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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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In the presidential suite.

The extremely handsome man sat on the sofa, his long legs crossed. He looked n.o.ble and elegant, and his powerful aura suppressed everything around him.

This totally made one’s heart beat so much that it might explode!

Su Jianan stared at him. She watched as he opened his s.e.xy thin lips and said something that was cold and heartless.

“I don’t have any feelings for you. I married you to fulfill my mother’s longtime wish. But we will never truly become husband and wife.”


Su Jianan blinked and her lips curved upwards. She said, “Oh, what a coincidence, I don’t have any feelings for you either. Brother Boyan, shall we shake hands?”

She called him that when she was 10. However, when she said the same two words 14 years later, it did not feel as familiar as it did when she was little. Her smile was still beautiful and radiant, and when she looked at him, her eyes felt as if she could see through his thoughts.

Lu Boyan ignored her amusing performance. He said as if he were instructing his subordinate on office matters, “Move your luggage to my house tomorrow. Stay in the guest room.”

Su Jianan’s mouth twitched. He said it as if she wanted badly to sleep with him!

This man was too crazy, she had to do something to get her dignity back!

“Are you afraid of staying in the same room as me?” She jabbed at Lu Boyan’s heart. “Are you afraid you can’t control yourself?”

Her tone was aggressive, but her actions were provocative. Moreover, her skin was pale and her features exquisitely small. Coupled with a pair of peach-blossoms-like eyes which were full of innocence, she looked extremely innocent.

But would an innocent and ignorant chit say something like that?

Lu Boyan’s lips curled up slightly, looking almost as if he were smiling, but not. Su Jianan saw a hint of a devilish charm in his eyes.

This handsome man seemed to have stretched out his black wings and turned into an arrogant demon within a split second.


Su Jianan’s long lashes fluttered and she backed away warily.

“Thinking of running?”

Lu Boyan forced Su Jianan into the corner of the room. He put his arms on the wall, trapping her.

The distance between the two became very close. Su Jianan could smell the faint scent on Lu Boyan’s body. And when she looked at his handsome and sharp features, her heart started speeding up for some reason.

But how could looking at a handsome man be more important than running away?

“Oh, Brother Boyan, you don’t have to lean in so closely. I’ve seen clearly that you’re just as handsome as before!”

She smiled winningly and slowly squatted down, trying to escape.

Lu Boyan saw through her tricks and easily pulled her up. He reminded her. “Where can you run to when your Brother Boyan is watching? Hmph?”

His question was asked teasingly.

Su Jianan grew angry. She had a backbone too. And if being nice did not work, she would use force!

“Let me go! Otherwise, I’ll tell Auntie Tang that you bullied me!” Tang Yulan was the only person in the world who could make Lu Boyan fear.

Lu Boyan said blandly, “Will you tell her that I could not control myself and bullied you when we were sleeping together? Hmph?”

“Er, that’s too evil. Auntie Tang won’t be able to take it…”

Su Jianan felt like crying. Why didn’t anyone tell her that Lu Boyan was so evil? How would she continue like this?!

Lu Boyan raised his brows and asked, “Is this alone considered evil?”

His hands suddenly wrapped around Su Jianan’s waist, slowly inching up her curves—

“What about this? What’s this considered then?”

Something in Su Jianan’s mind exploded!

This was the first time a man had touched her so intimately!

Her exquisitely beautiful face grew red. Su Jianan breathed rapidly as she glared at Lu Boyan. “You…”

She stuttered for a while but did not manage to say anything else despite her usual sharp tongue.

“I what?” A charming curve appeared on Lu Boyan’s lips. He smiled, very satisfied. “Or do you plan to tell my mother I bullied you like that?”

“Scoundrel!” Su Jianan picked up Lu Boyan’s hand and bit down at his wrist. However, she realized that there was something wrong with the texture. She took a closer look—

He was wearing a Piaget watch worth millions, and she had bitten it.

She made a face…

She touched the tip of her nose and let go of Lu Boyan’s hand, embarra.s.sed, and then she pretended as if nothing had happened.

“Rest a.s.sured,” Lu Boyan pulled back his hands and stared at Su Jianan. “I’m not interested in little girls.”

Little girl?

He had practically insulted Su Jianan from head to toe. She was enraged. “You’re little! I’m 24!”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan’s chest and said, “You feel like a 14-year-old.”

Su Jianan gritted her teeth in anger, and not wanting to be outdone, she said, “You feel like a four-year-old!”

“Oh?” Lu Boyan’s eyebrows twitched up. “When have you touched it?”

“…” Su Jianan had never touched Lu Boyan, and was lost for words.

An evil yet enchanting glint of laughter filled Lu Boyan’s eyes. He said, “Have you forgotten? That’s alright, I’ll let you touch now.”

Then, he caught Su Jianan’s hand and moved it toward his crotch…

How dared he do that!

Su Jianan blacked out and then shouted. “What kind of man are you, letting me touch you? If you are really good, strip and show me!”

She didn’t know what she was saying. She only regained her wits when she saw Lu Boyan strip off his suit jacket gracefully. The color of her cheeks suddenly changed from a light pink to bright red, almost as if blood could drip from them.

“Lu Boyan!” Su Jianan said angrily, “You’re such a ruffian.”

Lu Boyan smiled coldly. “Do you really think I’ll let you see? Get out!”

She’d been tricked?

Su Jianan felt even angrier. “Why is the master bedroom yours? Do you own this hotel?”

Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan, his appreciative glance also had an obvious trace of playfulness. “You’re quite smart.”

Su Jianan was speechless. d.a.m.n it!

She had already been taken advantage of by Lu Boyan. Su Jianan would not make any concessions this time. She quickly thought of something.

Lu Boyan saw Su Jianan’s eccentric behavior and had a bad feeling. Just as he wanted to drag her out—

Su Jianan quickly jumped onto the bed, lying across it and staking a claim on the entire bed.

She smiled, very satisfied. “Lu Boyan, I don’t have to say who has to leave now, do I?”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and looked at Su Jianan dangerously.

Su Jianan shuddered. Luckily, Lu Boyan’s mobile, which he had left in the living room, rang.

It was a personalized ringtone which indicated that it was urgent. Lu Boyan frowned, turned around and left.

Su Jianan heaved a sigh of relief. She quickly lept out of bed and locked the door, delightedly enjoying a night in the large master bedroom of the presidential suite.

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