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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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There were more and more guests in the hotel.

In it, three to five men in business suits and shoes stood together with delicate gla.s.ses of wine, talking about stocks and companies smilingly. Some elegant young ladies gathered together to talk about bags and cosmetics. As their conversation went on, they started to talk about which single man present had the most gentlemanly behavior and dress and which man was the best one to be their boyfriend.

“After Lu Boyan got married, Su Yicheng is the only eligible bachelor who is as handsome and rich as Lu Boyan,” Someone said, “I don’t know which woman can make him fall for her.”

“Anyway, it will not be Luo Xiaoxi!” Someone immediately said, “If Luo Xiaoxi can do that, she would not have made a fool of herself so many times.”

Those young ladies laughed at Luo Xiaoxi at the same time with contempt and disdain.

Luo Xiaoxi was very beautiful, and she could obviously be a queen adored by many people, but she had pursued Su Yicheng so determinedly for more than ten years, which brought shame to her family. She probably did not know how the people in her circle made fun of her in private— they said that she was shameless and described her as a b**ch. Those were not even the harshest words they had said about her.

Su Jianan happened to hear what those ladies had said, and she looked at them coldly, angry and sad.

These “polite” young ladies thought that they knew Luo Xiaoxi, but in fact, Luo Xiaoxi knew very well how they talked about her. She didn’t quarrel with them because she did not care about others’ views and comments.

Otherwise, she would have already punished them and made them not dare to talk about her anymore.

Perhaps because Su Jianan’s sight was so cold, soon, someone noticed her and Lu Boyan. Everyone knew that Su Jianan had a good relations.h.i.+p with Luo Xiaoxi, so, the gossiping girls shut up and went away.

There was a moment when Su Jianan wanted to stop them and scold them for Luo Xiaoxi, but she gave up in the end.

She had two reasons. One was that she was the hostess of the ceremony and couldn’t do anything to them at this time. The other reason was that if those girls should be punished, Luo Xiaoxi would have more ways to torture them than her.

It was the first time that Lu Boyan had seen this kind of cold gaze from Su Jianan’s beautiful eyes, and finally, he knew why she was nicknamed “Little Monster”. He said to her, “If you don’t like to see them, I will have them removed from here.”

Su Jianan shook her head. “Forget it, it is not right.” Although Lu Boyan didn’t care to be impolite, she cared. “Moreover, everyone has a right to speak.”

As her words fell, someone walked towards them with a smile.

Lu Boyan was the host of this evening banquet, so, his subordinates and guests naturally came to greet him. Su Jianan almost did not know anyone of those people. However, with Lu Boyan’s introduction, these people greeted her like familiar friends who she had known for a long time. She smiled and greeted them while she kept their name in her mind silently so that she would not be blamed the next time for not recognizing them.

This was the first time she had dealt with people so hard in her life. After half an hour, she was a little tired. Lu Boyan noticed that she was very tired and said to her, “How about you go to find Xiaoxi and your brother?”

Su Jianan felt very surprised. “Can you deal with these by yourself?”

“Just deal with a few people, why can’t I?” Lu Boyan took the champagne gla.s.s in her hand. “I will see you later.”

Su Jianan really wanted to go away, but Luo Xiaoxi and Su Yicheng needed to be alone, and if she left Lu Boyan here alone…

She took Lu Boyan’s hand eventually and said, “I will stay here with you. You said that I needed to get used to it as soon as possible, so, I will just take these as practice.”

Although she felt very tired, she still smiled brightly. There was tenderness in Lu Boyan’s eyes, and he smiled and handed a gla.s.s of juice to her. “Don’t drink wine anymore.”

Su Jianan received the juice and continued to accompany Lu Boyan to greet other guests.

In fact, Su Yicheng did not like to take part in useless social activities either. He avoided the crowd and stayed in a quiet corner. Luo Xiaoxi followed behind him like a follower.

She held a thin plate with some fruit salad and meat on it, enjoying them while looking around the hall. She not only saw a famous host and an international movie star but also saw some big leaders of the industries, each of whom had a great number of a.s.sets. She could not help saying, “d.a.m.n, Lu Boyan is really great. No wonder people said that the anniversary celebration of Lu Enterprises was a big gathering of rich people.”

Su Yicheng looked back at her coldly. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Why do you look at me?… Oh, I said a rude word. Sorry, I can’t change that.” Then she sent a piece of beef into her mouth.

Su Yicheng certainly knew that Luo Xiaoxi couldn’t change her habit of swearing, and he stared at the plate in her hands while asking, “Are you very hungry?” Luo Xiaoxi had been eating all the time and did not stop for a second.

Luo Xiaoxi shook her head. “I’m not hungry. I just want to eat meat.” She wanted to cry when she said that. “You don’t know, now my company controls my diet strictly. I only have vegetables, fruits, coa.r.s.e grains and non-fat milk for my every meal. Sometimes, my agent will kindly allow me to eat one piece of chicken breast in the morning. I have to record my weight every morning, and as long as I’m heavier than 50 kg, they will cancel my contract. You don’t know what kind of hard life I’m living.”

“Since you feel so hard, why do you still want to be a model?” Su Yicheng said, “Go back to inherit Luo Enterprise. It is much easier for you than being a model, and there won’t be anybody who dares to control you.”

“You don’t understand.” Luo Xiaoxi ate a piece of beef. “I hate sitting in the office and working from nine o’clock in the morning to five o’clock in the afternoon.” “Well, I know that you love the women who can match you in business when putting on their outfits and can satisfy you on the bed when taking off their clothes, right? I’ll not become that kind of woman, and I’ll be a model. I’ll be glittering on the fas.h.i.+on week, making you know that women can be s.e.xy in another way.”

Su Yicheng sneered at her and teased her. “Your company only controls your weight, but I think they also need to change your manners.”

“Hey! There’s no problem with my manners!” Luo Xiaoxi said with disdain and took a cup of colorful c.o.c.ktails and sipped it. “Do you really think that all your ex-girlfriends in lace dresses who flirted with you, smiled without showing their teeth, and blushed at the sight of a man were really so well-behaved? You should see how they get angry and abuse their subordinates when they’re not around you.”

Lu Boyan said faintly, “They look better than you even when they behave improperly.”

Luo Xiaoxi smiled and said, “I know I’ve been pestering you for years and you’re tired of it. I have a solution for you: you can find a woman and get married. If you get married, I promise I’ll never appear in front of you again, and I won’t even talk to you unless it’s necessary.”

When she stopped speaking, someone called her name. “Xiaoxi!”

Following the voice, she saw Qin Wei.

Qin Wei stood not far away from them in a dark blue suit and looked like a roguish, wicked young gentleman, but his smile was as warm as the sun. Luo Xiaoxi’s eyes were bright when she saw him.

She usually met Qin Wei in the spare time, and he was either in a casual suit or fancy clothes of luxury brands. It was the first time she had seen him dressed so formally.

He looked like a gentleman when dressing like this, she thought.

Luo Xiaoxi put down the plate and completely ignored Su Yicheng. She walked over to Qin Wei with a smile and patted his shoulder. “You look great today. It’s easy for you to win innocent girls’ favor with your look.”

Qin Wei looked up and down at Luo Xiaoxi. “You are the most beautiful girl tonight in my eyes, and I just want to capture your heart.”

Luo Xiaoxi had always felt at ease to accept this kind of euphemistic or frank praise. She smiled and said, “Unfortunately, my heart has been captured by another person, and if I can get it back, I will definitely give it to you!”

Qin Wei shook his head and sighed. “It’s really unfair. I didn’t bring any female companion with me purposely in order to be your male companion at a crucial time.”

Luo Xiaoxi thought about it for a while. Su Yicheng did not bring any female companion with him tonight. She didn’t know whether it was because of her previous threats. She smiled apologetically to Qin Wei and said, “You’d better take your time to find a beautiful woman for company.”

Luo Xiaoxi didn’t know that at this moment, Su Yicheng was watching her and Qin Wei and thought that they were acting too close.

Su Yicheng suddenly recalled what Luo Xiaoxi said to him just now. “If you get married, I promise I’ll never appear in front of you again, and I won’t even say a word to you unless it’s necessary.”

“Did she mean that she will talk to other men smilingly and ignore my presence no matter how much she loves me just like what she is doing now?”

Luo Xiaoxi was not a person who would force herself to do something. She would always do what she said. Giving up him might be an easy thing to her.

Su Yicheng suddenly smiled coldly, put down the gla.s.s of wine, and sent a message to Zhang Mei.

On the other side, Su Jianan had forgotten how many times she had said “h.e.l.lo” and “Nice to meet you” to others this evening. She felt that she had already greeted everyone present. Everyone’s face was both strange and familiar to her. Lu Boyan took her to a room on the 10th floor, and she was relieved finally.

She tidied her dress and sat down on the couch. “Will anyone come in? I want to take off my heels…”

She always wore a pair of canvas shoes when she was a student. After she got a job, she always wore a pair of flat shoes in order to drive a car and walk more conveniently. Now she was wearing a pair of 10cm high heels on her feet, which were really tiring.

Lu Boyan spotted her pitiful look and squatted down before her. When she was wondering what Lu Boyan wanted to do, he had already taken off her high heels and turned around the shoes to lay her feet on them.

He did all these so naturally as if he had always been so considerate and had not been a neat freak.

Su Jianan was blushed and moved.

Su Yicheng was also very kind to her, but he loved her and took care of her as her elder brother. He made her feel the warmth of family. However, Lu Boyan was so… considerate to her.

This meticulous care was like a spoonful of honey in her heart. The subtle sweetness seeped from the bottom of her heart little by little to the corner of her eyes and eyebrows. She not only forgot how tired her feet were but also found it not so annoying to engage in social activities.

In that sweetness, Su Jianan did not notice who came downstairs at that time and didn’t know that this person’s arrival would cause a great uproar among them.

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