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Chapter 172 Don’t You Ever Want to Leave Me Again!In fact, did they still need to talk?

The answer was obviously “no”.

However, Lu Boyan was still right about Su Jianan still being angry. She would not forgive Lu Boyan so soon!

Su Jianan coldly looked at Lu Boyan’s hand. “You said what you wanted, and you can deal with… your wounds now.”

Lu Boyan looked at his palm. Although it was covered in blood stain, it did bleed anymore. “Aren’t you going to ask me how I got this?”

“…” Su Jianan just looked at Lu Boyan curiously.

She would not ask!

“I got this on my way to find you.” Lu Boyan looked at the wound and said, “It was cut by the th.o.r.n.y vines on the mountain.”

“You…” Su Jianan groaned and asked in an uncertain tone, “Did you find me?”

“I found you and carried you down the mountain.” Lu Boyan had never been honest.

Su Jianan was moved inside, but she could not show it!

She avoided Lu Boyan’s eyes. “Why are you telling me this? Haven’t you been hiding everything from me before?”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows. “I used to be hiding from you because I was afraid that you felt sorry for me.”

Su Jianan was doubtful. “Aren’t you afraid now?”

“I have told you everything, what else should I be afraid of?” Lu Boyan acted like he had let all out. “I have lived for 30 years and confessed to someone for the first time. You really aren’t going to respond to me?”

He was waiting, waiting for Su Jianan to say the words to him.

Su Jianan looked away again and just reminded him. “You haven’t attended to your wounds yet.”

Lu Boyan pressed the call bell on Su Jianan’s bed, and the nurse quickly walked in. He explained the situation and the nurse exclaimed in surprise. “You got this wound yesterday. Why are you bleeding till today?”

Su Jianan cast her eyes down in guilt and Lu Boyan said, “I accidentally ripped it open again.”

“Please wait a moment.” The understanding nurse smiled. “I am going to get something to help you with the wound.”

Soon, the nurse sent bandages and other stuff. Lu Boyan turned down the nurse’s help and said that he could do this. When the nurse went out, he put the tray in front of Su Jianan, with a natural expression. “You help me.”

“No.” Su Jianan retracted her hands back under the quilt bed and said, “Didn’t you tell the nurse you can do this?” Do it yourself.”

Lu Boyan narrowed his eyes and Su Jianan suddenly felt cold on the back. She always felt that Lu Boyan would come up with some means to force her to treat his wound. However, no, he really handled the wound himself.

He was right-handed, and he also got injured in the right hand, so he was not dexterous right now, and failed to properly clean up the wounds.

Su Jianan was half of a doctor, and could not bear any unprofessional techniques. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, took Lu Boyan’s things, and carefully helped him clean and dress the wounds.

She did not see the wicked smile on Lu Boyan’s lips.

Yesterday, he dressed the wounds on her hand. How could he not do this himself?

After the dressing, Su Jianan packed up the things and lifted the quilt. Only then did she find that her legs were plastered and it was very inconvenient to move.

“Where are you going?” Lu Boyan asked.

Su Jianan was embarra.s.sed to say that she was going to the bathroom and had to say, “I want to get changed.” Her hospital gown was stained with Lu Boyan’s blood.

Lu Boyan did not say anything and directly picked her up.

The feeling of sudden disappearing of gravity made Su Jianan gasped, and she exclaimed. “Lu Boyan, what are you doing?”

Lu Boyan put her down until they entered the bathroom. “Clothes are in the closet, call me when you’re done.”

When the door of the bathing room was closed, Su Jianan realized what happened just now. After she knew it, she blushed. She changed her clothes and went to wash. Then, she found almost her entire body aching.

She was feeling an ache in the head and the waist. She had a broken leg so she could only walk on one foot. Moreover, she could not stay in that position for long because she would feel ache and sore on her hip and she would almost fall to the ground.

In the end, she did not survive. “Lu Boyan, I’m done.”

Lu Boyan swooshed the door open and saw Su Jianan’s painful face. He went to pick her up. “Where does it hurt?” He frowned deeply as if he were feeling the pain.

“My waist hurts.” Su Jianan collapsed into Lu Boyan’s arms. “Put me back to bed.”

“Hang on.”

Lu Boyan laid Su Jianan back on the bed and went out. Su Jianan put on a sullen face and lifted the quilt to her chest. “a.s.shole, why don’t you stay with me.” She really hurt.

In less than three minutes, Lu Boyan came back and said, “The doctor said it was normal. If you really can’t stand it, take a painkiller.”

It turned out that he was going to the doctor.

Su Jianan suddenly did not complain and shook her head. “No, I can take it.”

Lu Boyan opened the drawer, took out the medicine sent by the nurse and opened it. “Lie down.”

Su Jianan did not know what he wanted. “What are you doing?” In doubt, she still lay down.

The hospital gown was a two-piece one, and Lu Boyan directly lifted her s.h.i.+rt.

“Ahhh!” Su Jianan screamed subconsciously and covered her exposed slender waist with her hands. “Lu Boyan, stop being rascal!”

“Even if I want to, I’ll do it after I take you home.” Lu Boyan opened a piece of plaster and showed it to her. “Put it on your waist, so lift your s.h.i.+rt.”

Su Jianan finally knew what Lu Boyan was doing. Blus.h.i.+ng, she muttered dissatisfied. “Why don’t you tell me earlier? You’re just being rascal!”

She cooperatively lifted a small corner of the s.h.i.+rt. Lu Boyan finally saw the wound on her waist.

Maybe she hit something when she fell down so she had a large bruise on the right waist. Her skin was white delicate, which made the bruise look very shocking.

The subtle pain spread all over Lu Boyan’s heart, and he applied the plaster onto Su Jianan’s wound. “How did you fall?”

“When I went down the mountain, the rain was very heavy, and it was thundering. I was afraid, so I squatted down.” Su Jianan was feeling wronged and said, “The wind blew, and I didn’t have the time to hold anything, so I fell.”

Lu Boyan put her clothes down. “Is there any other pain?”

“No.” Su Jianan lay down in a sullen mood. While thinking that she would lie down in the next days and could not move… she wanted to die.

At this time, Lu Boyan’s phone rang. He looked at the number and handed the phone to Su Jianan. “Luo Xiaoxi.”

“Jianan, how are you feeling?” Luo Xiaoxi sounded very anxious. “How’s your injury? Is it serious? I’ll skip the show and see you in City Z.”

“Don’t come, in fact, it’s not serious. I only have a broken leg.” Su Jianan knew how much the show “Top Model” meant to Luo Xiaoxi, so she said, “You don’t have to worry about me. I will rest for a few days. You can see me when I return to City A.”

“I’ll be out for a while.” Lu Boyan suddenly said that and when he finished the last syllable, he was already walking outside.

At first, Su Jianan did not pay attention to Lu Boyan and talked with Luo Xiaoxi for a little longer. Then, she suddenly remembered something and noticed something wrong.

“Xiaoxi, I’m going to hang up, there’s something outside.”

Su Jianan hurriedly hung up the phone, picked up the crutch at the beside and limped away. When she opened the door, Lu Boyan was really at the door.

He supported himself with one hand on the wall and covered his stomach with the other. He was clearly in pain.

“Do you have a stomachache again?” Su Jianan helped him, “Where’s your medicine?”

“What are you doing here?” Lu Boyan frowned and looked at Su Jianan, “Go back and lie down!”

At this time, Su Jianan could not care about herself anymore. When she was thinking about what to do, she was carried back to the room by Lu Boyan.

“Lu Boyan, put me down!” She had an aching waist and couldn’t move, so she had to scream. “I can walk by myself.” He had had a stomachache. Didn’t carrying her leave him in more pain?

Lu Boyan put her on the bed and she rose up again. “I remember the medicine you took. I’ll let my brother send it here.”

Then, Su Jianan was about to call Su Yicheng but was stopped by Lu Boyan.

Lu Boyan picked up his phone and dialed Shen Yuechuan’s number to let the latter send the medicine.

He had had a bad stomach for a long time, and Shen Yuchuan and other a.s.sistants usually carried a bottle of stomach medicine with them in case he needed it.

Su Jianan finally felt a slight relief and said, “Do you feel like lying on the sofa for a while?”

“I am fine.” Lu Boyan stroked Su Jianan head, “Don’t move. What if you scratch the wounds?”

“I don’t need your care.” Su Jianan pursed her mouth and made up her mind to ignore Lu Boyan, but could not help but look up. “You didn’t eat yesterday, did you?”

She knew that Lu Boyan only had a stomachache when he did not eat on time.

“We hadn’t found you when it was getting dark. Who could still eat?” Lu Boyan calmly looked at Su Jianan. “Are you feeling bad about me?”

“You think too much.” Su Jianan tried to pretend to be expressionless. “I am hungry. Have Shen Yuechuan bring me breakfast.”


Lu Boyan suddenly called her name, and his deep voice had that enchanting spell. Su Jianan looked at him unconsciously.

Then his lips. .h.i.t her.

He covered her in his warm and soft lips. He gently licked, sucked, and tasted…

He spayed his breaths on Su Jianan’s skin, and the itching spread into her heart.

However, that kind of itch seemed to be under the skin so Su Jianan could not scatch it and she did not want to either. She just collapsed into him.

Lu Boyan was the best hunter. He knew Su Jianan too well. He slowly pulled her over and let her lean against his chest. As expected, she forgot to struggle, as obedient as an innocent small white rabbit.

He had never found out before that when she had a bad temper, he could use this trick to subdue her.

Slowly, perhaps because of lack of oxygen, or because of shyness, Su Jianan’s white cheeks turned rosy.

Lu Boyan finally loosened her lips and looked at her.

When he fixed his eyes on a person, his eyes were like a vast night sky, deep and mysterious, with magical power that could enchant people.

Su Jianan looked into his eyes and could not look away, and only felt that she was sucked into his eyes.

She knew she was sinking, but she could not turn back.

“It’s so lucky that you’re fine.” Lu Boyan caressed her head and said.

Su Jianan’s long eyelashes fluttered, and deep inside, her heart trembled violently.

She did not know why she felt so happy when Lu Boyan said it was lucky that she was fine.

“What if I’m not fine? What would you do?” She asked.

“I won’t know how to live.” Lu Boyan suddenly held her in his arms. “Jianan, please don’t leave me again.”

The moment she wheeled her suitcase out of their home, his soul was taken away. Including his body, everything became empty, and he seemed to have only work in his life.

When he stopped working, he was seized by emptiness and could not sleep at night.


Just as Su Jianan said only one word, Lu Boyan seized her lips again, and at this moment, someone pushed open the door—

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