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The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

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Chapter 1, I Won’t Let You Off 2

The child that she had been looking forward to for so long, and no matter how she was treated, she had always protected the child, but she actually didn’t know whose it was?

Shen Lingxue giggled. “The medicine in that cup of wine back then was personally put in by Brother Tianhua.”

Ji Yuanyuan’s eyes were wide open as he looked at Zhao Tianhua. “Why? Why did you betray me too? I’ve sacrificed so much for you.”

In the end, all of this had become a joke.

Shen Lingxue covered her nose in disgust and snorted in disdain.

“Zhao Tianhua, Shen Lingxue, you pair of dogs will definitely suffer retribution. I Won’t let you off…” Ji Yuanyuan hated the two people in front of him to the core and rush over with the child in her arms.

However, her feet were bound with iron chains, and she was restrained before she could reach them.

Shen Lingxue had a carefree expression on her face. It was as if the person under her feet was not a person, but a dog. Zhao Tianhua, on the other hand, had been looking at her with a disgusted gaze.

“You want the company? Dream on. Don’t forget that besides me, the Ji family still has two sons. Do you think it’s your turn?” Ji Yuanyuan sneered, “Don’t think that the things you’ve done will always be sealed airtight. When my eldest brother and second brother find out, they will definitely tear you into pieces.”

Shen Lingxue, however, seemed to have heard a funny joke as she laughed complacently.

Zhao Tianhua, who had been silent all this while, took a step forward and stood in front of Ji Yuanyuan. He stretched out his hand and grabbed the child’s neck. He said in a low voice, “I’ll send the child to the underground to reunite with his two uncles.”

Ji Yuanyuan was stunned. Suddenly, the child in his arms started to struggle. She hurriedly lowered her head. Under Zhao Tianhua’s palm, the child’s face had already turned purple, and he was breathing heavily.

“No, don’t…” Ji Yuanyuan screamed shrilly as he reached out to pull Zhao Tianhua’s hand away.

Just like a mayfly trying to shake a big tree, Zhao Tianhua’s hand did not move at all. The child’s crying quickly disappeared. His small face had already turned black, and he was completely out of breath.

Ji Yuanyuan sat paralyzed on the ground. A warm current flowed out from under his body, and her lower body quickly dyed red with blood.

Ji Yuanyuan still did not let go of Zhao Tianhua’s hand. “Zhao Tianhua, you are an animal that’s worse than a beast…”

Zhao Tianhua stretched out his hand and forcefully pried apart Ji Yuanyuan’s fingers one by one. Then, he stood up and took out a handkerchief from his pocket without saying a word. He carefully wiped his hand with a face full of disgust.

“You will definitely die a horrible death. I curse you…” A heart-wrenching pain a.s.saulted her, but Ji Yuanyuan only shouted at the top of her lungs. The iron chain clanking from her struggle. Her hand grabbed the ground fiercely, leaving many marks.

“Now it seems that the ones who will die a horrible death are your family.”

Shen Lingxue looked at Ji Yuanyuan’s current appearance and felt very happy in her heart.

As her stepsister, hadn’t she always been arrogant and looked down on her?

In the end? Now she was a phoenix in the sky, while Ji Yuanyuan was just mud on the ground.

“For the sake of our ident.i.ty as sisters, I’ll be kind enough to tell you.” Shen Lingxue chuckled, “Ever since you went missing, your two brothers have been worried sick. They’ve been looking for you all over the country. As long as they have news of you, they’ll undoubtedly go looking for you regardless. As for your older brother, he happened to hear that someone had seen you in Tongcheng County. In the end, he flew there overnight. He was stabbed to death right after he got off the plane. Don’t you think he’s unlucky?”

Shen Lingxue gloated at Ji Yuanyuan’s expression, she continued, “When your second brother heard the news, he went to Tongcheng County to collect your brother’s body. As a result, a car accident happened on the way to the airport. I heard that he collided with a large truck. The steel bars on the truck pierced through his chest and he was split into two, tsk tsk…”

Shen Lingxue shook her head as if she was very regretful about this matter. The malice in her eyes could not be hidden no matter how hard she tried.

“Was it you guys who did it?” Ji Yuanyuan gritted his teeth and asked.

When Shen Lingxue heard that, she laughed coquettishly, “Big Sister is still so smart. You guessed it right in one try. If your eldest brother and second brother were still alive, how would it be Brother Tianhua, the son-in-law, and me, the stepdaughter’s turn to have the rights to Uncle Ji’s company? Now that your family is gone, the company can only be Brother Tianhua’s and mine.”

“Zhao Tianhua, Shen Lingxue, even if I become a ghost, I won’t let you off. I curse you, to have nightmares every night, the evil ghosts haunt you, and for you to die without a burial ground…” Ji Yuanyuan’s breathing gradually became hurried, her vision became increasingly blurry.

Shen Lingxue looked at Ji Yuanyuan’s appearance and shook her head regretfully. “It’s a pity that you can’t see it.”

After a pause, Shen Lingxue continued, “Oh right, there’s another piece of news. Qin Mucheng is also looking for you. He’s offering a reward of 10 million yuan. When you’re dead, we’ll send your body to Qin Mucheng. Who knows, we might even get 10 million yuan!”

Qin Mucheng was her ex-husband.

Qin mucheng, I’m not worth it!

She had lost too much blood, causing her consciousness to become more and more unclear. The noisy voices in her ears seemed to gradually disappear. Only the sound of her heartbeat was left echoing.

“Let’s burn the body. Don’t cause any more trouble. It’s just ten million. It’s not worth the risk,” Zhao Tianhua glanced at Ji Yuanyuan one last time and said indifferently.

“Okay, I’ll listen to Brother Tianhua.” Shen Lingxue gracefully reached out her hand and covered her nose.

After coming out of the house, Shen Lingxue looked up at the driver and ordered coldly, “Clean up the bodies.”

The driver immediately bowed, “Yes, miss.”

In less than fifteen minutes, the entire house was on fire.

In the raging fire, Ji Yuanyuan used the last of her strength and muttered in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “I won’t… let you go…”

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