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The Prince Regent Is Powerful, And My Mommy Is Expecting Again!

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Chapter 6

The Family Was Really Too Poor Now

After figuring out the system’s rules, Gu Qingxue took out some chicken, milk candy, and condiments from her mini-fridge, as well as some potatoes and vegetables from the vegetable field.

The family was really too poor at the moment. It was usually a luxury for her three children to have filled stomachs, and they had never eaten meat before.

Originally, the original owner of Gu Qingxue’s body should have had some money, but it was mostly stolen by Madam Yu and her man, causing them to live without food.

After steaming all the remaining rice, Gu Qingxue stewed the chicken and potatoes.

Gu Qingxue had a picky stomach, so she had high expectations of food and her cooking skills were naturally very good.

Soon, the aroma of the chicken and potatoes drifted out of the kitchen, drifting far away with the wind.

Dumby, who was lying obediently on the bed, also smelled the aroma. He could not help but sit up from the bed.

His little nose moved, sniffing the aroma in the air.

What is this smell!

It smells so good!


Dumby’s stomach made a loud rumbling sound. He lowered his head to look at his deflated stomach.

“Little tummy, be obedient and don’t scream. It’s not time to eat yet… Let me tell you, don’t scream in front of your mother later…”

They only had breakfast and dinner at home, so they skipped lunch.

Gu Qingxue entered the house and saw the Dumby sitting by the bed, trying to persuade his stomach to not rumble.

He shook his head and lectured his stomach in a serious manner. The hair on his head swayed with his movements, making him look extremely cute.

“Dumby…” Gu Qingxue quickened her steps to the window and handed him the hot water in her hand. “Here, drink some water and take some medicine.”

Dumby looked down at the white pill in Gu Qingxue’s palm and tilted his head curiously. “Mother, is this medicine?”

It was the first time he had seen such a strange medicine.

When he was sick, the medicine his mother gave him was all black and bitter.

“Yes, Dumby, this medicine is a medicine that mother asked for from the G.o.ds. This is our secret, so don’t tell anyone else,” Gu Qingxue lied to the child seriously.

Dumby believed what Gu Qingxue said unconditionally. He nodded his head hard and did not say anything else. He took the old teacup with one hand, picked up the pill from Gu Qingxue’s palm, and put it into his mouth.

He had thought that the pill given by the G.o.ds would be sweet.

However, when the pill entered his mouth, an intense bitterness immediately spread along the root of his tongue, making Dumbo’s little face contort immediately!


This pill was even more bitter than the black elixir.

“Drink the water quickly,” Gu Qingxue reminded Dumby.

Dumby quickly drank the water.

The temperature of the water was controlled by Gu Qingxue. It was warm. Dumby gulped down the entire bowl of water.

The bitterness in his mouth was finally washed away. The Duybo blinked his big wet eyes and looked at Gu Qingxue. “Mother, I’ve taken the medicine. Will I be fine soon?”

“Yes, you’ll be fine after some sleep.” Gu Qingxue reached out and touched Dumby’s head. “Come, mother will help you check the injury on your back.”

Dumby obediently revealed his back to Gu Qingxue.

Gu Qingxue flipped open Dumby’s clothes and took a closer look.

Madam Yu’s whip landed on Dumby’s shoulder. Fortunately, Dumby was wearing thick clothes, so it only left a shallow red mark. It was not a big deal.

Gu Qingxue let out a sigh of relief and helped Dumby put on his clothes. “Lie on the bed and rest for a while. When your brothers and sisters come back, we can eat.”

“But it’s not dark yet.” Dumby looked at Gu Qingxue in confusion. “It’s not time to eat yet, mother.”

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