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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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On the next day, it was very unexpected that Su Jianan woke up first.

She was a person who would stay in bed all day and night every time she had a chance. It was very torturing for her to wake up so early, and most of all, she slept in the same position she had slept in the night before—holding Lu Boyan tightly.

But her thin body seemed nothing of protective to Lu Boyan, and made them look more like a pair of mandarin ducks, snuggling up to each other by the neck, and relying on each other by the body.

Su Jianan looked greedily at Lu Boyan. At this moment, he was obviously more real—like those who felt exhausted and would be greedily trapped in deep sleep. His chin popped out some cinereous stubble, and the pajamas’ collar was slightly messy.

Lu Boyan was so perfect and distant with the suit and spotless leather shoes during the day time. At this moment, Su Jianan concretely felt that this man was her husband and just an ordinary human being just like her.

However… they were not the actual husband and wife.

Su Jianan gently loosened Lu Boyan, lest he misunderstood the scene when he woke up.

Whilst Lu Boyan was still very alert when he slept, and woke up as soon as Su Jianan let go of him. He noticed that Su Jianan was going to get up, so he pulled her into his arms without hesitation and asked with laziness. “Jianan, what time is it?”

Su Jianan was too scared to make a sound. How did he do those moves so smoothly? He was drunk last night, but now he was sober?

Was it too intimate?

Su Jianan was not sure if Lu Boyan was totally clear, thus she reached out and waved her hand in front of his eyes. Then she was suddenly pulled back in the quilt. “I’m asking you what time it is now.”

“Are you awake?” Su Jianan looked at the time. “It’s seven thirty.”

“Still early,” Lu Boyan was aware that Su Jianan would not get up so early, thus he pulled the quilt and held her in his arms. “Stay with me for a while.”

Compared with Lu Boyan’s hooliganism and unreasonable requirements, Su Jianan was even more surprised about the fact that he wanted to stay in bed.

Because she remembered that Lu Boyan had always kept a regular routine of work and rest, as well as on weekends, but today he actually… wanted to sleep more?

It seemed that he was really tired yesterday.

Therefore, Su Jianan did not move anymore, but stayed quietly in his arms and looked at him. He seemed to fall asleep again, which made her feel sleepy. She closed her eyes and fell asleep.

This time, they slept until eleven o’clock.

Lu Boyan woke up and found that the shade curtains could not even block the strong sunlight. With such strong light in the room, the girl in his arms still slept like a log. She grabbed his clothes with one hand and kept taking long breaths, like a sleepy pet.

For the first time in more than a decade, he woke up and fell asleep again for such a long time.

“Jianan, wake up.”

He shook Su Jianan’s shoulder gently, because it was late and they should have gotten up much earlier.

However, Su Jianan didn’t sleep enough, thus she woke up with dissatisfaction, opened her eyes and then closed them. Lu Boyan squeezed her face. “It’s at noon, wake up.”

“No…” Su Jianan buried her head deep into Lu Boyan’s chest like an ostrich, pretending to hear nothing and continued to sleep.

Then, Lu Boyan suddenly said, “Jianan, your b.u.t.ton is undone.”

Since she was wearing Lu Boyan’s s.h.i.+rt, so if the b.u.t.ton was undone…!

Su Jianan felt a thrill and became wide awake in an instant. She consciously looked down at her chest as soon as she opened her eyes—but the b.u.t.tons were fine.

She then realized how stupid she was, since Lu Boyan’s s.h.i.+rts were all tailor-made with the finest quality, that meant that a s.h.i.+rt of his could top her salary of a quarter, so how could the b.u.t.tons open so easily?

“Liar!” she pushed Lu Boyan with discontent, who was full of smiles. While she was about to leave the bed, she felt something strange. “Aren’t you curious about how did I end up in your bed and why am I wearing your clothes right now?”

“Didn’t you sleep in my bed yesterday?” Lu Boyan gave an irrelevant answer.

Su Jianan was speechless for a while. “You haven’t forgotten all about last night, have you?”

Lu Boyan then frowned. “How did I get back?”

He even forgot about this?!

Su Jianan goggled. “Did you also forget what happened after you came back?”

“What should I remember?” Lu Boyan looked at Su Jianan up and down, “Did we…?”

Su Jianan’s cheeks turned red because of embara.s.sment, and she pushed Lu Boyan hard. “What are you thinking, there’s nothing happened between us!”

“Do you feel disappointed?” Lu Boyan slightly grinned. “Because we still have time to make something happen.”

Su Jianan was stunned, while Lu Boyan had pressed her under his body. She tried to stop him with her hand but got her palm p.r.i.c.ked by his stubble on his chin. She smiled awkwardly. “Lu Boyan, your growing stubble makes you look… ugly.”

Lu Boyan was once again ridiculed by her, so he suddenly lifted her face and rubbed it with his chin, which caused her a lot of pain.

He must have done it on purpose!

Su Jianan was angry and dragged a pillow to hit Lu Boyan’s back while pus.h.i.+ng him with strength. “Lu Boyan!”

She was surprised by her strength and she actually pushed him away. However, he rolled over while holding her, thus they changed their position into—she pressing him.

Umm, why did it look like something unsuitable for children? Lu Boyan must have done it deliberately!

Su Jianan blushed, and hurriedly went out of bed, but her waist was buckled by Lu Boyan, thus she completely fell down on him.

Lu Boyan squinted his beautiful eyes. “Want to get out of this right after you taking advantage of me?”

It was obvious that the wicked was complaining!

Su Jianan had nothing to do at the moment so she goggled her pretty eyes. “What do you mean I take advantange of you! It was obviously you! Yesterday you… you… yesterday…” She just couldn’t say anything about last night.

Lu Boyan looked at her calmly and asked. “What about me yesterday?”

Su Jianan couldn’t tell but kept blus.h.i.+ng, it was like her white cheeks were filled with blood. Then she had to forcefully push Lu Boyan. “Rogue, let me go, I have to get up.”

“Let’s make it clear, what did I do to you yesterday?” Lu Boyan held her tightly. “Say it, I will be responsible to you.”

“Who wants you to be responsible?” Su Jianan tried to split his hands. “To tell you the truth. I’ve taken more advantage of you than you taking from me yesterday.”

Lu Boyan raised his eyebrows and tried to turn her over so that he could control her. Whilst Su Jianan escaped flexibly, only to find that Lu Boyan was almost overwhelmed by her. If it was seen by some unwitting people, then she could never explain the truth to them, and it would be reasonable for Lu Boyan to accuse her of taking advantage of him.

Her reputation must be turned into a bubble.

Thinking about it, Su Jianan’s little face grew redder. She picked up a pillow and threw it to Lu Boyan, and then quickly slipped out of the bed to the bathroom.

Lu Boyan was afraid that he couldn’t help doing something to her, so just let her go.

But after such a frolic, the bed was messy. The quilt was hanging on the bedside, and the pillows fell on the carpet. While Lu Boyan thinking about how to deal with it, the door was knocked, followed with Shen Yuechuan’s voice.

“It’s me.”

Lu Boyan got out of bed and opened the door. Shen Yuechuan stood outside the room and smiled very meaningfully. “It’s rare to see that you haven’t gotten out of the bed at a time like this.” Then he noticed the messy bed and the pillow that fell on the floor, and opened his mouth wide. “I see, understood. What a… happy life.”

Lu Boyan realized what Shen Yuechuan was talking about. So he looked down and took away the doc.u.ments in his hand. “Get out!”

“Pam—”, the door was slammed shut.

Shen Yuechuan felt really confused after being scolded just now. “Did I interrupt?”

Well if I did…

Shen Yuechuan had a chill on his back, and left right away, otherwise, he would have no chance to go.

In the bedroom.

Su Jianan heard the loud sound of the door closing, thus she dressed herself and ask curiously. “Who is that?”

“Shen Yuechuan. Wait a minute and we get downstairs together.”

Lu Boyan then went to the bathroom, so Su Jianan just responded to the door. She then took a look at the messy bed and willingly cleaned it away.

Since the servants of the house were all aware that they lived separately. She didn’t want them to misunderstand while they came up to clean the room.

When Lu Boyan came out of the bathroom, Su Jianan was folding a quilt.

His bed was very large, as well as his quilt. Therefore it was very difficult for Su Jianan to fold it from the mess they just made. Whilst Lu Boyan didn’t want to help at all, so he just leaned against the door and watched her doing it.

Because this was the most unique scenery that could only be seen by him.

Su Jianan sighed after she picked up the pillows on the floor and finished her cleaning, and she suddenly saw Lu Boyan calmly standing behind her.

She was scared to gasp. “What are you doing in here so quietly? Right, move away, I need to get my things together.”

Since Tang Yulan had left, so they didn’t have to act. Su Jianan lifted the storage basket into the bathroom and packed up her toiletries and clothes. “Well, shall we go downstairs?”

Lu Boyan took the storage basket in her hand. “Why weren’t you in a hurry when you moved in?”

Su Jianan groaned. “Because I don’t want to live in a room with you!”

Lu Boyan squinted coldly, which led Su Jianan consciously stopped to make a self-protection gesture. “Why? I’m not allowed to tell the truth? Lu Boyan, you look exactly like a child when you are drunk, and it’s troublesome. So you can’t get drunk from now on, or I’ll just ignore you.”

Lu Boyan suddenly looked down with his dark eyes, Su Jianan had no idea if he recalled anything…

She remembered the nightmare of Lu Boyan last night.

In fact, that moment made Lu Boyan more of a child, because she never heard his voice so helpless. Was he also so helpless when he lost his father at the age of 16?

Her lips quivered, the question almost plumped out, but still was swallowed back by her.

She couldn’t understand more about such feeling, because losing the loved ones was always a scar that had not healed at the bottom of the heart. And it was best not to touch it easily by somebody else. If he wanted her to know, he would talk one day.

But the situation between them was so delicate, thus she was afraid that… he would never talk to her about it.

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