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Chapter 725: Sadness

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Li Xiaoqing could feel the anger in Jiang Pingyuan’s heart clearly.

Actually, it was understandable.

Jiang Pingyuan treated him as a friend and a business partner, but the other party treated him as a sucker and only wanted to harm him.

No one would be able to accept this truth.

His sincerity was taken advantage of!

Seeing that all his plans had failed, Gong Yang became furious.

He had planned and endured for so many years. He was about to succeed, but at this critical moment, someone interfered and he failed.

He was indignant!


Why did people like Jiang Pingyuan get rich while smart people like him never improved?

He had tried his best, but fate seemed to be playing tricks on him every time.

Why was it so easy for others to succeed?

He also worked hard, but why couldn’t he get any affirmation?

When Li Xiaoqing heard Gong Yang’s inner thoughts, she didn’t know what to say.

Everyone was born with different luck.

Some people were born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

But some people might not even be able to grow up safely.

There were many things in this world that weren’t fair. Just because you worked hard didn’t mean you would succeed.

It was also possible that no matter how much effort one put in, the hard work still wouldn’t pay off at all. It might even waste a lot of one’s energy.

Faced with this situation, should one stop working hard and start playing the blame game instead?

It was a very simple principle. If one worked hard, there was a possibility of reaping gains.

If one didn’t work, one definitely wouldn’t gain anything.

Therefore, no matter what life gave you or how unfair fate was, one shouldn’t give up and wallow in self-pity. All one could do was keep moving forward. Only by moving forward could one have hope of reaching a good place.

Because Gong Yang was envious of others’ gains and because the other party was inferior to him in every aspect, he began to complain and feel indignant.

If this continued, he might be able to get his way for a short while, but it wouldn’t last forever.

Every person’s life had ups and downs.

When one was at one’s lowest point, one shouldn’t be sad or resentful. One should just secretly acc.u.mulate strength, so that when the opportunity came, one could quickly take advantage of it!

Unfortunately, Gong Yang didn’t understand this logic!

“Xiaoran, eat!” At this moment, side dishes were served. Luo Cheng placed fried mushrooms in Li Xiaoran’s bowl.

After Li Xiaoran came back to her senses, she picked up her chopsticks and ate.

It had to be said that these fried mushrooms tasted really delicious. “It seems that your mushroom business is very profitable!” Li Xiaoran said.

“I heard from Uncle He that every time the mushrooms are sent over, they’ll be s.n.a.t.c.hed up. We’re lucky to be able to eat one today. However, it might be very difficult to eat a second serving!” Luo Cheng said.

Li Xiaoran blinked at Luo Cheng and said, “It’s not difficult. After we go back, we’ll go straight to my cousin’s mushroom house to pick fresh mushrooms! ” Luo Cheng laughed when he heard Li Xiaoran’s words.

“Alright! It just so happens that I want to eat more mushrooms too. Let’s go pick more together and annoy Zhao Yan!”

When Li Xiaoran heard this, she immediately laughed.

While drinking and eating, Wu Qinghe saw Jiang Pingyuan’s sad expression. After some thought, he turned around and called out,

“Brother Luo Cheng, do you have any pills to dispel alcohol?! Sell one to Jiang Pingyuan! The more expensive, the better!”

Luo Cheng raised his eyebrows when he heard Wu Qinghe’s words.

“That’s not appropriate, is it?!”

Wu Qinghe said, “Sigh, Brother Luo Cheng, this kid is destined to have such an experience. After I read his fortune, I resolved his calamity. The next calamity might be so fierce that he’ll probably lose his life. Therefore, it’s a good thing to let him lose some money now!”

Luo Cheng thought about Wu Qinghe’s words.

“In that case, let’s change our method! This sobering pill only costs one tael of silver. When he wakes up, we’ll continue. At that time, don’t hide it from him.

Just tell him the truth!”

When Wu Qinghe heard Luo Cheng’s words, he thought for a moment and finally nodded.

“Alright, I’ll listen to you!”

Seeing that Wu Qinghe had figured it out, Luo Cheng took out a pill from his pocket.

After Wu Qinghe received it, he sent it to Jiang Pingyuan.

“Come, come, come. Hurry up and take this pill. Your luck will be much better after taking this pill!”

Jiang Pingyuan was already very sad. The more he spoke, the sadder he felt. Because Gong Yang couldn’t speak, Jiang Pingyuan’s anger dissipated bit by bit

as he cried and complained.

When he heard Wu Qinghe say that taking that pill would improve his luck, Jiang Pingyuan placed the pill in his mouth and swallowed it with wine.

“Alright, I’ve swallowed the medicine. Will my luck immediately improve by half?” Jiang Pingyuan turned around and looked at Wu Qinghe eagerly.

Wu Qinghe smiled awkwardly and told the truth.

“I gave you a special hangover pill just now. Look at you. Something big has happened, but you’re so drunk that you can’t handle your own matters! Sober up first and deal with what needs to be dealt with. Then, come to me later. I’ll tell you how to resolve your dilemma!”

When Jiang Pingyuan heard Wu Qinghe’s words, he was immediately touched.

“I really didn’t expect a stranger to care so much about me! While the buddy I treated so sincerely schemed against me behind my back. Why do I feel upset just thinking about it?!”

When Wu Qinghe saw that Jiang Pingyuan was sad again, he immediately panicked.

“Brother Luo Cheng, how long will it take for your hangover pill to take effect?”

After Luo Cheng picked up a crispy peanut, he glanced at Wu Qinghe.

“Do you think this pill is a divine medicine?! How can it have such an immediate effect? Just wait! He’ll sober up in half an hour!”

When Wu Qinghe heard this, he immediately nodded and began to eat.

Shu Ruyue walked over and s.n.a.t.c.hed Wu Qinghe’s chopsticks away as she said, “Hey, you’re really eating the food?! Aren’t you afraid that Gong Yang poisoned the food?! If you’re really hungry, come here and eat. Or when new dishes are served later, you can eat them!”

Wu Qinghe nodded with lingering fear and quickly ran over.

When the waiter served the dishes again, Wu Qinghe brought all the dishes to this table.

After half an hour, Jiang Pingyuan woke up.

The letter and contract in Jiang Pingyuan’s hand reminded him that what had happened to Jiang Pingyuan wasn’t a dream..

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