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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan had no mood to think that Lu Boyan was her husband. She only wanted to withdraw every single word that she had said, and bite off her tongue.

Lu Boyan darkened his face and said, “Su Jianan, come here.”

Luo Xiaoxi was immediately overwhelmed by Lu Boyan’s face and aura.

“He is so cool and handsome!”

Enchanted by his handsome face, Luo Xiaoxi forgot that Su Jianan was her friend and pushed her to him while saying, “Go there, your husband is calling you.”


Before she could react, Su Jianan lost her balance and b.u.mped into Lu Boyan’s arms.

The fragrance on him smelled good.

Su Jianan’s body was so close to Lu Boyan’s, and he smelled her fragrance at once.

He felt as if something was tickling his heart, which beat quickly at the moment. He never had such a feeling before…

He frowned even harder and helped Su Jianan find her balance, avoiding her from getting close.

Su Jianan found her balance in embarra.s.sment and forced two words out of her mouth. “Thank you.”

Lu Boyan replied coldly, “Go back with me.”

Su Jianan shook her head with a terrified expression. She could not tell whether Lu Boyan was angry at her or not and did not know what he would do.

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes. “So, you want to continue on talking with this man here?”

Su Jianan wanted to die—he indeed heard everything.

“It’s a mistake.” Luo Xiaoxi immediately explained. “Jianan didn’t expect to chat with Zhao Ran here. I arranged this. She said she didn’t know how to get familiar with you, so, I found Zhao Ran to let her gain experience. She has no other interest in Zhao Ran.”

“Luo Xiaoxi, stop.”

Su Jianan glared at Luo Xiaoxi. “You’re really as stupid as a goose. How could you tell him such a shameful thing?”

“What? I’m telling the truth.” Luo Xiaoxi looked at Lu Boyan with a complaisant smile and said, “Jianan just said that she would never do anything wrong to you. You heard it, didn’t you?”

“…” “Luo Xiaoxi, you’re even stupider than a goose.” Su Jianan thought.

Right then, Zhao Ran came back from the bathroom.

After he calmed down, he realized that he loved Su Jianan and did not care she was a medical examiner. He just had not expected it.

He came back happily only to encounter Lu Boyan and Shen Yuechuan. After a moment of shock, he asked, “Jianan, what… happened?” Lu Boyan looked familiar to him.

“He just called her ‘Jianan’?”

A sharp light flashed through the depth of Lu Boyan’s eyes.

He pulled Su Jianan to his side, arms around her waist as if he was telling that she was his. He looked at Zhao Ran coldly and asked, “You know my wife?”

What a strong aura!

Zhao Ran recognized Lu Boyan at once, his forehead covered with sweats. “Mr. Lu, sorry, I’ve mistaken your wife for someone else. I’ll go right now and leave you alone.”

Zhao Ran was more panic than surprised when knowing that Su Jianan had married Lu Boyan. He dared not to have any design on her anymore for the rest of his life unless he wanted to be marked for death.

Lu Boyan won the battle with a single move.

Luo Xiaoxi was enchanted by him again, looking as if there would be pink bubbles flying out of her eyes. “He is really cool.”

Su Jianan did not want to talk to the stupid Luo Xiaoxi anymore. She struggled against Lu Boyan and said, “Lu Boyan, let me go.”

It was late spring, so, she was thinly clad. Lu Boyan felt as if he was fondling her waist as she struggled.

“It felt so d.a.m.n good!”

He tightened his arms around her waist and said in an ambiguous tone, “How do you want to learn to get familiar with men? Go home with me and I can teach you.”

After saying this, he headed out while dragging her with him.

Su Jianan looked back subconsciously. “Luo Xiaoxi…” She was begging her for help.

Luo Xiaoxi waved her hands as if she had not heard her. “Go back to gain experience. Goodbye!”

Lu Boyan’s car was parked at the entrance of the bar. He wrenched the door open and pushed her in.

Su Jianan took out the key of the car quickly and forced a smile. “I drove your car here and can drive it back myself.”

Lu Boyan smirked and looked gentle.

“How can you get familiar with me if you drive back alone?”

Su Jianan’s hand that held the key was frozen in the air, and the corner of her mouth twitched.

Lu Boyan looked strange when he tried to be gentle, which only scared Su Jianan.

Lu Boyan seized the key from Su Jianan’s hands and threw it backward. He pushed her to the pa.s.senger’s seat and shut the door. His movements were smooth and made him look handsome.

Su Jianan pressed her face against the car window, wanting to know where Lu Boyan had thrown the key to. Finally, she found it in a man’s hand.

Shen Yuechuan waved the key in his hands at her and mouthed to her. “I got the car. Be a.s.sured and just go home.”

“…” Su Jianan had no excuse to get off now.

Lu Boyan sat down at the driver’s seat and started driving his eye-catching Aston Martin ONE77 towards Dingya Villas.

In the bar left behind them, Luo Xiaoxi was drunk on the aftertaste of Lu Boyan’s handsome appearance and cool manner. Then, she caught the sight of Su Yicheng accidentally.

The man sat by the counter with a gla.s.s of green wine at hand. The lamplight of the bar ran across his chiseled face, making him even more charming than in the daylight.

Luo Xiaoxi was caught by joy, standing up, about to rush to him, but suddenly—

“Yicheng.” A woman who dressed in a Dior suit yet looked gorgeous appeared and held his hands intimately. She fondled his chest with her soft hands, flirting with him while whispering to him.

Luo Xiaoxi could not hear what they were talking about, but, judging from Su Yicheng’s lifted mouth corner and the soft line of his eyebrows, she could tell that he liked the woman very much.

His ex-girlfriends were all the women who could be domineering at their workplace when putting on their suits and could be elegant ladies when taking the suits off. They could play the piano, appreciate wine, and be a good talker. When they were in bed, they would show a s.e.xy and charming side of them.

Luo Xiaoxi knew that she would never grow into such a woman.

“Xiaoxi.” Qin Wei went back and reached out his hands to her. “Shall we continue dancing?”

“Of course!”

She wore a charming smile as she held his hands and stepped onto the dancing floor with him. They started dancing with the rhythm crazily, close to each other.

Sometimes, she would catch a glimpse of Su Yicheng’s eyes, but, in them, she only saw his disgust that she was familiar with.

Having been looked at by him in this way many times, Luo Xiaoxi no longer felt sad, and instead, she smiled. She danced even more crazily and did not resist Qin Wei’s arms around her waist.

Qin Wei thought that his s.e.xy prey had taken his bait, so, he hugged her closer and asked, “Can I bring you to my home tonight?”

Luo Xiaoxi broke free from Qin Wei’s hands swiftly. Qin Wei was a little disappointed, however, she then took his hands again and said, “Let’s go your home.”

Qin Wei looked cheerful and headed out the bar with Luo Xiaoxi in hurry.

The customers in the bar would see many strangers fall in love and left there together every day, so, they got used of this kind of things and just whistled to Qin Wei in an ambiguous way.

Among all the people in the bar, only one man looked furious at the scene. He crumbled the gla.s.s in his hands.

“Yicheng!” The woman took the man’s hands to check and asked, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” Su Yicheng jumped off the barstool. “Sorry, I gotta to go now.”

At this moment, Luo Xiaoxi almost arrived at the parking lot and had been laughing madly since they exited the bar. Her laughter echoed under the yellow street lamps, from which Qin Wei finally noticed her odd behaviors.

“You know what, it was always me that watched him leave the bar with girls. Today, I finally could leave before him.” Luo Xiaoxi raised her palm toward Qin Wei excitedly. “Give me five!”

Qin Wei reached out his hands, and with a clapping sound, Luo Xiaoxi gave him a high-five, which caused him to grimace in pain. “F*ck, you are so thin, how could you possess so much strength?”

Luo Xiaoxi showed a silly smile. Her long eyelashes curled naturally, making her beautiful eyes even brighter. Her pink lips were in an arc like a moon. Qin Wei admired her in secret. “She looks even more beautiful as I stare at her longer.”

“Where do you live? I can drive you home.” he asked.

“You don’t want to take me to your home anymore?” Luo Xiaoxi asked with a smile.

Thinking of her strength, Qin Wei s.h.i.+vered. He was amused and answered, “Don’t pretend that you have lots of experiences in one-night stands. Listen to me, go to the bars as less as you can. You’re not one of us.”

“You’re a real pal!” Luo Xiaoxi patted Qin Wei’s shoulders and continued, “I must make you my friends. Let me treat you a supper.”

In fact, she had planned that if Qin Wei really dared to take her to his home, she would cripple him. She had left the bar with him just because she wanted Su Yicheng to see it. He hated her no matter what she did.

She had not expected Qin Wei to be an upright gentleman.

Qin Wei thought it was not bad to lose a shtup buddy but win back a supper. He opened the door of his car and gestured at her asking her to get in.

Su Yicheng came to the parking lot to get his car and saw Luo Xiaoxi climb into a man’s car with a smile.

He smiled coldly and drove home.

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