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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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She slept well, and the next day, Lu Boyan and Su Jianan went to the Civil Affairs Bureau as planned.

Su Jianan was astonished when she saw Lu Boyan’s car outside the hotel.

It was an Aston Martin One-77! It was selling for close to 50 million dollars, and there were only 77 of them in the entire world. There were only 5 in the country.

And Lu Boyan had one. Goodness!

Su Jianan remained in shock until they reached the Civil Affairs Bureau. The two of them were about to enter and complete the procedures when someone called her name.


It was a man’s voice.

Lu Boyan turned around and saw a young man who was about Su Jianan’s age. He was handsome, and stood beside a BMW760 casually, looking at Su Jianan.

“Jiang Shaokai?” Su Jianan ran toward him in surprise, smiling at him. “Young Master Jiang, why have you come to look for me?”

Jiang Shaokai leaned against his car casually. He crossed his arms around his chest and looked at Su Jianan. “Are you really getting married just like that? Is he the person you like?”

The smile on Su Jianan’s face froze.

Jiang Shaokai knew too much.

“You already have someone you like, but you’re marrying someone else. Will you be happy? Jianan, I’ll take you away while there’s still time. You don’t have to marry this man. I can protect you as well.”

Su Jianan wrung her hands, in a quandary. Should she just tell Jiang Shaokai who the person she liked was?

But Su Jianan decided not to after thinking it through carefully.

She took a step back and said, “Hehe, there’s no need. I’ll be at work the day after. See you then.”

Jiang Shaokai and Su Jianan have known each other for seven years. He knew that she would not change her mind if she had said something like that. He could not explain how he felt, so he nodded his head and drove away.

Su Jianan turned to return but discovered that Lu Boyan was no longer at the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau.

“Eh? Where’s he?”

She entered the office in confusion. When she saw Lu Boyan at a counter, she walked over and sat beside him. “I thought you escaped, not wanting to get married.”

Lu Boyan signed his name on the doc.u.ment with a cold smile on his face.

“It looks like you seem to be the one who wants to escape more.” Someone even came to pick her up.

Su Jianan was oblivious and did not notice that Lu Boyan had heard the conversation between her and Jiang Shaokai. She reached for the doc.u.ment to sign and said, “I can’t escape.” Su Jianan was oblivious and did not notice that Lu Boyan had heard the conversation between her and Jiang Shaokai. She reached for the doc.u.ment to sign and said, “I can’t escape.”

If she did not marry Lu Boyan, she would become a burden on Su Yicheng. She did not want to do that. Furthermore…

After signing the doc.u.ment and taking pictures, the red booklet finally ended up in Lu Boyan’s and Su Jianan’s hands.

Neither of them looked at the wedding certificate, as if by prior agreement. Lu Boyan flung it into his suit pocket while Su Jianan tossed it into her bag.

Lu Boyan looked at the watch and said, “Where do you stay? I’ll send you home to pack.”

“Changde Condominiums.”

It was a one bedroom apartment, Su Jianan kept it simple and neat. She poured Lu Boyan a cup of water as a courtesy, “Take a seat for a while. I’ll be packed within an hour.”

“We will not be husband and wife for too long,” Lu Boyan suddenly said. “you don’t have to move everything here over.”

He had to end his marriage with Su Jianan two years later, whether he was willing to or not. Otherwise, the t.i.tle “Mrs. Lu” would not bring her protection, but endless dangers.

“Alright.” Su Jianan asked him smilingly, “Are you divorcing me to marry Han Ruoxi?”

It was inevitable that they get divorced. Compared to that, she was more interested in the gossip about Lu Boyan and Han Ruoxi.

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes, cold light rus.h.i.+ng out from his deep-set eyes.

Su Jianan shuddered. “What is that expression? Everyone knows about you and Han Ruoxuan. They just don’t talk about it.”

“They know but don’t talk about it?” Lu Boyan leaned towards Su Jianan dangerously. “What do you know? Humph?”

“I…” His handsome features were very close to her. Su Jianan could not help but swallow. “I only know that you guys are a couple. But rest a.s.sured, I won’t tell the media! Don’t come so close to me…”


Lu Boyan could not take it any longer. He flicked his finger on Su Jianan’s forehead.


Su Jianan was confused and stared at Lu Boyan bewilderedly.

“Go pack your things.” Lu Boyan ordered coldly.

Su Jianan ma.s.saged her forehead. She had forgotten to retaliate. She sniffed and went to pack her luggage obediently before leaving with Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan lived in the most expensive district called Dingya Villas in City A.

The villa stood against the mountains and was surrounded by water. The sky was blue and the air was fresh and clean. Compared with the urban area, it was a paradise.

The Aston Martin drove into Lu Boyan’s private road. There were tall London plane trees on both sides of the road. It was the time of the year when the trees were jade green, and from afar, the trees looked l.u.s.trous and verdant and were extremely beautiful.

Lu Boyan stopped the car in front of a villa and took out the car keys while Su Jianan was still in shock. “Get off the car,” he said.

Su Jianan pushed the car door open and got off. She considered her surroundings, her gaze eventually ending up on the three-story villa. She would be living here for a long time in the future.

A 50-year-old man wearing a three-piece suit came out of the villa, bringing a servant with him.

The servant took Su Jianan’s luggage and the man came to Su Jianan and said, “Young Madam, I am the young master’s steward. You can call me Uncle Xu. Welcome.”

The words “Young Madam” felt foreign, and Su Jianan smiled unnaturally. “Uncle Xu, you… you can just call me Jianan.”

“How can that do? You and our Young Master are married, so you are the Young Madam of the Lu family.” Uncle Xu saw that Lu Boyan had already entered the house, and blinked at Su Jianan. “Old Madam instructed me to take good care of you. Just let me know if you need anything in the future. Young Master has lots of money anyway. If he bullies you, tell me, I’ll immediately… call Old Madam.”

Su Jianan looked at Lu Boyan’s back and pouted. “I won’t let him bully me!” She was not Bao, who needed protecting, she was a monster!

Uncle Xu was stunned and immediately smiled. It seemed that the big villa would not be as dull as before in the days to come.

“Young Madam, I’ll show you to your room.”

Lu Boyan had instructed that Su Jianan was to stay alone. Uncle Xu arranged for her to stay in a white-toned, warm and clean bedroom, not far from Nie Shaodong’s room.

Su Jianan liked the room very much and immediately opened her luggage to unpack.

She will be Mrs. Lu for two years. Two years was not too long or too short. It was enough…for her to have no regrets in this life.

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