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The Lucky Wife Reborn In the 90s Era Has A Spatial Ability

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Chapter 1, I Won’t Let You Off 1

In the early morning of winter, the mountain that had rained was covered in a layer of fog.

In a dilapidated tile house on the mountainside, a woman’s groaning could be heard intermittently. She seemed to be in extreme pain.

On the brick bed, a man walked out of the house impatiently and went straight to the pigsty.

This man was less than 1.6 meters tall. He was wearing a dirty and s.h.i.+ny cotton-padded jacket. His big yellow teeth propped up his lips.

“You B * TCH, why are you crying? It’s just giving birth to a child, what’s there to cry about?” The man walked towards the pigsty, then spat and threatened, “If you dare to cry again, I’ll break your legs.”

The pigsty was filled with a stench. There were pigs raised under the wooden board. On the wooden board, there was a woman with disheveled hair and a dirty face curled up in the corner of the wall.

A finger-thick iron chain was tied to her foot. The other end of the iron chain was wedged into the wall.

She had pulled her pants down to her ankles, and there was blood all over her body.

Obviously, she was trying to give birth on her own. She clenched her teeth, and her whole body was exerting strength, and a thin layer of sweat was oozing out from her forehead.

Even though she was in such a sorry state, it could not hide her temperament.

A moment later, she looked at the man with a cold expression and said in a cold voice, “Can you give me a basin of hot water and a pair of scissors?”

The man was furious when he saw the woman’s expression. This B * Tch had been here for a few months. No matter how much he tortured her, she still looked like a dead person.

If that person had not said that he could not kill her, he would have strangled her to death.

He kicked the woman’s stomach fiercely, closed the door, and left.

The man used all his strength in that kick. Ji Yuanyuan only felt a piercing pain, and the child in her stomach seemed to move.

She quickly took a deep breath and prepared to use more strength.

This was her and Tianhua’s child. She had sought medical treatment for many years before finally obtaining this child. If Tianhua knew, he would definitely be very happy.

If she had not been careless and been plotted against by her stepsister, she would not have been sold to this poor country. How could she have fallen to such a state?

When she returned, she would definitely personally send that vicious woman to prison.

In the afternoon, a luxurious car stopped in front of the dilapidated tile house.

The driver was the first to get out of the car. He took out the red carpet from the trunk and carefully spread it on the ground.

Then, a pair of high heels came out of the car and stepped on the red carpet.

A tall and gorgeous woman got out of the car. She waved her hand at the end of her nose in disgust and frowned. “It stinks.”

She thought of something and laughed again. “I wonder if my pampered sister used to staying here.”

On the other side, a man came down. He was tall and handsome. He curled his lips in disdain and stood beside the woman. “You’ll know when you go in and take a look.”

“Brother Tianhua, I’m afraid that your heart will ache when you see it later.” The woman smiled tenderly and leaned against the man’s body.

The man’s eyes flashed, and he said softly, “If I want to feel sorry, it’s because I feel sorry for you. It’s so dirty here. Be careful of your shoes.”

Seeing this, the woman giggled.

The door was opened, and Ji Yuanyuan opened her eyes reluctantly.

In an instant, her heart pounded, and her eyes turned red. Tears poured down, “Brother Tianhua, you finally came to save me.”

She couldn’t wait to go forward and show the child in her arms to Zhao Tianhua. She sobbed, “Look, this is our child. Hold him…”

Before she could finish her words, she stopped.

“Shen Lingxue!” Her breathing quickened, and her tone filled with endless hatred. The way she looked at Shen Lingxue seemed as if she wanted to tear her apart.

It was Shen Lingxue who had tricked her into drinking that cup of wine. It was Shen Lingxue who had caused her to fall to such a state.

Shen Lingxue stepped forward and held onto Zhao Tianhua’s arm. She said coquettishly, “Sister, do you really think that this child is brother Tianhua’s?”

Shen Lingxue’s words were like a bolt from the blue, causing Ji Yuanyuan to freeze on the spot.

Shen Lingxue and Zhao Tianhua…

“Brother Tianhua found a random person on the street to provide the sperm for the IVF. At that time, brother Tianhua was with you to have a legitimate ident.i.ty to take over Uncle Ji’s company. The one he loves is me, why would he have a child with you?” Shen Lingxue looked at Ji Yuanyuan viciously, bit by bit tore her fantasy to shreds.

Ji Yuanyuan felt as if she was falling into an ice cellar, she lowered her head, looking at the child in her arms.

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