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Unscientific Beast Taming

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Chapter 2: Skillbook

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What happened…? Where did this skill index come from?

s.h.i.+ Yu’s mind was in a daze as he received a lot of information.

This information appeared in his mind in the form of images and words that he could easily understand.

s.h.i.+ Yu was stunned for a moment.

Due to the index on stone that appeared in his mind, he instinctively understood some of its functions.

This function was really very broken.

The index was called the skill index, and he could copy the transcendent abilities of transcendent creatures and record them in this index. It also seemed that s.h.i.+ Yu could freely teach the abilities recorded in the ill.u.s.trated handbook to other transcendent creatures, but not humans.

These creatures were powerful because they had mastered all kinds of extremely special skills. However, replication and teaching sounded so unscientific…

Could the abilities of mythical creatures be replicated and taught to even ordinary pets?

According to the feedback from the skill index, three conditions had to be met in order to successfully replicate the abilities of other transcendent creatures.

1. Seeing the other party use the ability with one’s own eyes.

2. Body contact.

3. From seeing the skill to touching the other party, it must be completed within an hour.

These were the conditions for copying and recording skills.

If he wanted to give these skills to other creatures, he also had to meet certain conditions.

Depending on the skill level, teaching required the user to consume a certain amount of physical strength.

In addition, the target of the skill bestowal had to have a certain compatibility with the skill…

There were indeed more restrictions, and s.h.i.+ Yu fell silent in thought. Although he wasn’t a Beast Tamer yet, he could tell that this copying, recording, and teaching ability would definitely make all Beast Tamers drool.

The strength of a Beast Tamer was not only dependent on the ability of the pet but also closely related to three aspects.

The first was to develop their Beast Taming Talent and Beast Taming Ability.

For example, for Beast Tamers who had the flame-strengthening talent, the proportion of the increase in the power of their pet’s skills might be different depending on the degree of their talent’s development.

The second was the skill manual.

Most pets could only awaken their own race’s skills. Race skills that could be awakened naturally were important reference targets for the pet’s race level, and the strength of a pet’s skills was crucial.

Generally speaking, it was difficult for pets to learn skills other than their own race’s skills.

Teaching pets skills other than their racial abilities was as difficult as teaching a seven-year-old child how to fly a plane. However, through some special teaching methods, pets still had a chance to learn other skills.

The teaching method was just like the martial arts manuals in wuxia novels. These were very precious and could quickly increase the strength of a pet.

If a Beast Tamer mastered the teaching method of powerful skills and let his pet successfully master it, the pet could even defeat opponents across races and levels.

The third was the evolution method.

Most pets could evolve, but many evolution pathways were very secretive.

Beast Tamers who had mastered the evolutionary method could raise the level of their pets to a higher level and then awaken stronger racial skills.

The first of the three was the development of the Beast Tamer’s own abilities.

For the second and third, it was the acc.u.mulation of knowledge and experience as a Beast Tamer.

As for s.h.i.+ Yu’s skill index, it was equivalent to him mastering a large number of skill manuals.

Skill index…

Was this… his “system”? Or his second Beast Taming Talent?

Compared to some vague system, s.h.i.+ Yu was more willing to believe that it was his second talent.

But wasn’t his Beast Taming Talent telepathy?

Moreover, he had never heard of such a cheat-level Beast Taming Talent.

He had never even heard of a person having two Beast Taming Talents…

s.h.i.+ Yu’s emotions surged.

In just a second, countless possibilities popped up in his mind.

But if it was him, it seemed possible?

As a transmigrator, he was not a normal person.

The original s.h.i.+ Yu had the gift of telepathy, but what did it have to do with the current s.h.i.+ Yu himself? Even if this s.h.i.+ Yu had the extra talent of copying, it was still very logical. It made sense.

“Anyway, calm down first…”

No matter how he looked at it, this was a good thing. This seemed to be his reborn-in-a-new-world trump card, his golden finger, so to speak…

From shock to joy, s.h.i.+ Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

Ever since he realized that he had transmigrated, he had always felt uneasy and felt that there was something lacking. Now, he finally felt comfortable. The joy of a transmigrator was just so simple, after all.

“Oh no, it’s getting late.”

After being immersed in the shock of the Awakened Ability guide for a while, s.h.i.+ Yu suddenly realized that it was already very late.

He put on his clothes and prepared to leave for his morning work. He did not even plan to eat breakfast. At that moment, s.h.i.+ Yu naturally did not want to work. Instead, he wanted to test if his newly awakened ability was real.

s.h.i.+ Yu quickly left the dormitory with antic.i.p.ation.

The pet breeding base of Icefield City was very large. The environment included lakes, gra.s.slands, forests, snowy mountains… They were all places where different pets lived.

To take care of so many pets, there were many employees at the breeding base. There was a huge staff area nearby, and even the processing and transportation of all kinds of pet food were carried out here.

In the base’s feed factory, a large number of breeders had gathered. However, due to the different tasks, most of them did not have much interaction.

After s.h.i.+ Yu arrived, he went to look for the feed he needed to carry. His goal was very clear, but after getting the feed, the specifications of the feed exceeded s.h.i.+ Yu’s imagination.

As s.h.i.+ Yu walked out with two heavy food containers, he could not help but think,?No wonder ordinary people can’t afford to be Beast Tamers. These pets eat better than humans.

In the preservation box, there were layers of fresh beast meat. There were at least seven or eight types of meat, and it looked like it was specially matched for a nutritious meal.

There was still a lot of food in the room. It was the breakfast for the Snow Wolves that he was going to feed next.

“s.h.i.+ Yu? Are you going to feed the Snow Wolves?”

When s.h.i.+ Yu was moving the meat over and over again, someone saw the type of feed s.h.i.+ Yu was moving and suddenly stopped to tease him. “Those guys aren’t friendly. Be careful.”

“But speaking of which, the infirmary of our breeding base is very capable—”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense. With the Wolf King around, there’s no danger at all,” someone beside s.h.i.+ Yu rea.s.sured.

“I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding. We’re done moving. Do you need any help?” the first person asked again.

s.h.i.+ Yu looked at the two of them. He was very sorry that he had no memories of them at all. He could only reply with an awkward and polite smile, “Thank you, but there’s no need. I’ll be done moving soon.”

After saying that, the three of them did not continue chatting. After all, they still had work to do.

After the other party left, s.h.i.+ Yu recalled that his predecessor liked to be alone and did not like to interact with others because of his personality, which was affected by his family’s misfortune. Therefore, he did not make friends in his new work environment at the first moment, nor did he integrate into the various small circles. He was always alone, so he lacked social connections.

No wonder that as an intern, he didn’t have much of an impression of the others. He didn’t even remember their names… However, he remembered a lot of information about pets in the breeding base.

s.h.i.+ Yu shook his head. For the time being, there was nothing bad about this. He would maintain this for now. However, he was really good at being autistic despite his talent in telepathy…

In short, the most important thing now was to slowly familiarize himself with this world. He could rely on socializing later.

Finally, after spending some time moving a cart of meat feed, s.h.i.+ Yu started the transport vehicle and arrived at a snowy mountain area alone. This was the habitat of the Snow Wolves.

After arriving at the destination, he stopped the car, got out, and moved the meat. s.h.i.+ Yu quickly got to work.

During this process, the white mountain in the distance flashed, and dozens of giant wolves appeared.



Cries that made one’s heart tremble rang out. Accompanied by these wolf howls, the snow-white wolves on the snow-capped mountains ran over. At first, they were very fast, but slowly, they transitioned into walking.

However, even though they were just walking, he still felt extremely pressured.


Each giant wolf was two meters long and nearly one meter tall. They were well-developed, and it was hard to imagine that they were just cubs.

They had long white hair all over their bodies, and their tails, backs, and limbs were covered in thick ice-blue hair.

As they walked over, the blue eyes of the giant wolves stared at s.h.i.+ Yu. They bared their fangs and emitted a cold aura.

[Race]: Snow Wolf

[Attribute]: Ice

[Race Level]: High Transcendent

[Skills]: Ice Crus.h.i.+ng Fang, Ice Splitting Claw, Snow Concealment, Cold Breath

It’s a beast-type transcendent creature that evolved in the snowy mountain area. Its frozen fangs and claws can easily tear steel apart. It’s good at hiding and hunting in snowy weather.

s.h.i.+ Yu’s knowledge reserves were not bad, and the specific information about this pet immediately appeared in his mind. Attributes represented the cla.s.sification of abilities, and race levels represented the growth potential of extraordinary creatures. They were respectively low, medium, and high. As for skills, those were the special skills of extraordinary creatures that s.h.i.+ Yu wanted to learn secretly with his second cheat-like ability…



At this moment, the giant wolves stared at s.h.i.+ Yu with drooling eyes.

“As expected, I could understand that.”

As for s.h.i.+ Yu, who was being watched by a group of Snow Wolves, he only felt that it was very novel.

Although it was obvious that these wolves wanted to eat and were very hungry, s.h.i.+ Yu had indeed also heard it.

This feeling of knowing what the other party was trying to say made him feel at ease… but also made his b.a.l.l.s hurt.

He was relieved because he felt that they were on the same channel. And his b.a.l.l.s hurt because a wolf wanted to taste him.

d.a.m.n it…

What kind of lousy job was this?

Was he here as a breeder or as a backup ingredient?

“Where’s Wolf King?”

s.h.i.+ Yu tried his best not to mind such nonsense. He looked into the distance and searched for this Wolf King that supposedly these wolves were afraid of.


After the Snow Wolves arrived, they stood obediently in a row and did not dare to act rashly. It was not because they were afraid of scaring s.h.i.+ Yu or being polite, but because their boss had yet to arrive.

An even more intimidating roar had sounded, and the wolves made way for an even larger Snow Wolf. It was more than three meters long and at least 1.6 to 1.7 meters tall.


The wolf king of the Snow Wolf pack slowly walked out and locked its gaze on s.h.i.+ Yu.

The other Snow Wolves looked at the wolf king with fear and respect.

Snow Wolves were a transcendent species that lived in packs, and their wolf king had supreme authority.

Some wolf kings could even awaken a deterrence skill that could create a sense of oppression and use it to command the wolf pack.

This was not the basic racial skill of the Snow Wolf, but a high-level ability that required extremely harsh conditions to awaken.

Under the wolf king’s deterrence ability, the Snow Wolves were extremely obedient and did not dare to act rashly. Indeed, they were very orderly.

Obviously, the reason why intern breeders like s.h.i.+ Yu could safely feed these Snow Wolves was not because of any telepathic communication ability, but because of the deterrence of the wolf king.

This Snow Wolf King was the pet of a Beast Tamer in the breeding base. It was responsible for helping manage the wolf pack.

Now, s.h.i.+ Yu suspected that the owner of this Snow Wolf King was secretly watching his performance at the scene and scoring him…

However, this person must also have a very high status in the entire breeding base. This Wolf King was only one of the pets that he had raised, and he probably wouldn’t be so bored that he would pay attention to interns like him.

Could it be that this wolf would be his grading teacher? s.h.i.+ Yu’s expression was strange.

Following that, the Snow Wolf King approached s.h.i.+ Yu indifferently.

s.h.i.+ Yu’s heart skipped a beat as he looked at the handsome wolf strangely.

The pressure that this wolf king gave him was completely incomparable to that group of ordinary Snow Wolves.

Just a glance from him was enough to make s.h.i.+ Yu’s heart pound.

At this moment, the Wolf King was also looking at s.h.i.+ Yu. It did not eat immediately, and its body was surrounded by cold air as it continued to approach s.h.i.+ Yu.

Then, its body brushed past s.h.i.+ Yu, and its head had even touched s.h.i.+ Yu.

According to tradition, the alpha wolf would leave its scent on the intern breeder, leaving its unique deterrence on the intern breeder. This way, the Snow Wolves would be much more obedient during the feeding process.

When s.h.i.+ Yu felt the coldness beside him, he understood that he had been marked by the Wolf King.

Using this method to leave a scent?

Not bad, much more civilized than being peed on.

Just as s.h.i.+ Yu was lamenting, his skill index suddenly took effect.

This was because the Wolf King had subconsciously emitted a deterrence and had come into contact with s.h.i.+ Yu…

The extremely dramatic and smooth process left s.h.i.+ Yu at a loss.

He had originally been thinking of how to find an opportunity to replicate the Snow Wolf’s skill, but it turned out to be so simple?

Moreover, it was the Wolf King’s high-level skill.

He flipped to the first page and saw the image of the Snow Wolf King at the top.

Below was a pile of words.

[Skill]: Deterrence

[Skill Level]: Advanced

It’s a spiritual skill. The skill user can intimidate, overwhelm, and lead other creatures with its aura. It can also make creatures much weaker than itself faint. It’s a symbol of “kingly apt.i.tude”.

[Status]: No Target Set


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