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Chapter 309: Please, Let Me See Your Highness.

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However, when it saw that Su Yingxue had dissected a large number of rabbits, it felt it was a waste. It then hung up one or two and tossed them into a small hole behind the spiritual spring.

Su Yingxue noticed that there were fewer rabbits. When she went over to investigate, she found that Little Ginseng had used the rabbit corpses she had dissected to feed the poisonous insects.

“You’re raising so many… little cuties!”

Su Yingxue’s eyes widened. The spiritual spring exuded a pleasant and fresh aroma, while in the small hole behind it, spiders, centipedes, and scorpions were happily feasting on the rabbit corpses.

“You find them cute too, don’t you?”

“You think it’s cute too, right? They’ve always been eating grass, but 1 thought it would be a waste to leave these rabbit corpses here, so 1 gave them a change of taste.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that you as a ginseng have a penchant for raising poisonous insects?”

Su Yingxue gazed at the scorpions in the small hole. They had vibrant and colorful patterns on their backs, which were aesthetically pleasing. However, as a doctor, Su Yingxue knew that these spiders and scorpions carried various deadly toxins.

“Life… oh, no, I mean ‘ginseng life’ is just too dull! And don’t you think they’re adorable? More importantly, their bodies are full of treasures. If you’re stung, healthy people will die, but some sick individuals might get better. It has unexpectedly beneficial effects.”

Little Ginseng proudly waved its whiskers.

Su Yingxue smiled. “They’re indeed precious for a poison-versus-poison approach.”

However, she wasn’t a poison doctor, so she didn’t have the time to delve into these poisons for now. She only fed the rabbits to the creatures when she had spare moments. Over time, they became quite friendly with her, even crawling onto her for play.

Ten days later, the Tongchang Medical Center was fully restored. Chu Mingyuan personally presented the plaque, and Su Yingxue organized the clinic’s reopening. As she returned to the clinic, she found herself swamped with work, with no time to rest.

After examining one patient, she called out, “Next.”

Lian’er rushed in, her eyes brimming with tears. “Miss Su, please, save our princess.”

Su Yingxue’s expression turned somber as she followed Lian’er to the Princess’s Manor.

After talcing the princess’s pulse, Su Yingxue furrowed her brow. “Is this the work of Chu Xiuwen?”

Sheng Ping’s tragic and ashen face spoke of deep despair. She didn’t answer but conveyed everything through her expression.

“That vile scum!”

Su Yingxue cursed. She had never seen such a disgusting man before!

Not only did he bully women, but he also made them suffer so much that they wished they were dead!

Sheng Ping could no longer give birth, but now she was ill and could not stand it. Coupled with her long-term depression, it was not a sign of longevity.

“Dr. Su, I beg you, I want… to see Your Highness again.”

Tears welled up in Sheng Ping’s pleading eyes.

Su Yingxue pursed her lips. “For now, you must focus on your recovery. Other matters can be considered after you regain your health.”

“Dr. Su, 1 know my time is limited, but 1 beg you to let me see Your Highness again. Please help me deliver this sachet to him. I simply want to see Your Highness once more before 1 depart this world.”

Sheng Ping’s frail hands tightly gripped Su Yingxue’s arm.

Su Yingxue’s beautiful face turned cold. “How can you be certain that he will meet you?”

“If it were anyone else pleading with him, he might not agree. But you… Your Highness has fallen for you. If you speak on my behalf, he will undoubtedly come to see me.”

The softness in Sheng Ping’s voice tugged at the heartstrings.

However, Su Yingxue wouldn’t let her principles waver.

“You know that Your Highness has feelings for me, but do you know that 1 also have affection for him?”

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