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Witch: Accumulate Experience Through The Knight Breathing Technique

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Chapter 305: Blood Beast Breakthrough, Third Special Effect, Thousand Faces! (1)

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On the sea.

A pitch-black mist cave opened and spat out a figure.

Levi landed on the sea and used Perception to scan his surroundings.

The Dragon King Whale Leviathan, which he had arranged to be on standby in the Deep Sea, quickly returned to the surface after sensing Levi’s appearance and carried him.

Levi rested on the back of the Dragon King Whale to replenish his strength.

On the surface of the sea, almost all the surviving members of the Magus organizations had come out.

Levi roughly estimated that about a third of the people had died. The death rate was far higher than when they explored the Black Fog Realm.

Most of these people died from killing each other and monster attacks. The rest were basically the masterpieces of Levi and Whale Song Island.

After consuming the Sacred Blood Potion, Levi’s injuries had lessened significantly and did not delay his battle anymore.

As for the remaining hidden illnesses, he had to go back and slowly recuperate.

After resting for a while, Levi planned to leave on the Dragon King Whale


Since Gagley was not there, he must have left long ago.

The Star Tower’s law enforcer was nowhere to be seen.

Two people from Sighing Sea Breeze had actually died.

Judging from the expressions of these people, they should have gained quite a lot.

Docket looked at Levi, who appeared safe and sound, with a slightly shocked expression.

He did not expect Levi to come out alone.

He guessed that Levi had probably wandered around the outer area and did not go deep into the inner area. He must not have gained anything.

Otherwise, it was indeed unbelievable that he could kill his way out of the inner area alone.

Including the Fist of the Empire, they had the combat power of two official wizards, but they had also encountered many dangers.

One of them even encountered people from Whale Song Island and Undead Ship. If not for the hidden trump card, Fist of the Empire, he felt that his team might have been wiped out.

The exploration of the Shadow Realm this time was different from the past. A dark wizard organization like Undead Ship had actually infiltrated it.

Docket smelled a conspiracy. He planned to report the situation here to Island Master Sage Mason when he returned.

The Fist of the Empire looked at Levi who was about to leave. Suddenly, he caught up and shouted, “Sir Levi, please wait.”

Levi’s expression was calm. He thought that he didn’t seem to be familiar with the Fist of the Empire. Could it be that he had discovered that he had killed his father-in-law?

He stopped and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Levi was no longer afraid of the Fist of the Empire.

With his strength, he could be said to have crushed the Fist of the Empire.

After all, he was a man who could still jump around after taking two hits from the second-circle Nightmare Knight.

“Nothing. I just heard that you’re also a legendary knight. I’m itching to find an opportunity to spar with you,” said the Fist of the Empire.

“Sorry, I’m not interested in sparring,” Levi said.

The Fist of the Empire seemed to have expected this.

His emotions did not fluctuate. He only said that if Levi was interested, he could look for him at the Sighing Sea Breeze at any time.

He would wait for Levi there.

Moreover, he seemed to be able to tell that Levi was an expert in swordsmanship. He even said that he had inherited a powerful sword skill from a legendary knight.

He felt that Levi would be very interested.

The Fist of the Empire did not use swords and did not have any talent in the way of the sword so that sword skill was useless to him.

Therefore, he made a promise to Levi. If Levi could spar with him on the path of a knight, he would give this sword skill to Levi for free as a form of friendship.

He knew the legendary knight mentioned by the Fist of the Empire.

There was a high chance that it was Golden Knight Gregor, he had indeed obtained the treasures of Golden Knight Gregor like the rumors said.

The sword skill he was talking about was undoubtedly his Golden Cross Slash.

“Could it be that the Golden Cross Slash that Fred obtained is incomplete? Every time I feel that I can comprehend the Supreme Spin, I’m always one step away.”

Levi felt that since that was the case.

After he recovered from his injuries, he could spar with the Fist of the Empire.

In any case, regardless of whether he won or lost, the other party would give him the sword skill.

Even if the other party did not give it to him, he would not lose anything.

Levi rode on the Dragon King Whale and rushed towards the Gray Tower.

What Whale Song Island did in the Shadow Realm made Levi feel like a storm was coming. He had to become an official wizard as soon as possible.

Although Whale Song Island was the local overlord of this sea area, a mere Third-Circle Wizard organization was nothing in the entire Endless Sea.

Although the Pan-Plane Wizard Council would not hold them accountable, their actions would definitely incur the wrath of the public.

If Whale Song Island dared to do this, they definitely had something to rely on.

Furthermore, Undead Ship and Whale Song Island were actually secretly colluding.

Levi had already thought of this possibility, but when he saw it with his own eyes, he still did not understand.

The Pan-Plane Wizard Council was a super wizard organization that spanned many factions and even planes. It was the creator of the rules and order of the Wizard World today, and it had the support of Legendary Wizards comparable to God-like existences.

All the actions of Whale Song Island seemed to be secretly defying the rules of the Pan-Plane Wizard Council..

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