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Su Jianan focused on drinking her fruit juice and eating fruits.

She had to pull Luo Xiaoxi away and go walk around once she was done. Otherwise, Luo Xiaoxi and the man would really “cook rice.”

Someone tapped on Su Jianan’s shoulders when she was putting a strawberry into her mouth.

Su Jianan looked up. It was indeed that wench Luo Xiaoxi.

Luo Xiaoxi smiled radiantly and pointed at the man who bought her the long island iced tea. “This is Qin Wei!” Then, she pointed at another man. “This is Qin Wei’s friend, Zhao Ran.”

Zhao Ran extended his hand at Su Jianan. “h.e.l.lo, pleased to meet you.”

Su Jianan swallowed the strawberry calmly. Her right hand was wet from eating fruits, and she dried it on her pants. Then, neither urgently nor slowly, she shook Zhao Ran’s hands. “h.e.l.lo.”

Zhao Ran’s heart fluttered.

Su Jianan’s action of wiping her hand was extremely adorable to him.

He naturally sat beside Su Jianan. He said, “I saw you the moment you entered. It’s a pity I didn’t have a chance to find out your name.”

The man wearing a white s.h.i.+rt looked clean and charming. A regular person would have already fallen for him long ago.

However, Su Jianan just answered politely, “I’m Su Jianan.”

“Your name sounds nice.”

He smiled lightly. There was not a trace of lying of intentional flattery in his tone and only honest praise.

Su Jianan felt more comfortable and said, “Thank you.”

Just then, Lu Boyan and Su Yicheng entered. They had never imagined that they would see the two people they were very familiar with.

The two men’s steps stopped at the same time even though they had not planned it.

Su Yicheng’s gaze landed on Luo Xiaoxi. She was standing very close to an unknown man.

His pupils constricted and a dangerous look pa.s.sed across his eyes. Then, only a look of disgust remained in his dark eyes.

Shen Yuechuan, who was walking behind the two, saw Lu Boyan stop suddenly. He asked in confusion, “Are we getting a room or sitting in a booth?”

“Booth.” Lu Boyan walked toward a certain direction.

Shen Yuechuan felt that something was odd. He was Lu Boyan’s a.s.sistant and knew that Lu Boyan disliked places like bars. And even if he visited, he would only go to a private room. But today… Furthermore, Su Yicheng was behaving oddly as well!

He looked at the direction the two of them were walking in. Then, he saw Su Jianan and Luo Xiaoxi chatting with two unknown men.

According to Shen Yuechuan’s many years of experience in life, Su Jianan and Luo Xiaoxi and the two men had just met. As a man, his understanding of men told him that the man who was chatting with Su Jianan was 100% interested in Su Jianan. As for the man who was very close to Luo Xiaoxi, hehe, he definitely wanted to get a room with Luo Xiaoxi.

There would be a good show to watch!

Shen Yuechuan followed Lu Boyan smilingly and sat in the booth behind Su Jianan.

They could hear Su Jianan’s voice, but Su Jianan could not see them.

Just then, Luo Xiaoxi was trying to find a way to give Su Jianan and Zhaoran some time alone so that Su Jianan could learn how to get familiar with a man quickly. She asked Qin Wei, “Do you want to dance?”

Qin Wei seemed to understand Luo Xiaoxi’s intentions. Furthermore, he also wanted to spend time alone with such a marvelous creature. He smiled and nodded, and took Luo Xiaoxi away.

Su Yicheng stood up in the booth beside. He went to sit down at the bar expressionlessly.

The bar overlooked the entire dance floor.

Only Zhao Ran and Su Jianan remained in the booth.

Zhao Ran had not encountered a girl he was so interested in in a long time. He wanted badly to become close with Su Jianan. He still looked rather awkward, but unexpectedly, Su Jianan’s expressions and actions were calm and natural. Furthermore, she took the initiative to speak with him.

“Mr. Zhao, what do you work in?”

Zhao Ran answered happily, “Finance! What about you? Looking at you, you must have a simple and wonderful job!”

“Oh, I’m a medical examiner.” Su Jianan took a sip of fruit juice. She gestured to Zhao Ran seriously. “The sort that deals with dead bodies daily. I use knives to cut open bodies, do chemical a.n.a.lysis, examine bodies at crime scenes and etc.”

Zhao Ran’s features froze. Su Jianan, however, grew more excited as she spoke. “Oh right, have you heard of the murder at the Century Gardens a few days ago? When we arrived after receiving a report, the body had already decomposed and there were maggots. The entire house stunk…”

Zhao Ran almost fell off from the sofa. Even if he had an imagination a hundred times better than what he currently had, he could not imagine that Su Jianan, who looked innocent and simple, was a medical examiner!

“Excuse me, I’m going to the washroom.” He needed to calm down.

Luo Xiaoxi had gotten rid of Qin Wei temporarily. When she saw Su Jianan sitting alone on the sofa, her eyes grew wide and then she asked, “Where’s your Zhao Ran?”

Su Jianan took a bite of the cantaloupe and said blandly, “I scared him off, and he went to the washroom. I guess… he won’t be back.”

Luo Xiaoxi understood immediately. “You used that trick again!”

Su Jianan shrugged, a look of innocence on her face. “I was just describing my job scope. Furthermore, I only mentioned maggots and how bodies smell…”

“I… d.a.m.n it!” Luo Xiaoxi sat down and shook Su Jianan’s shoulders hard. “Why don’t you just talk to him about zombies!”

Su Jianan nodded. “I can talk about that next time.”

Luo Xiaoxi spluttered. “Su Jianan, did you really turn into a human from a monster?!”

“You were the one who said that I’m a married woman,” Su Jianan said seriously while eating fruits. “So I thought that I should be a good wife and be loyal to my husband. I cannot do anything to betray my husband.”

Luo Xiaoxi bellowed. “Get out! You won’t get pregnant by just interacting with other men. But, you’re just keeping your virginity for the person you like, aren’t you? But you’re already married to Lu Boyan!”

Su Jianan paused as she peeled her grape, and she felt her head hurt.

If she had known, she would not tell Jiang Shaokai and Luo Xiaoxi that there was someone she liked when they forced her to tell them why she would not get a boyfriend.

However, it was lucky that she had managed to keep his ident.i.ty a secret. Otherwise… knowing Luo Xiaoxi’s character and that she could do anything, Jianan could not imagine what would happen after she got married to Lu Boyan.

“Su Jianan.”

A man’s voice rang from behind Su Jianan.

Su Jianan thought that the voice was rather familiar. And when she recalled to whom the voice belonged to, she felt as if her mind was going to explode for the second time that day. She whipped her head around, and indeed, it was Lu Boyan.

“Clang!” Su Jianan’s gla.s.s slipped from her hand, shattering into pieces on the floor.

What had Lu Boyan heard!

Luo Xiaoxi was stunned as well. She pointed at Lu Boyan. “Jianan, isn’t… isn’t that your husband?”

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