did not even need to picture the scene for her to start shuddering all over. She pulled Lu Boyan with her and headed outside. “Let’s eat out, then.”

Once they were in the car, Lu Boyan fired up the engine. At the same time, he asked, “You mentioned just now that there’s a problem with the schedule?”

“Only one problem,” Su Jianan said, lifting a finger in an earnest gesture. “Manager Cai told me that during the previous anniversary celebrations, the opening dance would always be performed by you and a randomly selected female employee. But according to the schedule, it would be you and me this year.”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes ever so slightly. “What’s the problem with that?”

“How could it not be a problem?” Su Jianan said. She was getting a little riled up at that point. “That has always been the thing that the female employees look forward to the most in the entire event. This year it’s gone. Can’t you imagine how disappointed they’ll feel?”

Lu Boyan had a cryptic look on his face. He looked as if he was smiling, though it was really hard to tell. “So? What do you propose, Mrs. Lu?”

The look he was giving Su Jianan right then was filled with warning.

Su Jianan had discerned the change in Lu Boyan’s tone, which sounded a bit weird. Still, she offered her suggestion timidly.

“I think… it’s better to do the same as the previous years. Pick out a female employee and have her perform the opening dance with you.”

Lu Boyan was so furious that he actually laughed. “And the reason?”

“The reason is…” Su Jianan voice grew weaker. “The female staff will… be happier.”

All traces of a smile vanished from Lu Boyan’s face. “What about you, then?” he asked in an indecipherable tone. “As Mrs. Lu, are you really going to stand on the sidelines and watch me dance with another female employee?”

Su Jianan was silent for a few seconds. “It doesn’t have to be on the sidelines. I can watch from anywhere.”

Lu Boyan’s eyes narrowed dangerously. He pulled over at the side of the road, and leaned over to Su Jianan.

Su Jianan stilled her breath. In that moment, she felt as if his scent had engulfed her entirely. Her mind had turned into a muddled mess, and she could not form even a single coherent thought. She reached out and tried to push him away. “Hey, speak nicely if you have something to say. You don’t have to come this close. Also, this is a no parking zone.”

A loud snap sounded as Lu Boyan fastened the seatbelt that she had completely forgotten about. An enigmatic smile formed on his visage. “Are you sure you won’t feel jealous like this morning? Hm?”

Su Jianan pondered his question earnestly. After a while, she shook her head. “You’ve got nothing to worry about. I won’t.”

All of a sudden, the dangerous look in Lu Boyan’s eyes intensified. He leaned a few inches towards her. “Why are you so against dancing with me?”

“I…” Su Jianan stammered. “It’s not that I’m against it. It’s just… to be honest I don’t think I’m any good in dancing. Plus, I’m out of practice. I haven’t danced for years now. So I won’t be able to match your pace on the day itself. Surely you’re not looking to embarra.s.s both of us?”

“So that’s the real reason,” Lu Boyan thought.

The look on Lu Boyan’s face softened considerably. He restarted the engine. “There are still five days until the anniversary celebration. I can teach you.”

Admittedly, Su Jianan was doubting her own ears at this point. What she had heard just now felt all too much like stuff from her dreams.

“Then… do I still need to make changes to the schedule?” she asked hesistantly after a long while.

“Change it if you dare!” Lu Boyan shot back dangerously.

That had shut up Su Jianan instantly. Deep in her heart, however, it was as if some kind of valve had opened in her heart, releasing torrents upon torrents of sweet honey.

Ten minutes later, Lu Boyan’s car pulled up in front of a French restaurant.

Su Jianan noted the restaurant’s name. Somehow, the name felt familiar. It took her quite a while to make the connection. This was the same restaurant that Luo Xiaoxi had often mentioned to her.

This place had once been featured in famous international food magazines. It had also been acknowledged as the best and the most authentic French restaurant in A City. To sum up Luo Xiaoxi’s review: Both the food and services were first rate! The price, however, was a different matter. Everything here was expensive to the point that even someone like Luo Xiaoxi, who valued money about as much as she valued manure, would hesitate a little before making a reservation.

“Mr. Lu, Mrs. Lu. Welcome.” “Mr. Lu, still the same table?” inquired the bellboy.

“Mm,” answered Lu Boyan. Then, a waiter came forth and led them to a table beside the window. Outside the window, the surface of the river glittered under the sunlight. The entire view of the river front was vast and broad.

Su Jianan took stock of the restaurant’s interior. A romantic vibe filled the place. The decor was elegant and refined, but low-key at the same time. With fresh cut flowers adorning the room, the whole place could have been easily mistaken for Paris.

Lu Boyan was obviously a frequenter of the restaurant; he had placed his order without even glancing at the menu. Su Jianan, on the other hand, could not make up her mind no matter how many times she had flipped through it.

“Shall I order for you?” Lu Boyan asked.

Su Jianan could not have wished for anything better. She closed her menu and nodded in grat.i.tude.

Lu Boyan knew her tastes. Although she enjoyed eating, her appet.i.te was actually not that big. Considering the fact that she still had to attend the food tasting at the hotel later in the afternoon, he only ordered the appetizer, main course and dessert for her. When he saw Su Jianan practically salivating as she eyed the other dishes on the menu, he said, “Try these first. You can try out the rest next time when I bring you here.”

Su Jianan’s eyes brightened instantly, and she smiled. “Is this your way of thanking me for helping you with the anniversary celebration?”

“Well, I have no objections if you wish to see it that way,” Lu Boyan said.

That said, Su Jianan could finally be at ease and enjoy the dishes without feeling any burden. After taking a sip of the aperitif, she dug eagerly into the appetizer.

While studying abroad, she and Luo Xiaoxi had visited France during their break. During the trip, they had been to various restaurants with glowing reviews, and had tried out plenty of authentic local cuisine. The memories of that trip had stayed with her and Luo Xiaoxi even a long time after they had gone back to school.

However, Su Jianan felt that nothing she had ever tasted could top the authenticity and flavor of the food in her mouth right in this moment.

Lu Boyan watched the look of pure enjoyment on her face. “How could anyone be satisfied so easily?” he thought, sighing inwardly.

After she had finished the Gugelhupf, which was the last dish of the course, Su Jianan could feel nothing but pure satisfaction. Then Lu Boyan asked if she wanted to order any drinks, but she shook her head. “Nah, I’m good. I still have a lot things to eat later in the afternoon. Let’s head back to the company.”

“You don’t have to drop by the company,” Lu Boyan said. “I’ll take you straight to the hotel. Manager Cai is already waiting for you there.”

“Sounds good!”

When the car stopped in front of the hotel, Su Jianan realized that the anniversary celebration would be held at the same hotel where she and Lu Boyan first reunited.

Staring at the hotel, Su Jianan’s mind began to drift away.

Lu Boyan prodded her, “Jianan. We’re here.”

“Oh,” Su Jianan snapped out of her trance and unfastened her seatbelt. “Then, I’ll get going.”

Lu Boyan gave her a tiny nod. “Don’t wander around after the tasting. Stay put. I’ll come pick you up after work.”

It was such a simple statement, yet it filled Su Jianan’s heart with so much joy and happiness.

“Mm,” she said, smiling. She got out of the car and headed to the hotel’s entrance. Lu Boyan watched her leave. When he could no longer see her figure, Lu Boyan drove back to the company.

Lu Boyan owned this hotel, which was why every single one of the staff here recognized Su Jianan. The moment she entered, the hotel’s waiting staff led her straight to a coffee lounge. Su Jianan had spotted Manager Cai even from afar, so she headed straight in that direction.

“My apologies. Have you been waiting for long?”

“Not at all. I’ve just arrived, too,” Manager Cai said with a smile. “Why don’t I bring you up to speed about the decorations? We’ll go to the tasting later.”

Su Jianan nodded. She ordered a cup of coffee and sat down to listen as Manager Cai kept her abreast regarding the decorations. She did not find any major issues there, only a few minor tweaks to be made on certain details. By the time they were done, it was almost 4pm.

The food tasting was up next.

A buffet would be held during the event. The chef had carefully prepared samples of the appetizer, main course, and dessert that would be served on the day itself. Su Jianan tasted every single one of the samples and found that they were all up to standard. All in all, she was very satisfied with the samples.

“Madam,” Manager Cai said, “I’ll have to leave this up to you. My taste tends towards the heavy side. To me, food tastes good as long as it has taste and bad if it has no taste. I won’t be able to discern the subtleties in the taste at all. Even Special a.s.sistant Shen mentioned that we should follow your judgement to a tee when it comes to the food tasting.”

Su Jianan felt a rather abashed at that, so she gave the food and dessert her approval without much comment. Manager Cai said, “Let’s go try out the drinks and alcohol next.”

At the drinks section, Su Jianan was shown a myriad of colorful c.o.c.ktails. There were a lot of imported red and white wines, French champagne, and also a variety of fruit wines. The mere sight of them had made Su Jianan feel a little bit inebriated, she did taste the red, white and fruit wines.

Su Yicheng was a collector of red wine, and he would often expound the general science behind their production to her; hence, she was considered quite knowledgable when it came to red wine. Also, during her time abroad, she had often been dragged around by Luo Xiaoxi to taste all kinds of fruit wines. With all that experience, it was safe to say that she knew a thing or two about wine tasting. The bartender, a tall and handsome hunk, took note of Su Jianan’s well-practiced wine tasting habits. “Mrs. Lu, you must be a connoisseur of wine,” the bartender told her in fluent Mandarin.

“Actually, I can’t hold my liquor that well.”

Those words had just left her mouth, and yet Su Jianan was already feeling light-headed, though the feeling was very minor.

Just then, Manager Cai had finished testing out the other drinks and was heading over to Su Jianan. “Mrs. President, your face is so red.”

Su Jianan’s raised her hand instinctively and touched her face, which felt a little warm. “There’s nothing wrong with these liquor,” she said. “Let’s go sit at the coffee lounge.”

Manager Cai noted the time. It was a little past four. She escorted Su Jianan back to the coffee lounge and excused herself, claiming that she still had unfinished business to deal with at the company.

Su Jianan did not try to convince Manager Cai to stay. She found an unoccupied couch and sat down. Her light-headness seemed to have worsened. She snuggled into the couch and rubbed her temples. Soon, she fell into a hazy sleep.

The red wine she had tasted just now did not have a high alcohol content, so perhaps her giddiness was due to the after-effects of one of the fruit wines.

Some time amidst her haze, she was approached by a waiting staff who asked if she was alright. She only waved her hands. Perhaps she had given the impression that she did not wish to be bothered, so the waiting staff left her without saying another word.

She had no idea how much time had pa.s.sed, though she was slowly recovering from her giddiness. She still felt very sleepy, so much so that she could barely keep her eyes open. All of a sudden, she was surrounded by a familiar scent. A warmth followed suit. Someone had picked her up…

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