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The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

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Chapter 7

Chapter 6, Shen Mei Appeared

When they returned home, grandma and Li Xu were sitting on the steps in front of the door. Their eyes were red.

When she saw Ji Yuanyuan, grandma waved at her. “Good girl, come over and let Grandma take a look.”

Obviously, grandma already knew about Ji Jianguo’s affair.

Ji Yuanyuan went forward and grandma hugged her, “Good girl, stay at Grandma’s place from now on. Don’t go anywhere, Okay?”

Li Xu’s tears fell when she heard this.

Rather than saying this to Ji Yuanyuan, it was better to say it to her.

Ji Yuanyuan nodded obediently, “I understand, Grandma.”

Grandma used her face to touch Ji Yuanyuan’s face.

“You can stay here in peace. I’ll let your Dad handle the children’s household registration. Your Dad and I are still capable. We can help you raise the children no matter what.” When grandma spoke, her tone was very firm. “Originally, I didn’t agree to your divorce because I didn’t know that he was such a jerk.”

Li Xu raised her hand and wiped her tears. “Mom, you don’t have to worry about me. I’m already very content to have a place to stay now.”

Although Li Miao didn’t know what had happened, from the conversation between her mother and her sister, he could vaguely tell that her brother-in-law had done something misfit.

She immediately said, “Sister, I’ll be able to go to university next year and work outside to help ease the burden on our family. You don’t have to be afraid of anything. We’ll definitely be able to lead a good life.”

Li Xu pursed her lips and nodded her head vigorously.

In the evening, Li Miao made another trip and sent over some vegetables and a small piece of pork.

Li Xu fried some food for them, but she could not bear to eat it at the dining table. She only had a handful of sweet potatoes and gnawed on it.

Ji Yuanyuan felt her heart ache when she saw Li Xu’s expression.

At night, after Li Xu, Ji Zixuan, and Ji Zi’ang had fallen asleep, she slowly opened her eyes.

She needed to confirm one thing.

She calmed herself down and closed her eyes.

A moment later, she was in a place that was like a fairyland.

Standing in it, Ji Yuanyuan heaved a sigh of relief. Her s.p.a.ce was still there. It had been reborn with her.

She had obtained this s.p.a.ce by accident in her previous life.

It was because of this s.p.a.ce that she had not starved to death when she had been imprisoned in the countryside.

She raised her head and looked around the s.p.a.ce.

She was standing in front of a castle that looked like an ancient house with gray bricks and gray tiled roof. To her right was a well, on top of it was a well-pulley, rope, and wooden barrel.

The water from this well could strengthen one’s body and beautify one’s appearance.

Behind her, there was a large field filled with greenery. Time in the s.p.a.ce was faster than in the outside world, so the crops in the s.p.a.ce grew especially fast.

On one side of the field, there was a row of fruit trees. Due to the fertile soil, the fruits were all big and juicy.

Moreover, the s.p.a.ce was always warm like spring, but it seemed to have the function of fresh-keeping. No matter how long it was stored there, it would not go bad.

She lifted her feet and walked into the castle.

There were three floors in the castle, two underground floors and one above the ground.

The ground floor was like a normal home. There was a bedroom, a kitchen, and a study. There were three walls of bookshelves in the study, and the bookshelves were filled with books.

These books were the collections of the previous owners of this s.p.a.ce. Many of the real masterpieces that had been lost on the market were here.

The two underground floors were warehouses, storing all kinds of things.

The first underground floor stored mostly seeds and medicinal materials. The second underground floor was filled with gold, silver, and jade articles.

Ji Yuanyuan picked one up casually. It was very textured, and one look was enough to tell that it was worth a lot.

After circling around, Ji Yuanyuan sighed regretfully.

Although there were many things in the s.p.a.ce, there was not a single one that could be sold for money.

These were all genuine antiques. Any one of them would be worth millions or tens of millions.

She was only a little girl from the countryside now. If she really took out an antique, putting aside whether it could be sold or not, it would definitely be targeted, right?

She might even be taken to the police station by the police uncle for tea, asking her to explain the origins of these things.

Very quickly, the three days that Li Xu gave Ji Jianguo pa.s.sed.

Ji Jianguo did not take Li Xu’s words seriously. After all, Li Xu’s personality had always been very soft.

After being married for so many years, she had always compromised.

Moreover, he was the father of three children. What benefit would it bring to Li Xu if she ruined his job?

If he lost his job, he wouldn’t give them any money.

However, he had obviously underestimated Li Xu’s character.

In the past, she didn’t know that Ji Jianguo had cheated on her, so it was fine. But now that she knew, she would never compromise.

Early in the morning on the fourth day, she packed up and borrowed a bicycle from her neighbor. Ji Yuanyuan was on the front and Ji Zi’ang was on the back. They headed to Ji Jianguo’s workplace.

His workplace was in the city, so it would take him about half an hour to get there by bicycle.

Li Xu did not want to bring Ji Yuanyuan along initially. It was already October, so it was rather cold early in the morning.

However, Ji Yuanyuan felt that Ji


had a steady personality and might not be able to perform well, so he insisted on following Li Xu.

When they arrived, it was only 7:30 am.

At this time, the entrance was still a little deserted. Li Xu took the cus.h.i.+on from the bicycle and placed it on the steps for the two children to sit on. She sat on the empty s.p.a.ce beside them.

Seeing Ji Yuanyuan’s small red hands, Ji Zi’ang very generously opened his clothes. “Come, let me warm your hands.”

Ji Yuanyuan did not stand on ceremony and directly reached her hand in, causing Ji Zi’ang to s.h.i.+ver.

Li Xu watched from the side and could not help but chuckle.

It was not until eight o’clock that people began to pa.s.s by one after another.

Ji Yuanyuan took out his hand and instructed Ji Zi’ang, “Second brother, pretend to be pitiful…”

Ji Zi’ang’s face immediately fell. Coincidentally, a woman pa.s.sed by, and he raised his head pitifully, “Sister, have you seen my father?”

The woman already felt quite pitiful when she saw the two children sitting outside in the cold, then Ji Zi’ang sweetly called her sister.

The woman’s heart immediately softened. She squatted down and asked gently, “Little friend, who is your father?”

Ji Zi’ang sniffled. “My father’s name is Ji Jianguo. He’s with another Auntie and doesn’t want us anymore…”

The woman frowned, “Ji Jianguo? He seems to be an honest man. How could he do such a thing?”

Seeing Ji Zi’ang’s poor acting skills, Ji Yuanyuan wanted to scream for help.

Big Brother, you’re already nine years old, why are you acting like an idiot.

This woman must have no children at home to believe Ji Zi’ang.

“Big Sister, it’s quite cold outside. Bring the children in for a drink. If this is true, I’ll help you.” the woman said indignantly.

Li Xu hesitated for a moment, but she still agreed.

She really couldn’t bear to let the two children be frozen outside with her.

The woman led them into the house. She even thoughtfully poured water for them and found some biscuits.

At around 8:20, Ji Jianguo came to the company.

He and Shen Mei came to the company one after the other.

The raw wrote Ji Zixuan, but I guess there’s a mistake since it said second brother in the later part.

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