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The Prince Regent Is Powerful, And My Mommy Is Expecting Again!

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Chapter 9

Big Brother, Is Mother Enlightened?

“Yes.” Dumby’s tone was filled with affirmation and his eyes lit up. “Mother beat up Madam Yu until she cried out!”

Although he did not personally see Madam Yu being beaten up, he could guess that Madam Yu must have been beaten up badly just from hearing Madam Yu’s cries.

Gu Lingbao knew that Dumby would not lie and was immediately excited.

She grabbed Gu Lin’s sleeve tightly.

“Big brother, is mother enlightened? Are we not going to be bullied by Madam Yu anymore?!”

Gu Lin did not speak.

He felt that things were not that simple.

From what Dumby said, their mother seemed to have changed into a different person.

However, he was still a four or five-year-old child, so he could not figure out why Gu Qingxue had changed so suddenly.

“I’ll go to the kitchen to take a look. You stay here and accompany your second brother,” Gu Lin said slowly after a while.

Gu Lingbao nodded.

In the kitchen, Gu Qingxue scooped the cooked chicken and potatoes into a clean, shabby earthen pot. She then rinsed the pot and prepared to stir-fry some vegetables.

When Gu Lin entered the kitchen, Gu Qingxue had just thrown the vegetables into the pot and stir-fried them with a spatula.

The fragrance filled the entire kitchen.

Gu Lin swallowed his saliva quietly. He looked at Gu Qingxue as she skillfully stir-fried the vegetables in the wok, and his eyes revealed a hint of doubt.

When did their mother learn how to cook?

He looked at how skilled she was at stir-frying the vegetables. She was completely different from the clumsy manner before.

At this moment, Gu Lin’s attention was only on Gu Qingxue’s abnormality. He did not think about where the vegetables came from.

Gu Qingxue felt a strange gaze on her. When she raised her head, she saw the little ball standing at the door.

“Lin’er, go get your younger siblings to eat. Don’t forget to wash your hands.”

Hearing Gu Qingxue speak to him in such a gentle tone, Gu Lin could not help but shudder.

He was not used to his mother being so gentle.

Gu Lin nodded and turned to leave without saying anything.

Gu Qingxue carried the table in the corner to the empty s.p.a.ce in the middle of the kitchen. She wiped it dry with a cloth and set up the benches before she went to get the rice.

The remaining rice was just enough for four bowls.

After Gu Qingxue had set up the dishes, the three children also came to the kitchen.

“Come and eat.” Gu Qingxue waved at the three children with a smile.

Dumby took the lead and walked over to the table and sat down.

Gu Lingbao saw the gentle smile on Gu Qingxue’s face, and her fear of Gu Qingxue somehow dissipated a little. She also walked over with small steps and sat close to Dumby.

Gu Lin was the last to walk over and sat next to Gu Lingbao in silence.

Gu Qingxue sat opposite the three children and placed a small bowl full of white rice in front of them.

The three children’s attention was attracted by the bowl of chicken and potatoes on the table.

They could feel that the fragrance came from the bowl of chicken and potatoes.

They had never eaten meat, and they had never seen the dish of chicken and potatoes.


Gu Lingbao swallowed her saliva.

“What are you waiting for? Eat it quickly.” Gu Qingxue picked up the chopsticks and picked up a piece of chicken for each of the three children, then put it into the small bowl in front of them.

“Mother, what is this?” Dumby looked at the chicken in the bowl and asked Gu Qingxue curiously.

Gu Qingxue held back her sadness and said to dumbo, “This is chicken. It’s very delicious. Would you like to try it?”

Dumby could not wait to pick up the chicken and put it into his mouth.

For a moment, Gu Qingxue felt the hair on the top of Dumby’s head stand up straight.

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