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Vile Evil Hides Under The Veil

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Chapter 1: Eren Idril


An ear-piercing cry echoed through an untamed wilderness, away from the touches of civilization.

“Just bite my head off you dumb beast and end my d.a.m.n life. Why are you chewing on my reaped arm where the least amount of meat is?”

Eren complained to his killer because he was dying slowly. The least this stupid beast could do was kill him first before making a buffet out of him.

But Eren was used to having the s.h.i.+ttiest of lucks his entire life anyway. This didn’t come as a shock to him.

Eren could have easily handled a D Rank beast. But that was in the past when he was young. He had attended a prestigious academy famous for giving stellar hunters and adventurers to the kingdom, after all.

But between his over-indulgent life and his lack of will to take risks, Eren couldn’t grow further beyond a minor D Rank berserker. When he realized his past mistakes, his joints were creaking and his hair had receded further back, almost making him bald.

And now due to the curse of old age, a pathetic D-Rank beast had turned into his grim-reaper.

Eren didn’t want to come to this d.a.m.n place and meet his eventual slayer but he didn’t have a choice.

He was injured due to his last hunt. But he was running low on cash and there was no other source of income for him other than hunting the beasts and selling them in the city’s market.

The old adventurer was going to get kicked out of the city if he couldn’t find money to pay the monthly city tax for next month. The situation had forced him to come here, only to die by the beast’s maw.

Eren observed that the wolf-like beast was not chewing his ripped hand anymore when he was done reflecting on his past life. It was all bones now. It had moved his attention to the rest of Eren’s body.

Eren only wished for a swift death at this point. That’s why he had raised his head upwards, hoping the beast would target it first.

But the beast didn’t like to be led by the nose it seems. It completely ignored Eren’s head and attacked his prey’s most vulnerable spot: his groin.

Eren was first shocked, then scared before finally feeling unrestricted wrath towards this beast. It could have enjoyed eating its prey in silence. But it had to just mess with him before finally killing him.

Eren tried his hardest to make the beast change its target but it was of no avail. It was like the beast had found some kind of elixir at the place of his groins.

And finally, the unthinkable happened. The beast had bitten off Eren’s little beast. He was chewing on it and Eren was sure it was laughing at it.

Eren couldn’t control the pain. He just took an old gem necklace he was wearing at the time and bit on it to control the pain.

Eren had bought that necklace on a whim while he was drunk, from a p.a.w.n shop. Part of the reason he ran out of money was this uncalled-for purchase.

When he realized his mistake after getting sobered up, Eren had gone to the p.a.w.nshop to return the necklace. But unsurprisingly, the shop wouldn’t buy back the item they had already sold. It was obvious they had succeeded in making a fool out of Eren that day.

Eren could only start wearing the seemingly-useless necklace. And now the same necklace was being used as a silencer and pain reliever by its wearer.

Eren’s mouth was now filled with the taste of iron. The area around it had been painted red by Eren’s blood. And he could feel his consciousness fading, which he welcomed with opening the only remaining arm.

The almost-dead adventurer cursed at the beast in his head. With his drowsy and dying thoughts, he was talking about revenge on the beast and its kind if he survives this ordeal. If he is given a second chance, he’ll kill every beast of its kind by first targeting their groins, busting their cojones before chopping their things into pieces.

Eren started indulging in a lot of fantasies, thinking he would make sure to fulfil them provided he somehow ‘makes it back’. He wanted to complete his chain of thought, stating ‘if he makes it back to the city’ but he was interrupted by the beast’s next set of actions.

The beast had finally taken notice of the s.h.i.+ny thing its prey was biting on. Its primal instincts told the beast to have it. Therefore, it aimed to s.n.a.t.c.h the necklace from Eren’s mouth. But Eren somehow understood the beast’s mindset.

As a final form of revenge, Eren took off his necklace and gulped it down his throat. Then he laughed at the beast-like he had finally achieved something to be proud of.

The beast didn’t like Eren’s actions. It growled at him before jumping on him at full force. Eren knew his end had come, but he had gotten fearless by now.

Eren just moved his hands and targeted the beast’s eyes with the dagger in his remaining hand. He had stored that dagger inside his boots and taken it out a while ago.

The dagger wasn’t something special. Just a simple weapon used for skinning the beasts after the hunters killed them. Therefore Eren wasn’t expecting a one-hit kill with it. He just wanted the beast to suffer the consequences of killing him.

The beast had finally targeted Eren’s unprotected neck. But the moment it had bit Eren, Eren’s dagger had pierced the beast’s eyes, drove through it, past the skull, and lodged itself inside the brain matter.

Eren’s last-ditch effort had paid off. The one-hit-kill he wasn’t expecting had been added to his list of achievements.

The beast died immediately, leaving Eren to die slowly and excruciatingly. Now Eren had to experience the beast’s dead body weighing on him with his dying breaths.

Eren cursed at the beast even more. Then he just closed his eyes and indulged in his fantasies about what he would do if he could survive this death trap.

Eren had died. He died as an old, alone man who had no friends and the money required to make friends. He died so pathetically that he couldn’t even save his di*k from being chewed on by the same beast that had killed him.

But at least Eren had taken revenge for his Lil bro. He had also succeeded in not letting the beast have its way with the necklace he had been wearing and owning so begrudgingly.

Eren had gulped down the necklace and all the content stored within it. That included the big gem that served as the centre of attraction for that jewellery.

What Eren didn’t know was that there’d be no necklace to be found inside his corpse anymore, even if someone comes looking for it. It had vanished into thin air after Eren gulped it down.

But all that couldn’t change the fact that Eren had died here. It was a tragic end. Although Eren was overindulgent, he had not harmed anybody unnecessarily.

The now-di*kless dead guy had always kept things to himself. But troubles would just come to find him at his doorstep. Therefore, before he died, Eren had decided to change that side about him the most. if and when he survives this ordeal.

With thoughts of regrets and reveries running through his head, the final chapter on Eren Idril’s life was concluded with his last breath.

Or so he thought!

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