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Chapter 171 I Don’t Believe It!Su Jianan blinked and thought she heard something in her imagination.

She loved Lu Boyan, and it was the biggest secret of her teenage years. When she was in college, Lu Boyan was already a rising star in the business world. He established himself a reputation and shone brightly, so far away from her.

She was hiding her feelings so deeply because of her feelings of inferiority.

She had secretly loved Lu Boyan for so long and only dared to say that she kind of liked him.

But Lu Boyan said that he loved her?

“Lu Boyan,” Su Jianan swallowed and resisted the urge to feel his forehead. “What happened to you?”

Did he know that how much love weighted? How could he love her?

This was simply a fantasy, something impossible!

However, probably Lu Boyan did not understand love at all.

“I am fine.” Lu Boyan said, “I am telling you, I love you.”

Su Jianan rubbed her nose and got further away from him. Just now, Lu Boyan said that he would pinch her. Now, he was confessing his love. How did she feel… so incredible?

She shook her head. “I do not believe you.”

Lu Boyan almost blew up.

He condensed the secret more than ten years old into three words, and sincerely told Su Jianan, however, she said coldly and faintly “I don’t believe you”?

He was extremely angry that he burst into laughter, “Why don’t you believe? I love you, what is suspicious about that?”

“There are too many suspicious things.” Su Jianan, like a.n.a.lyzing a case, a.n.a.lyzed it bit by bit. “First, you told me very clearly before we got married that our wedding only lasted two years. And you were reluctant to marry me. Second, you are Lu Boyan, so you can have what kind of woman out there, and I may be the least conspicuous of them. Third… I don’t feel that you love me.”

Lu Boyan bit his teeth. “Su Jianan, I only explain it once, so listen to me clearly. First, I was lying to you. Second, even if you are the least conspicuous of them, I just fancy you. Do you have a problem with that? ”

His eyes were sharp, like a sword dancing in front of Su Jianan’s eyes, Su Jianan suddenly smelled the dangerous atmosphere and shaking her head. “No…” She dared not have a problem with his anything.

“Third,” Lu Boyan paused and narrowed his eyes. “To save you, I gave up business worth hundreds of millions of bucks and came back from the United States. To give you a truly unique diamond ring, I spent a lot to buy a diamond that had just been mined. I try my best to give you the best of everything, spend time with you to do those boring little things, and let the entire world know that you are Mrs. Lu… Su Jianan, you can’t feel that I love you, huh? ”

Su Jianan’s long eyelashes flashed, and out of nowhere, the crystal tears slipped from her eyelids.

Since that time when she was admitted to hospital because of the stomach disease that long hunted her, Lu Boyan really treated her very. Although he occasionally teased her and made her blush, he never really hurt her.

Over time, she was used to Lu Boyan’s attention, so in the past few days when Lu Boyan neglected her, she reacted so intensely.

To make matters worse, like what Lu Boyan said, she actually took his care for granted and failed to feel his effort.

No, it was not exactly like this!

She shook her head. “No, Lu Boyan, I just… don’t dare to think so.”

In fact, she could feel all the love Lu Boyan gave to her.

She just did not dare to take his care as a sign of love, she saw them as “kindness”.

She thought that Lu Boyan took care of her because of Tang Yulan’s expectation because she said he must be good to her. After all, he said long ago that he married her just to make Tang Yulan happy. Well, then, his kindness to her must be something rea.s.suring for Tang Yulan.

He was the chosen one, while she was some common people in the crowd. How could she understand it as love just because Lu Boyan was good to her? How did she dare to think that Lu Boyan fell for her?

Lu Boyan wiped the tears from her eyes. “Don’t cry, it’s my fault. I lied to you first.” Jianan, please forgive me. ”

Su Jianan was a little dazed and thought of what Lu Boyan said to her on the day before their wedding. He lied to her.

She once thought that Lu Boyan fell in love with her after their marriage, but now according to what he said…

She rubbed her tears hard and stared at Lu Boyan. “Tell me everything!”

“You thought I forgot you after going abroad, but I didn’t.” Lu Boyan finally said these words, “Jianan, I always remember you, and even think of you every day. I have intentionally or unintentionally run into you several times, but you never saw me. ”

Su Jianan was even more confused. “When did you visit me? Have we not seen each other for more than a decade? ”

“When I was a freshman, you went to Mr. Pang’s house to apply for the tutoring job, and I was on my way there for some arrangements. When I arrived, I saw you and a few people coming out of their house. On Christmas Eve last year, you and Luo Xiaoxi went to the cinema. At that time, I saw you in the huge crowd. I gave you the two tickets. Also, shortly after you returned home when you followed your brother to the golf course. In fact, I went there that day too. ”

During her entire life, Su Jianan followed Su Yicheng once to go to a golf course—just to “run into” Lu Jianyan.

But then she did not see Lu Boyan, thinking that he did not go, but…

In the middle of her thinking, Su Jianan suddenly realized something and looked at Lu Boyan in disbelief. “Did Mr. Pang and Mrs. Pang finally choose me as their son’s tutor and even double my salary because you arranged that?”

In this case, Mrs. Pang raising her pay at that time had a proper reason, and things made sense when she and Lu Boyan first met Mrs. Pang together, Mrs. Pang said that “Mr. Lu cares about you more than you’d imagined”.

After getting married for so long, Lu Boyan actually resisted the urge to tell her the truth all this time. Was he really so inward?

Su Jianan’s eyes became more and more fierce, while Lu Boyan was calm, lifting his eyebrows and said blandly, “I did put in a good word for you in front of Mrs. Pang. You’re welcome.”

“It’s really you.” Su Jianan felt like in a dream and even felt the walking Lu Boyan in front of her not real. “Lu Boyan, you… when did you start…” When did he start to care for her?

“I do not know.” Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan, his eyes were obscure and complicated. “Maybe it was the first time I saw you, maybe the second or third time.” In short, when you were young.”

“…” A thousand words rushed to the lips, but Su Jianan couldn’t say anything. She just looked at Lu Boyan, as if she still suspected it was a dream.

“I thought you loved others. I was so afraid that you would divorce me when the two years end.” Lu Boyan smiled and laughed at himself. “I am even more afraid that I will not let you go by then and you’ll hate me.”

“So, you quarreled with me and drove me away?”

“There are some other things.” Lu Boyan said, “I will tell you later.”

Su Jianan had seen him confident and arrogant like there was no one else, seen him savage like a beast, and seen him tender like water, but she had never seen Lu Boyan like this.

He unloaded all the pride and aura, like the most ordinary person, and explained to her, confessing his fear and unconfidence.

“Lu Boyan,” Su Jianan could no longer hold back her tears, and they dripped down her face. She pushed Lu Boyan forcefully. “You b.a.s.t.a.r.d!”

Lu Boyan hugged her. “Jianan, you can hit me and curse me, as long as you come home with me.”

“I won’t go back with you!” Su Jianan struggled in his arms. “You said that you have done so much for me. What about me?” You have a bad stomach, so I find ways to heal it. I told your secretary to not give you any cold drink, I… I didn’t do much for you, but it was the best I could do…”

“I know.” Lu Boyan hugged her, and the warm kiss fell on her cheeks and neck. “I know. I was so happy that you sent me a tie. This is the best thing that happened to me this year except marrying you. But Jianan, I didn’t know how long I can be happy. I could only wear that tie all the time. I lied to you when I said that it was easy to reach, so I wanted to put it outside.”

Su Jianan gradually came to understand that Lu Boyan was similar to her. They all thought that the other party would not fall in love with themselves and tried to cover up all the emotions and feelings.

“Lu Boyan,” she asked. “If we have been married for two years now, and I am going to divorce you. What would you do?”

“I won’t let you.” Lu Boyan suddenly hugged her tight. “In the future, even if I have to tie you to keep you by my side, I will. Don’t you ever want to leave me again.”

Su Jianan just wanted to say something, and suddenly Lu Boyan caught her lips.

He kissed very violently, and he was almost barbaric as if he were telling the world that she was his, and could only be his.

Su Jianan wanted to break free from him but had no chance at all. Besides, she had injuries and cannot make a move.

The distance of their body was almost less than one millimeter. Su Jianan could hear Lu Boyan’s heartbeat and feel his heat.

Her tongue became numb from his sucking, and eventually, all her strength was squeezed out by him and then she slowly collapsed into his arms.

“Jianan,” His voice was low and hoa.r.s.e, and he suddenly became gentle. He held Su Jianan’s cheek and tasted her sweetness. “Let’s go home, okay?”

When a woman acted tender, the man might be soft with her. But when a man who was handsome and usually played cool suddenly acted gentle, no woman could resist him.

The word “OK” was on the verge of Su Jianan’s lips, and when she was about to blurt it out, she suddenly sobered up and snapped. “No!”

Lu Boyan let go of her. “Why? I told you I didn’t quarrel with you deliberately on those days. As long as you go home with me, you can do whatever you want to punish me, OK?”

“No.” Su Jianan looked away.

She was deliberately trying to make things difficult for Lu Boyan because he made her cry in the past few days.

“If you want to recover yourself here, it’s okay.” Lu Boyan compromised, “I’ll stay with you. When you recover, let’s go back to City A.”

“I won’t go home with you even when I’m back to City A.” Su Jianan snorted. “I am going back to my home.”

“Do you like to live in that small apartment?” Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows. “Well, let’s move over.”

“Lu Boyan!” Su Jianan glared at Lu Boyan in anger. This guy really knew how to play a tug-of-war. However, when it came to a verbal war, he could never win her.

Thinking of this, Su Jianan smiled and grinned from ear to ear. “Hubby, aren’t we going to divorce? Have you prepared the agreement?”

Lu Boyan then really froze, and he squinted. “Su Jianan!” He seemed to squeeze every word out of him.

Su Jianan smiled even more charmingly. “What?”

Lu Boyan knew that she was on purpose, so he closed his eyes and wore a gentle face. “You are still angry, and we will talk about this later.”

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