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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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It took only a split second for millions of chaotic thoughts and emotions to gush into Su Jianan’s mind, weaving and intertwining with each other as before they occupied the blankness she had experienced moments ago. Su Jianan had lost all sense of rationality and her mind was reduced to a state of muddled confusion.

She never would have thought of Lu Boyan as the type who would do such a thing.

Even if he did have plans to find female companions.h.i.+p outside of home, he could have at least had the decency to refrain from taking advantage of the people beside him! Messing around with his secretary? Seriously? What a cliche!

Even if he did intend to act all cliched and take advantage of the people around him, why did he not come to her instead? Their rooms were less than 10 meters apart, for G.o.d’s sake!

After the feelings of disgruntlement had subsided, Su Jianan began to realize just how lucky she was.

She had decided to start pursuing Lu Boyan because of a few boxes of ice cream. Thank goodness Lu Boyan had knocked some sense into her before she tried anything. He had opened her eyes and let her see clearly that he was only a gentleman on the surface!

Should she walk away right now and save both of them the awkwardness?

She had snuck in here quietly in order to surprise Lu Boyan. But now he was the one giving her the surprise instead.

Then again… What was the harm in a little revenge before she left?

Su Jianan smirked at the thought.

She curled into Lu Boyan’s arms like an obedient kitten. With her long and slender fingers, she began caressing Lu Boyan’s hand amorously. “President Lu, won’t you close your eyes, please? I’m going to give you a surprise.”

Lu Boyan released what seemed to be a low chuckle. His head was slightly lowered, causing his warm breaths to brush against the back of her ears. “My eyes are closed now. What kind of surprise are you giving me, hm?”

His breath had brought a ticklish sensation to the skin behind her ears, which felt somewhat familiar, like the way he used to make her heart skip a few beats with a mere gesture.

Su Jianan took a deep breath and smiled sweetly. “No peeking, okay?”

Slowly, she turned around. Indeed, Lu Boyan’s eyes were tightly closed. In that moment, she realized that the man had eyelashes that were probably longer and thicker than her own; even when scrutinized in such close proximity, his features looked perfectly flawless.

There was no justice in that at all!

Su Jianan’s fingers caressed his thin lips in an act of mischief. Although slow and gentle, her ministrations also sensuous and seductive, as if she was trying to ignite a spark on his lips with her touches.

Finally, her fingers pressed down on his lips with just the right amount of strength, and she straightened herself. Her arms snaked around his neck intimately as she leaned in, kissing his lips.

The surprise in Lu Boyan was evident in the way his body had stiffened for a second.

The reason behind his reaction was the last thing on Su Jianan’s mind. She kept savoring his lips, acting as if she was a seasoned kisser who knew what she exactly was doing. Her small hands sneaked under the lapels of his blazer and began fondling his chest. Right then, their commingling breaths were suffused with boundless eroticism and s.e.xual tension.

Lu Boyan lips lifted as they curled into a smile. He seemed to be rather enjoying “Daisy’s” surprise.

Su Jianan could not help but think of another possibility. That Daisy… Was it often for Daisy to be pleasing him like this?

At the thought, Su Jianan bit down gently on his lips as if in revenge. Then, she licked his lips with her tongue, as if she was trying to leave her mark on his lips.

She noticed the fluttering of his lashes, and quickly moved a palm to cover his eyes. She released a feminine laugh. “I told you not to peek.”

Lu Boyan smirked. “Fine. But what are you going to do next?”

Instantly, Su Jianan’s mind went blank. Well, that was pretty much all she knew about kissing, and she had performed it all. Next… next? How on earth should she be kissing him next? Surely, he was not expecting her to keep licking him like a puppy, was he?

Quick-witted, she came up with an idea. “President Lu, what do you think we should be doing next? I promise I’ll do whatever you want,” she said.

Lu Boyan’s lips curved into an attractive arc. “I think it’s time we take this to the lounge.”

Well, that insinuation was about as blatant as it could get. Once again, Su Jianan felt as if a thunderclap had reverberated through every corner of her mind.

Just then, one of Lu Boyan’s arms snaked around her waist while the other went to grip the back of her head. He closed the distance between their faces and smashed their lips together, prying open her clenched teeth like an army invading the citadel that was her mouth.

Strong, forceful, demanding, and not taking no for an answer. Such was the nature of his invasion. And yet she felt as if she was melting in his embrace.


Su Jianan stared wide-eyed at Lu Boyan in panic. Somewhere in her mind, she was going berserk.

The plan was for her to tease Lu Boyan! The plan was to surprise him!

How on earth did she end up falling prey to him instead? Worst, he even thought she was Daisy!

Lu Boyan’s kisses were turning increasingly pa.s.sionate. His breaths had gone slightly ragged. At that point, Su Jianan’s rationality was at the brink of being completely swept away by him. There were even a few moments where she would like to just close her eyes, stop thinking, and then indulge herself in him. But when she saw the look on Lu Boyan’s face… It was as if this was some kind of addiction to him.

Was kissing Daisy really that addicting?

It sure as h.e.l.l looked like things between them were more than just inappropriate.

With strength that had originated from some unknown source, Su Jianan shoved Lu Boyan away. In the next second, a sweet grin formed on her face.

“President Lu, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong person. Daisy still has curly hair, and guess what? I’m your wife.”

She was antic.i.p.ating the aghast look on his face. She was waiting for that look of pure horror. She was waiting to see his full-blown panic.

However, there was not a single reaction from him, much to her surprise.

His arms were still looped around her waist, and his lips even held a small smile. He looked composed as he scrutinized her.

Eh? How could he be so calm when he was literally caught with his hand in the cookie jar?

Su Jianan reached out a hand and waved before Lu Boyan’s eyes. “Hey, honey? Did I scare you so much that you’ve gone stupid?”

Lu Boyan kept his gaze on her, the smile on his lips widening.

It was then that Su Jianan understood. Lu Boyan had not been shocked at all. She had failed to surprise him.

He was really no fun at all.

She leaped off his lap and began to leave.

“Hold it right there!” Lu Boyan ordered.

Su Jianan’s steps halted momentarily.

Yeah, right. As if she was that obedient.

Smiling, she turned around and made a face at Lu Boyan. Then, she bolted towards the door.

Lu Boyan was fuming at this point. He got up and chased after her.

Su Jianan was just about to step into the office’s entryway when someone seized her arm from behind, trapping it in a death grip. She struggled in vain, and a second later, her back was pressed against the wall.

She turned her head away, refusing to look at Lu Boyan’s face. “Let me go!”

Naturally, Lu Boyan ignored her pleas. He trapped her hands in his, not allowing her to leave. She struggled in defiance. After a while, a red patch began to form on her wrist. Lu Boyan frowned and suddenly drew her into his embrace, trapping her in place with both his arms around her waist.

“Don’t move!”

Lu Boyan had shouted the command before she could even move. It was as if he knew she was about to struggle.

Su Jianan was enraged by then. “Lu. Bo. Yan!” she growled out his name, pausing in each word.

“Shout any louder and the entire building will be able to hear you,” Lu Boyan reminded her in a flat tone.

As if Su Jianan would be intimidated by that. She smiled. “What, are you worried that Daisy might hear us? If that’s the case, then let me go right now. Or else I’ll call her in!”

Lu Boyan gazed at Su Jianan, inspecting her. His desire to smile had instantly deepened. “Jealous, Mrs. Lu? Blame your lousy acting skills, then.”

Su Jianan smiled mirthlessly. “Indeed, Mr. Lu, it’s true that my acting skills are no match for yours. If it weren’t for today, I never would have found out about your adulterous habits.”

Lu Boyan hated that kind of smile on Su Jianan. He pinched her face in an attempt to ruin her smile which looked utterly fake. She smacked his hand away and used the opportunity to slip out of his embrace.

He released a sigh. “I knew it was you.”

For the first two seconds, it still did not hit Su Jianan what he had meant. But on the third second, she stopped and stared at Lu Boyan. “What?”

Lu Boyan pointed at the stack of doc.u.ments she had placed down on his desk earlier. “I knew it was you the moment you came in with the doc.u.ments.”

Su Jianan was startled. “But you didn’t raise your head. How could you have known? Don’t tell me you have eyes on your head?”

“… Even if I don’t recognize the footsteps of my secretary, you think I can’t recognize yours? Also, if it was Daisy who had brought my coffee, she would never have walked around my desk to move behind me. I don’t have a secretary who doesn’t know basic propriety and decorum.” Lu Boyan lips twisted into a meaningful smirk. “Mrs. Lu, just now, were you jealous?”

Jealous? “Hm. I guess so,” she thought. “Oops.”

But she would rather die than admit it to Lu Boyan.

Somehow, Su Jianan had managed to keep her wits about her during her moment of panic. She shoved Lu Boyan, feigning anger. “Lu Boyan, you think this is funny?” she asked.

Lu Boyan raised his brows. “I seem to recall that you are the one who had started it,” he said, flicking her forehead. “Don’t pull this kind of stunt next time.”


Su Jianan held her stinging forehead, and regarded the mess they had made in the office. “Shouldn’t I be teaching Lu Boyan a lesson? How did it end up being the other way round instead?” she thought.

Lu Boyan resettled himself behind his desk. He noticed that Su Jianan was still fuming and had yet to move from her spot. “Come here,” he said. “Believe it or not, I didn’t ask you to come here to foil my adultery.”

Su Jianan walked over reluctantly. “Then what am I here for?”

“All the plans for the anniversary celebration will be sent here for my signature as well as my approval,” Lu Boyan said. “Now, I’m handing them over to you.”

Lu Enterprises’ tenth anniversary was considered a huge event for Lu Boyan and Lu Enterprises, one that held no room for errors and mistakes. Everything for that event, small or big, had to be in perfect order. Even the small aspects such as food, drinks, and flowers needed to be painstakingly handled let alone the big stuff like venues and hotels. Lu Enterprises was a big company that could not afford to have anything mar its reputation. This was truer in the case of Lu Boyan.

Su Jianan shook her head vigorously. “This is such a huge responsibility. I’m not confident that I can handle it well.”

Lu Boyan raised his head from the pile of doc.u.ments he had been poring over. “There’s a special committee in the company in charge of the planning. All of those appointed to that committee are highly capable event managers. All you have to do is to go through what they’ve come up with and then sign it. If you can’t decide on anything, you can ask me.”

Su Jianan was still a little hesitant. She had no experience in handling such tasks after all.

Lu Boyan pointed at the heaps of folders on his desk. “Mrs. Lu, can’t you treat this as just you taking pity on your husband and offering to do him a small favor?”

Su Jianan pursed her lips.

So this was what Lu Boyan had to deal with everyday. Piles of doc.u.ments to go through, various meetings to attend and dozens of decisions to make. It was no wonder he looked like a walking zombie everytime he got home.

She did feel pity for him that much was true. She did not have to admit it to him though.

Her lips twisted downwards in disdain. “Why should I take pity on you?”

After that, she turned around to leave. Halfway to the door, she halted her steps and turned back. “How do I get to the Planning department?”

In the end, it was Shen Yuechuan who had shown Su Jianan to the Planning Department. The man had even told the manager in charge that Su Jianan would be calling the final shots regarding the anniversary celebration’s planning.

Manager Cai from the Planning Department was a woman in her early thirties who was dressed in a dark grey suit and who wore perfect makeup. She brought Su Jianan into her office and said apologetically, “Should’ve prepared an office for you, but we’re really short on s.p.a.ce right now. I hope it isn’t too much to ask if you and I share an office.”

“It’s totally fine,” Su Jianan said with a smile. “I’m just reading a few doc.u.ments, that’s all. A table and a chair is all I need.”

Manager Cai had not for the life of her expected the legendary Mrs. President to be so unpretentious and down to earth. She handed a stack of doc.u.ments to Su Jianan. “Why don’t you go through these first? You can sign it right away if there aren’t any problems. If you have time in the afternoon, would you like to head over to the hotel for the food tasting?”

Su Jianan nodded. “No problem.”

She flipped open one of the doc.u.ments, which contained the event schedule. Lu Boyan’s opening address was at the top of the list. Following that were speeches by several of Lu Enterprises’ top executives as well as important board members. There would also be a ball after the speeches, which, according to the label, would require Lu Boyan and her to perform the opening dance.

“In the previous anniversary celebrations, the opening dance was performed by President Lu and a randomly selected female employee. In fact, that’s the one thing that all female employees are looking forward to the most in the anniversary celebration every year,” Manager Cai laughed and joked, “Looks like we’re going to see a lot of wilted flowers this year.”

Su Jianan pondered over what she had just been told. “Then why not just change it? Go back what had been done in the previous years. Pick out a random female employee.”

Manager Cai shook her head, smiling. She did not expect the president’s wife to be so gracious and big-hearted. “I’m afraid that won’t do. This is a direct order from Special a.s.sistant Shen, which means it’s also President Lu’s order.”

Lu Boyan wanted this?

In the end, Su Jianan did not sign the doc.u.ment. She set it aside to go through another pile.

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