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Chapter 730: Showing Off His Wealth

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A man walked forward and said to Luo Han, “Young Master, we’ve already arranged for people to kidnap her tonight!” Luo Han nodded, then he sighed.

“Do you think the Luo family is really declining?!”

Leng Shui sighed when he heard Luo Han’s words.

“Young Master, actually, you should have made a decision after what happened last time!”

Luo Han sighed. He knew that Leng Shui was right. “Go do what you have to do! Let me think about it alone!”

Leng Shui left, leaving Luo Han alone in the room.

As Luo Han sat in front of the window under the moonlight, he felt cold.

After sitting there for an unknown period of time until he felt very hot, Luo Han returned to his room to rest.

After an afternoon nap, Luo Han opened his eyes.

As soon as he washed his face, Luo Han saw Leng Shui coming back.

“How did it go?”

“Fortunately, we’ve already captured her. What should we do next?” Leng Shui said.

“Get someone to knock her out. Let’s bring her back! It’s time to settle some scores!” Luo Han said.

Leng Shui nodded and got ready.

At that moment, a servant sent in a letter.

“Mayor, it’s a letter from Luo Cheng!”

When Luo Han heard this, he quickly took the letter and opened it. After reading the letter, Luo Han’s expression turned ugly.

“Young Master, we’re ready. Shall we set off now?”

Luo Han sat on the ground and thought for a long, long time. In the end, he shook his head.

“There’s no need. Get someone to send her home! Also, bring my parents and family to White Foothill City.”

“What if Master and Madam ask why they’re coming to White Foothill City?” Leng Shui asked in confusion.

“If they ask, tell them it’s to see me for the last time!” Luo Han said.

When Leng Shui heard this, although he didn’t understand, he still did as Luo Han instructed.

Although he didn’t know the reason, Leng Shui could feel the young master’s anguish.

Leng Shui didn’t know how to console him, so the only thing he could do was do what his young master had instructed him to do!

After Leng Shui left, he brought the crazy woman back to the Luo family’s house.

After Luo Han calmed down and dealt with the official matters, he left White Foothill City alone.

The grilled fish shop opened as scheduled.

The shop was full.

It had to be said that the previous test trial was quite effective.

At least, by making the grilled fish famous, many people in town would know about the delicacies here.

On the official day of business, everyone came to try the grilled fish.

The kitchen and courtyard at the back were bustling with activity, and the waiters in front were also busy.

Li Xiaoran waited for two hours before returning, but the shop was still full.

“I really didn’t expect business to be so good at this grilled fish shop!” Shu

Ruyue said with a smile, “It’s as busy as those restaurants in the capital!”

Li Xiaoran watched the lively scene in front of her and said with a smile, “It’s just the beginning, and everyone wants to try something new. After a few days, business will stabilize. It’s impossible to determine whether or not this business can catch up to the capital’s, but business should be quite good!”

“White Foothill City’s shop is ready too! If we open another grilled fish shop, business will definitely be better!” Wu Qinghe said.

“The shop in White Foothill City will open at the beginning of next month. In the future, I want our grilled fish shops to be open all over the country!” Li Xiaoran said.

Shu Ruyue thought of something and reminded, “Then we have to raise a lot of fis.h.!.+ Moreover, we can’t just raise fish here!”

Li Xiaoran said, “That’s right, we do have to raise fis.h.!.+ My husband and I have discussed it. Every year, many disabled soldiers leave the battlefield. Many of them face the hards.h.i.+p of maintaining their livelihood after returning, so we want to gather all these people and let everyone raise fish to generate income. It can be considered a mutually beneficial cooperation!”

“Madam, Brother Luo Cheng is really lucky to have a wife like you!” Wu Qinghe said in admiration.

“It’s not that I’m not lucky to be able to marry him! Actually, the two of us became better and better because of each other!” Li Xiaoran thought of something and said, “One person’s strength might be weak, but with another person’s strength, they can become very, very powerful!”

When Shu Ruyue and Wu Qinghe heard Li Xiaoran’s words, although they didn’t understand, they didn’t ask any questions.

“Alright, there’s a table over there. Let’s hurry up and sit down! Otherwise, who knows how long it will take for there to be an empty seat?!” When Li Xiaoran saw an empty table that had just been vacated, she quickly called the two of them over.

As soon as the four of them sat down, people looking for trouble arrived.

“Get up, get up. Our young master wants to sit here. Leave quickly!” A servant walked over and pushed Wu Qinghe.

Wu Qinghe didn’t notice them, so he was almost pushed down from his seat.

Fortunately, Shu Ruyue supported him and smacked the servant’s arm.

The servant retreated in pain and kept wailing.

When the group of people following behind saw that the servant had been beaten up, they ran over and surrounded Li Xiaoran and the other two.

Soon, a young master walked over from behind with a paper fan.

“You, little girl, injured my people! You’re quite skilled! Do you want to be my guard?! Don’t worry, the salary I give you will definitely satisfy you!”

Shu Ruyue laughed when she heard this.

“Is that so? Can you afford one ingot of gold a month?”

“What? One gold ingot? Why don’t you rob someone instead?” A s.h.i.+fty-eyed man beside the young master cursed, “My young master thinks highly of you, but you don’t know how to appreciate it and actually dare to ask for a gold ingot! ”

Shu Ruyue said disdainfully, “Didn’t you say that the salary will satisfy me? You can’t even afford this?! You have to know that my boss gives me two gold ingots a month!”

“How is that possible? Who’s your boss? Invite him out and let me see if he’s richer than me!” The young master who was waving a fan was unhappy..

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