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A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu

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Su Jianan suddenly ran into an embracing couple when she walked out of the washroom after was.h.i.+ng her hands.

It was the popular actress Han Ruoxi and Lu Boyan, the CEO of Lu Enterprises.

She quickly hid behind a wall and stuck her head out to peek at them, interested in the gossip.

“I heard that she is a medical examiner, how is she suitable for you?”

Han Ruoxi stared at Lu Boyan. His exquisite and beautiful face was calm, but her narrowed pupils betrayed her heartache.

Su Jianan pouted, what was wrong with being a medical examiner? It was also a cool job!

Lu Boyan’s handsome face was devoid of expression. He said, “I will divorce her two years later.”

He was still going to marry that woman.

A bitter smile appeared on Han Ruoxi’s lips. “I understand,” she said.

She put on her sungla.s.ses and turned to walk away elegantly. Lu Boyan also turned towards his private room with long strides.

Su Jianan only emerged from the corner casually then. She blinked and wondered to herself, “The two of them are indeed a couple, aren’t they?”

There were rumors of Han Ruoxuan and Lu Boyan dating from time to time since she had become famous overnight. However, they had never admitted to having a relations.h.i.+p nor had they refuted the rumors. Everyone was itching to know.

How much money would she get if she leaked this information to the gossip magazines?

Su Jianan thought about this as she returned to her private room. She saw Lu Boyan again when she pushed open the door.

She had to admit, that this man was really blessed by G.o.d. He had a pair of deep-set eyes, a tall and straight nose bridge, and lips that were so thin as if they were whittled by a knife. It was extremely s.e.xy and charming… His features looked as if they had been sculpted by the best artist who had devoted his entire life and soul to it. They were perfect and flawless.

His profile was much more distinct than the average Asian. He emanated rigidness and frost, and together with his aura that repelled strangers and his elegant disposition; he seemed n.o.ble and charming, and yet, distant and indifferent.

No wonder a successful and proud woman like Han Ruoxi would fall for him.

Tang Yulan patted her son’s hand lightly when she saw Su Jianan returning. She said, “Boyan, look at Jianan, she’s gotten even more beautiful after 10 years.”

Lu Boyan glanced at Su Jianan indifferently. His lips curled up, but his intentions were unclear.

Su Jianan touched the tip of her nose and smiled politely. She returned to her seat beside her brother, Su Yicheng.

She bit her chopsticks and thought of the scene she peeped at. She suddenly realized something—she had forgotten to take a picture. The magazine would at most give her a hundred dollars for her information. Sobs…

Su Yicheng prodded Su Jianan’s hand and said, “This is your wedding dinner, behave yourself.”

Su Jianan would have felt as if she was in an out-of-body experience if Su Yicheng had not said anything. She was the medical examiner that Han Ruoxi talked about. She was going to marry Lu Boyan tomorrow.

And a few minutes ago, she had witnessed Lu Boyan with his rumored girlfriend together after going to the restroom. There, he promised Han Ruoxi that he would divorce Su Jianan.

The beginning of her marriage was really… unique.

Tang Yulan knew that Lu Boyan and Su Jianan had not met in 14 years, and would naturally feel distant. She wanted to give them some time together and said, “Jianan, we already booked the presidential suite for you two. Stay here tonight and discuss the wedding registration tomorrow. Yicheng, I have to trouble you to send me home.”

Su Yicheng could read between the lines, and he pulled out Tang Yulan’s chair in a gentlemanly manner. He said, “Boyan, you don’t have to come out with us. I will send Auntie Tang home safely.”

Su Yicheng was handsome and his manners emanated a sense of maturity and stability. He spoke at an unhurried pace and had an elegant and n.o.ble disposition. In Su Jianan’s heart, he was the best and most reliable man in the world. She certainly trusted him to send Tang Yulan home.

However, was she going to start spending time alone with Lu Boyan now?

Tang Yulan patted Su Jianan’s hand lightly. She said, “Jianan, don’t be nervous. It’s not as if you and Boyan don’t know each other.”

Su Jianan smiled dryly.

She had met Lu Boyan when she was 10. They had never met again until today after Lu Boyan went abroad. 14 years had already pa.s.sed since then.

This must be the most unfamiliar familiarity in the world.

Tang Yulan said earnestly, “Chat well, both of you. You’ll be husband and wife tomorrow and will spend the rest of your lives together. Boyan, take good care of Jianan.”

Then, Tang Yulan and Su Yicheng left, leaving behind Lu Boyan and Su Jianan in the private room.

Su Jianan thought of the promise Lu Boyan made to Han Ruoxi. He would divorce her two years later.

“Can she and Lu Boyan spend the rest of their lives together? Hmm, that’s rather impossible…”

The two of them did not say anything and silence slowly permeated the room.

“Why did you agree to marry me?”

There was a slight pause before Lu Boyan’s cold voice sounded.

“Oh?” Su Jianan was startled. “Didn’t Auntie Tang tell you? My dad wanted to kidnap me to threaten my brother, so she wants me to marry you. At least once I’m Mrs. Lu, my dad wouldn’t dare to do anything against me so easily.” In this case, Su Yicheng would be able to do what he wanted to.

Was this reason sufficient? As for the true reason… There did not seem to be a need to tell Lu Boyan about it. She would not let anyone know about it as well.

“Go to the room with me.” Lu Boyan ordered coldly.

Su Jianan paused and asked subconsciously, “Go to the room for what?”

Lu Boyan’s lips curled up and he replied. “What do you think can we do in the room?”

His attractive baritone seemed to have been altered with special effects. It was extremely enchanting, flirtatious and seemed full of meaning.

Su Jianan embraced the wind and joined the chaos.

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