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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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When Lu Boyan and Su Jianan went downstairs, Shen Yuechuan was eating.

Seeing them down, Shen Yuechuan said, “I just sent the doc.u.ments to eat the soup dumplings made by uncle Han. Now I’m full, so I’m going to leave.” He wiped his mouth gracefully, and said as if he suddenly remembered something. “Right, I recommend you take a look at today’s news. Hey, it can’t be more exciting.”

He then left like the wind. Uncle Xu came over. “Young Master, Madam, the lunch is ready.”

Su Jianan then immediately s.h.i.+fted her attention from the news to lunch.

She drank a lot while dealing with those people last night, and barely ate some staple food. Besides, she didn’t have breakfast this morning, she was starving now.

The lunch was prepared to be light and delicious. Su Jianan sat down and chewed slowly. Lu Boyan, who sat oppositely, suddenly asked, “Have you finished your medicine?”

Su Jianan suffered a lot during her menstrual period, so Lu Boyan took her to see a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and brought back a few large packs of Chinese medicine. which were extremely bitter. Su Jianan had already finished them a few days ago, but she was afraid that Lu Boyan would take her to return to the clinic to make her take the medicine, thus she had been quiet about it.

But how could he still remember such a tiny thing! Wasn’t he very busy?!

Lu Boyan knew the answer when he saw the expression on Su Jianan’s face. “Relax, it should be the next month to take the recheck.”

Su Jianan was not relieved at all—she couldn’t get out of it, and she had to go.

Lu Boyan then went back to the study room after lunch. Su Jianan had nothing to do, but suddenly recalled that Shen Yuechuan reminded them of the news, she then started to browse on a tablet computer on the sofa.

Su Jianan was indeed startled when she saw the news.

The entertainment section was almost filled by the anniversary celebration of Lu’s family last night, but why the headline was—

“Same Dress on Han Ruoxi and Su Jianan, Who Looked Better?”

The first thing appeared was that she and Han Ruoxi were on the red carpet after she clicked the page. The photos were taken from the same angle, which was pretty fair to compare.

The media commented that “Han Ruoxi looked n.o.ble and glamorous in this white dress, while Su Jianan appeared to be elegant and quiet, each had its own merits,” but here came with the turning point.

There were a lot of photos, including all the individual pictures of Han Ruoxi, and all of those showing Su Jianan and Lu Boyan being together.

The media found out the dress was specially designed for Su Jianan by Lu Boyan, not to mention the quality and workmans.h.i.+p. The dress perfectly revealed the gentle temperament of Su Jianan, and it was obviously not suitable for Han Ruoxi.

Although Han Ruoxi did not pick the wrong dress, and showed her perfect figure very well, but it looked much more like a cougar trying to fit in a dress for girls, therefore there was no reference. Whilst the dress made Su Jianan looked even sweeter and more lovable when standing next to powerful Lu Boyan.

Therefore, the ending of the drama about wearing the same clothes was that—Han Ruoxi did not make a mistake, but Su Jianan won.

Followed by the “same dress” report, it was the news of “Su Jianan’s live response to wearing the same dress.”

Media summarized: although Su Jianan was concise, she meant more than she said.

Su Jianan was almost choked by the strawberry, what did she hide in the words she responded to the media? How come she didn’t know about it?

This was how the media a.n.a.lyzed:

Su Jianan said, “This can show that my taste is similar to that of Miss Han. So no need to take it to heart, everyone has the right to choose.”

—She was suggesting that she and Han Ruoxi both liked Lu Boyan, who got to make the final choice. And she didn’t mind competing with Han Ruoxi, and she could even say that she was fearless. Since she and Lu Boyan were childhood friends, so she might never take Han Ruoxi as an opponent.

The reporter asked Su Jianan that “who do you think looks better in this dress?”.

Su Jianan said that everyone had their own taste.

The media believed that this sentence was truly profound, which hid what Su Jianan’s real thought.

—Did it really help that Han Ruoxi wore the same dress as hers? It was all decided by Lu Boyan! And it was obviously Su Jianan that he liked. Moreover, she only wanted to be favored by Lu Boyan, as for others, she didn’t really care.

The media finally concluded that Su Jianan was equipped with amazing emotional intelligence, which attracted the netizens to follow the trend and comment: With such emotional intelligence, she would win everyone’s love, not to mention Lu Boyan’s.

As a result, Su Jianan inexplicably harvested followers online. The fans on her Weibo account had increased more than 200,000 overnight, and continued to rise.

She broke out in a cold sweat.

However, there were many reports besides it. Among them, the most popular with highest views was that “Han Ruoxi faced Su Jianan, calm on the surface, and battles on the inside.”

When Han Ruoxi was about to leave and came to say goodbye to Lu Boyan,

It could be told that she seemed to be so condescending to Su Jianan when she looked at her slyly. She couldn’t help revealing the hostility from her gazing, which fitted nothing to the white dress she wore.

In contrast, Su Jianan was really calm, and she treated Han Ruoxi just like the other guests. Han Ruoxi was so overwhelmed that it seemed that she was in the war against herself from beginning to end.

Netizens also commented on Su Jianan’s generosity. Han Ruoxi was completely lost, to a person without any momentum. She also lost to a person who was unknown in the fas.h.i.+on world in dressing.

Worst of all, it was the same woman, who took her beloved man.

They should know that she deliberately flew back from the United States to partic.i.p.ate in this anniversary. It should have been like the past that she would amaze the entire banquet hall, and stunned everyone with her beauty. Unexpectedly, she completely lost but also helped Su Jianan win fans, which simply was more of a hindrance than help.

Su Jianan ate another strawberry and shook her head—the media could make everything complicated.

In fact, Su Jianan didn’t think about anything but could not show weakness in front of Han Ruoxi. When Han Ruoxi came to say goodbye, she just regarded herself as the hostess and treated Han Ruoxi like a guest. Thus she just treated her in a normal way, which was exaggerated to be generous.

As for the banquet was commented as a battlefield by the media—she never thought so.

It was rare to have a chance to accompany Lu Boyan to attend such an important dinner. She was just too happy, how could she think of the place as a battlefield?

There was still more news following: Lu Boyan bought the diamond to make jewelry for her; Lu Boyan carefully ice compressed her injured right hand; being together throughout the whole dinner with intimate action showing, envied others…

Looking at the whole page, Su Jianan was involved in every piece, and the news of Lu Boyan buying diamonds to make custom jewelry for her had attracted a lot of envious comments…

Su Jianan put down the tablet and thought to herself: She actually had the chance to cover all the headlines and the whole page…

Unconsciously, she touched the diamond ring on the ring finger.

She took off her necklace when she took a bath yesterday, but she still kept the ring on after hesitation.

This was given to her by Lu Boyan, which indicated that she was married and she was the wife of Lu Boyan…

She admitted that she was reluctant to take it off.

Suddenly, the phone on the coffee table rang, it was Su Yicheng.

Su Jianan picked up the phone. “Brother?”

Su Yicheng sounded a bit tired. “Where are you?”

“I am at home,” Su Jianan said, “you were not up yet?”

“No, just woke up.” Su Yicheng sounded to be a bit sober, “Can you buy me some towels and socks if you go shopping in the next couple of days?”

Since Su Jianan went to college, she had been preparing such daily necessities for Su Yicheng, because she knew him better and he was always picky about things others bought for him. Besides, in the past few years, Su Yicheng always gave her some allowance as the so-called service fee.

“Okay,” Su Jianan agreed, “I’m free these days, so I’ll buy them for you right away. Brother, were you… with Zhang Mei last night? Don’t you hate office romance the most?”

Su Yicheng smiled. “Mind your own business, kid. I’ll get up to find something to eat, talk later.”

Su Jianan had to hang up the phone, thinking. “I haven’t been a child for a long time.”

She looked at the time and planned to go out so that she could come back at night, and then she went upstairs to change her clothes, and ran into Lu Boyan when she came out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Lu Boyan asked.

“Go help my brother buy something.”

Lu Boyan closed the door of the study room. “I will go with you.”

He went back to the room for the phone, while Su Jianan was still shocked. He frowned. “It’s okay for you to go out to shop, but not for me?”

“No,” Su Jianan nodded, “You seem nothing like the person who would go out to shop. It’s too down to earth and it’s too much against your temperament.”

Lu Boyan didn’t want to talk anymore, so he just pulled Su Jianan down the stairs. “I really should let you know how I lived when I first arrived in the United States.”

“It’s not too late to tell me now.” Su Jianan blinked her eyes with antic.i.p.ation.

“After we settled in New York, my mom got a job, she was working really late every day, and I had to take on some…”

Su Jianan couldn’t help interrupting him when he hadn’t finished. “ like sweeping the floor, was.h.i.+ng the dishes and taking out the garbage?”

“Yes,” Lu Boyan smiled, “as well as buying all kinds of daily necessities and food in markets.”

Su Jianan stared at Lu Boyan for three seconds, and shook her head. “I can’t imagine you doing something like that.”

She thought that Lu Boyan was always spoiled since he was a child. He also excelled others in studies when he’s in school, and he could always capture the attention of girls while walking on the avenue of the school with his books and several of his friends.

It turned out that he was so down to earth in the past time.

Since they just arrived in New York, the life of him and Tang Yulan must be very hard.

When Lu Boyan’s father was alive, the family was actually wealthy. Lu Boyan went to a prestigious aristocratic school, where he was often taken by his father’s a.s.sistant, and they also had servants. When they first arrived in the United States, they had to rely on themselves about everything. Did he also take a long time to adapt to the fact of losing his father?

Thinking of this, Su Jianan felt bad for Lu Boyan, thus she stopped talking about his life in the United States and got on his car. “Go to the Jianshe Road,” she paused, “Lu Boyan, is this the first time you go shopping after you came back from the United States?”

“It is also the first time I go shopping with other people in my life.” Lu Boyan started the car, “Don’t be too touched.”

Su Jianan was speechless…

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