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Chapter 4: Awakening!

Nina started ruffling Eren’s hair again in her embrace while being engrossed in those thoughts. Therefore she didn’t realize that Eren’s hands had landed on their intended targets ever-so-covertly this time!

Eren had finally accepted that he had travelled back in time. He didn’t know how did he do that. But he didn’t care. He had died with regrets and so many lost opportunities that he would cry for hours if he starts remembering them. There were also some scores to settle with some people he will be meeting in the future.

Eren’s old age had made him bitter and cynical about life. He had been taught the hard way by his previously long yet arduous life that every person, man and woman, had multiple sides and shades to them.

So there’s no use thinking about right and wrong. Life has to be lived to its fullest. If a person is shackled by society’s norms, kingdom’s rules, and ethics about rights and wrongs, they’ll never be able to grasp what life had in store from them completely.

To get the most out of every single day and every single moment, you need to be selfish enough to cunningly, forcefully grab onto whatever can help you grow and prosper. That was the true meaning of life. To secure more things, more experiences for yourself before the angel of death came knocking on your doors.

Anything was possible as long as you had time, resources, and planning. You need to be brave enough to break the rules and use them to your advantage. Everything was fair when you walk the path of achieving your goals at whatever cost.

You have to suffer. The people around you would be hurt. There would be a chance of making enemies out of friends. And in the end, you might fail. But all that doesn’t matter as long as you keep on walking towards your goals.

The moment you stop is the moment the repercussions would weigh on you. So it was better to keep on walking and stepping over whatever obstacles come in your way. The best remedy to a hangover was to never stop drinking!

And if people objected to the way of your life? Let them talk, counter them, or simply make them shut up by eliminating them. Their version of reality will always be different from yours. You are not supposed to allow them to spoil your reality.

What about heaven or h.e.l.l? These were just concepts people make you wear those shackles willingly. It was such a farce! Like a lamb selected for slaughter drinking water of its initiative to make it easy for the slaughterer to cut its neck.

A long life can teach you a lot. It can make you open your eyes to so many obvious truths that were hiding in plain sight.

With this new lease on life, Eren would not live the life he had previously lived. He had been slapped hard to wakefulness. He had so many experiences. Eren needed to put them to the right use. He’ll make sure that he lives his new life to its fullest. He won’t run away from hard work anymore. It was required to set a new foundation for a better life. He had already experienced what the bottom of the barrel feels like. Now he wanted to explore the sky beyond the skies.

With such pa.s.sionate thought running through his brain, Eren got excited and clenched his fists that attested to his resolve. What he had also forgotten like aunt Nina was that his palms were on aunt Nina’s posterior. When he clenched his hands to make a fist, he unknowingly grabbed Nina’s but*s hard.

Eren had an electrical jolt run through his psyche. He had grabbed a lot of ‘buns’ in his previous life. But nothing had made him this excited. He remembers he didn’t know a lot about the ‘birds and the bees’ back when he was at this age.

Eren had remained aloof from girls of his age in his teens years. Mostly because he had a crush on his aunt Nina. So he didn’t find the teen girls attractive at all. He was a recluse by nature anyway. And he didn’t make any friends with whom he would discuss such stuff and more. Therefore, Eren had his first ‘awakening’ much later in life. He was a late bloomer.

Experiencing a second chance in life and meeting with aunt Nina already had him on the edge. So when he felt, the softness of those buns with his hands, Eren had the 2nd first awakening of his life.

Aunt Nina was caught off guard. The previous conversation was too intense for Nina to react quickly or get angry at Eren. She too felt something in her, an urge that hasn’t been satisfied for so long.

But Nina had to separate from Eren now. He was just a teenager whose body must be pumping hormones through his veins on overload without him knowing what’s happening to him. Taking into account Eren’s seemingly feeble mental condition, she decided to take a lighter approach while doing that:

“What are you doing little rat? If you do this to other girls in the academy without their consent, you would land in huge trouble, you know that right?”

Nina giggled at Eren and ruffled his hair some more while saying this. But she didn’t get any reply from him. So she looked at Eren who was looking down at something with a surprised look. She followed his gaze and understood what had happened.

Eren had his very first b.o.n.e.r it seemed.

Because of her.

Nina felt a c.o.c.ktail of emotions at that time. She felt funny looking at Eren’s reaction. Felt a little guilty about not telling him about this stuff beforehand. Felt not-so-okay with awakening a teen boy she considered to be her kin. And finally, felt a little proud of herself about making an oblivious teen so excited with just her hug.

Nina felt it was about time she and Eren had a ‘talk’. She felt a little awkward talking about this stuff with Eren. But she had to do it. There was no male in the house. Eren was a recluse and didn’t have any friends. And he was about to go to the academy. It would be better if he knows these things beforehand. Lest he commits any crime and gets into trouble later on.

She couldn’t help ask Eren while chuckling:

“Little rat, you look shocked to the bone. Do you know what that is”?

Eren on the other hand didn’t know what to say.

He wasn’t shocked because he had a b.o.n.e.r.

Eren was shocked because of how early it was for him to have a b.o.n.e.r compared to his previous life. He was shocked because he understood the possibilities of having his b.o.n.e.r would entail this early in his plans.

Eren heard what aunt Nina was asking him. She had misunderstood his excitement for an unexpected gain for a genuine lack of knowledge. But this was a chance. A chance to get closer to Nina. He decided to play along. He took some more time before replying hesitatingly:

“This… this is some kind of deformity. I feel like peeing and yet I can’t pee. Something’s wrong with me aunt Nina. You must have some medicine for this ailment lying in here somewhere, right?”

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