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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan got through the cameras and reporters finally, and she felt relieved but still asked Lu Boyan with fears, “Is it your routine to deal with the media?”

“Sometimes, it is necessary to face the media,” Lu Boyan answered. “You have to be used to it as soon as possible.”

Su Jianan shrank her shoulders and muttered, “I… I’m afraid of cameras.”

“You are afraid of cameras?” Lu Boyan frowned. “If I remember correctly, there are professional DSLR and cameras in your room, and according to your brother’s words, you have won a prize for photography in university.”

“In fact, medical examiners have a better skill in photographing than ordinary people because we have to take photos of the crime scenes, the corpses, and the proof… If a medical examiner happens to love photography, it’s normal for them to possess professional photographic equipment. However, it is only like that: we take photos of others and we won’t be taken one.”

She had always been a photographer and not an object being photographed. Today, many journalists carried cameras to ask them questions about her and Lu Boyan, which was so excruciating.

Maybe it would take her a lifetime to act as natural as Lu Boyan when facing them.

She looked so shy and was like a prudent rabbit which saw this prosperous world for the first time. Lu Boyan sighed in secret. “Follow me and don’t run away if you’re scared.”

Su Jianan’s eyes were brightened— “Oh! I could just follow Lu Boyan. He’s able to handle them.”

A big smile appeared on her face, and she held Lu Boyan’s hand obediently.

Lu Boyan took her to see the layout of the party.

The arrangement of the scene had been decided by Su Jianan in the end. She had modified many details on the original plan, so, she was very familiar with the arrangements on the spot. Walking around, Su Jianan could not help but ask Lu Boyan, “Mr. Lu, how is your wife’s design? Are you satisfied with the outcome?”

Compared with the grand wine parties held by Lu Enterprises in the past, the layout of this ceremony was more decent and open, formal but not serious. Obviously, many considerate thoughts had been put in it, including the perfect details and the placement of the flowers.

It was the style that Su Jianan preferred. Lu Boyan raised his lips satisfactorily. “I didn’t realize that you possess a flair for arrangement. Then, I’ll leave you to take charge of all the schemes of this kind of Lu Enterprises.”

Su Jianan said helplessly, “I am not your staff.”

“If you want to work here, you can get a position you like in Lu Enterprises.”

There seemed to be an indistinct smile in the deep of his eyes as if one would be lost in his eyes after their eyes met his. His magnetic voice sounded like an alluring whirlpool that could make one nod obediently at him and finally fall into his trap.

Su Jianan just blinked. “I have a position in Lu Enterprises— Mrs. President.”

Humph, her immunity to him strengthened a little after getting along with him for a long time.

Hearing the words, Lu Boyan was surprised for a second and laughed. He looked at the time, and it was twenty past seven.

All the staff in the company and the senior leaders of branches had shown up. The hotel was filled with guests in decent business suits and beautiful dresses, and slender waiters and waitresses carried trays in their hands while walking back and forth in crowds. The hotel became bustling gradually.

A few moments later, Su Yicheng also arrived.

He was another Princess Charming other than Lu Boyan in many gentlewomen’s eyes. The moment he came, many single ladies were zealous and peeked him shyly.

G.o.d had given Su Yicheng a handsome appearance as well as an elegant figure. His shoulders were wide, and his legs were long. Besides, he was always gentle and calm, and his charm as a mature man was embodied in his every movement.

Today, he looked handsome, tall, and imposing in a gray business suit in Euro style.

Su Jianan gasped in admiration. “No wonder that Xiaoxi has loved my brother intently during these years. I will also fall in love with him if I were not his sister.”

The grip on her waist was tightened before she could finish her words. She fell into Lu Boyan’s arms and looked at him in shock. She was suddenly aware that they were so close to each other.

His warm breath fell on her face as he said, “It’s a pity that you are brother and sister.”

Su Jianan felt itching at the place where his breath had touched, and she touched her face unnaturally and struggled. “Let me go, there are so many people, and they will misunderstand.”

Lu Boyan asked her out of interest, “What will they misunderstand? They will only think that we have a close and intimate relations.h.i.+p.”

Su Jianan felt embarra.s.sed. “Lu Boyan, are you jealous? Okay, to be honest, I’ve loved my brother since I was a child, and that happened even earlier than when Xiaoxi fell in love with my brother.”

She admitted that she said that on purpose.

Lu Boyan squinted his eyes threateningly, but he refused to be defeated by Su Jianan. “What kind of love?”

Su Jianan glimpsed that Su Yicheng was coming to them, and her face blushed. She struggled while saying, “Let me go.”

Lu Boyan tightened the grip on her and said, “You must tell me, otherwise—” He stared at her chubby and rosy lips and smiled ambiguously.

Su Jianan had seen him look at her like that many times before, and her scalp was numb. She had to deal with it by herself. “Just… the affection between sister and brother, just this!”

Lu Boyan raised his lips with satisfaction and let go of her hand eventually. At this time, Su Yicheng walked over to them.

When Su Yicheng entered the hall, he saw them happily together, but he didn’t point it out and just looked at Su Jianan carefully and admired her. “My sister is so beautiful.” Then he turned to Lu Boyan. “I regret that I have allowed you to marry Jianan so easily.”

Lu Boyan raised his lips and said, “It’s too late. Now, all the people in the world know that she is my wife.”

Su Yicheng sighed. “Jianan, I was not considerate to you. At that time, I should have this man pursue you until you agree to marry him.”

Su Jianan’s blushed face turned even redder, and she did not know what to say.

Su Yicheng smiled, patting her head. “Maybe he would fail to woo you. There were many excellent men professing their love to you outside your dormitory with a bouquet, such as the young master of the Zhou Family, but, you refused him, didn’t you?”

Su Jianan was speechless. “My brother said that on purpose.”

Lu Boyan put his hand on her waist, closed to her ear, and asked slightly, “Has Zhou Nianbo of the Zhou Family pursued you?”

Su Jianan coughed before answering, “I… I forgot about it. Brother, where is your chaperone?” She changed the topic rapidly.

“She will come to me if she gets here.”

Su Yicheng knew what Su Jianan wanted to know from him, but he didn’t mention it to her. Just like before when he came across her and Lu Boyan in the restaurant, no matter how she tried to coax him, he just did not disclose anything to her.

Su Jianan was anxious. “Who is she? Your secretary Zhang Mei?”

Su Yicheng grinned enigmatically. “You will know when she arrives.”

“…” Su Jianan realized that Su Yicheng said that on purpose, and she mumbled. “Anyway, Xiaoxi will get here soon.”

As soon as she finished her words, a turmoil happened among the men at the doorway. In the direction of the sound, Su Jianan saw a charming red figure enter the hall.

Sure enough, it was Luo Xiaoxi.

She had the same aura as before. In a red skintight dress, her charming figure was perfectly shown in front of others, her slim and straight legs were exposed in the air, her exquisite skin was full of seductive l.u.s.ter as jades, and her long enchanting curls made her s.e.xier.

She was tall, but she was still on eight-centimeter heels that day. As for the adventurous design of the heels, she fitted it even better than models. As what men would describe her, she looked like a s.e.xy kitten.

In fact, Su Yicheng had no interest in sw.a.n.king women, but Luo Xiaoxi was that kind of woman and she never wanted to change herself.

When she smiled, she looked like a coquettish young girl and could enchant almost everyone. Those men who came alone were prepared to chat with her after seeing her alone, but she walked straight to Su Yicheng.

After taking a casual look around Su Yicheng, she asked him, “Didn’t Zhang Mei come with you? That’s right, today, no one can match you except me.”

Su Jianan held Lu Boyan’s hand, and Lu Boyan was clear about what she meant, so, he left with her after telling Su Yicheng that they had to greet other guests.

“How were you acquainted with Luo Xiaoxi?” Lu Boyan asked Su Jianan.

“When we were in high school, she suddenly came to me one day and said that she wanted to make friends with me.” Su Jianan couldn’t help laughing when she recalled it. “At first, I ignored her, but we became friends afterward because she was special. Finally, I got to know that she just wanted to be with my brother through me. But strangely, I wasn’t mad at her and helped her.”

Thinking it over now, Su Jianan realized that she had decided to be Luo Xiaoxi’s good friend because she admired her courage and frankness.

It was at that time when she realized that she fell in love with Lu Boyan, but she just kept this secret carefully. Different from her, Luo Xiaoxi chased what she liked. Regardless of her being six years younger than Su Yicheng, regardless of what others thought about her, how excellent she was, or how many pursuers she had, she just followed her heart and kept it so for so many years.

“Why did you ask me this?” Su Jianan also threw a question to him curiously.

“Luo Xiaoxi has an inborn talent of being a model,” Lu Boyan replied, “As long as she plans her way properly, she will be popular and famous soon.”

“The only difference between her and a playboy is that she is a girl,” Su Jianan said, “and I can tell that she wants to be a model heartily.” “Lu Boyan, given a chance, can you help her?”

“It’s unnecessary.” Lu Boyan took two of champagne from the tray in a waiter’s hand and handed one of them to Su Jianan. “Once she is on the stage, she will s.h.i.+ne by her own light.”

It was true that from high school to the university abroad, Luo Xiaoxi had been under the spotlight all the time in all kinds of parties and activities. She could attract people’s attention wherever she went, and many boys had confessed their affection bravely to her although she refused them directly and told them that she had a crush on somebody else. Then, she would ask them to be her best buddies.

As a result, after over ten years in school, Luo Xiaoxi had more male friends than female friends.

Su Jianan nodded. “It’s great if she can be famous, then my brother may make her his girlfriend if he feels jealous.”

Lu Boyan lifted his lips— “Even if Luo Xiaoxi fails to be a celebrity, I’ll invest a large amount of my property to help her be a star. Anyhow, Su Yicheng must feel what I felt before.”

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