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Chapter 1836: Chi Jing’s Choice (2)


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“With the two of us working together, Xu Tui can be proud of himself even if he dies.” Chi Jing sighed. However, he instructed, “Elder Shui Zhi, you have to do your best later.

Shang Long was already dead. The only strength and spiritual leader of the Blue Star was Xu Tui, the commander of the Worldly Demon Slayers. As long as we killed Xu Tui, the remaining elites of the Blue Star would collapse, if not completely.

“At that time, we can even flatten the solar system and capture the Blue Star with our current strength.” The more Chi Jing spoke, the more excited he became. He looked forward to it. “If we really make such a great contribution, Elder Shui Zhi, you will definitely be able to regain the position of the main elder. I might be able to fight for the position of the main elder with this contribution.”

Shui Zhi’s heart skipped a beat. That was indeed possible. If he really made such a great contribution, not only would he be reinstated as the main elder, but the Holy Ancestor would definitely reward him. At that time, not to mention recovering his cultivation to the Nebula Realm, he might even have the possibility of rus.h.i.+ng to the small universe.

His ranking as the main elder would definitely jump to the top five. He might even have the possibility of becoming the next Great Elder. Although he was tempted, Shui Zhi, who had been through hundreds of battles, was still very calm.

“No matter what, let’s kill Xu Tui with all our might first. Remember, you have to use your full strength to deal with the top experts of the Blue Star. Don’t hold back at all,” Shui Zhi emphasized.

“Understood.” Chi Jing nodded in agreement as he swallowed a Restoration Pill and listened to the tactics that Shui Zhi had instructed him.

Shui Zhi placed great importance on Xu Tui. Putting everything else aside, it would be extremely difficult to kill Xu Tui if he did not design a good target for the divine demon abnormality ability of teleportation.

Therefore, Shui Zhi had carefully designed a battle plan to surround and annihilate Xu Tui. However, his understanding of Xu Tui was what he had known on Planet X more than half a year ago.

Of course, Shui Zhi understood the principle of lenient judgment. How much could Xu Tui grow in just half a year?

Currently, Chi Jing also has the combat strength of the Nine Satellites. There was no doubt that the two of them would surround and annihilate Xu Tui. The only problem was how to restrict Xu Tui’s teleportation ability and kill him. This was the main point of Shui Zhi’s consideration.

At the same time, Xu Tui spoke. “The two of you were with Gu Ji just now. You attacked Mr. Shang very happily.” Xu Tui had a cold smile.

“On the battlefield, it’s normal for both sides to fight to the death. Commander Xu, don’t say such childish words. However, Commander Xu, you fell into our hands today. If you surrender now, not only can you survive, but you can also become a rich man in the future,” Chi Jing said.

Xu Tui shook his head when he heard that. “Mr. Shang’s attack just now was heroic. I could not learn such a heroic sword light. My sword light contains the most aura, but it’s a little unpresentable.”

“Oh, what kind of aura does Commander Xu’s sword light contain?” While Chi Jing was talking to Xu Tui, Shui Zhi slowly moved his body and threw out jade talismans. Ice-type attacks were extremely suitable for trapping and restraining people.

In order to break Xu Tui’s teleportation ability, Shui Zhi was using his life-saving jade talisman to expand the range of his Ice Domain at all costs.

“My aura is called wretched!”

Chi Jing and Shui Zhi were stunned at the same time when Xu Tui finished speaking. What kind of f*cking aura was this? Almost at the same time, Xu Tui instantly disappeared.


The moment Xu Tui disappeared, Shui Zhi and Chi Jing became extremely nervous. However, in the next moment, Xu Tui appeared on the other side. He was six to seven kilometers away from Chi Jing.

This distance was not suitable for them to attack Xu Tui. Therefore, Shui Zhi and Chi Jing rushed over from both sides the moment Xu Tui appeared. The moment he rushed over, Shui Zhi frowned slightly. His mental perception was even more sensitive. He suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, as if he was being spied on.

In Xu Tui’s mind, he had already activated the seals of the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole and the Ji Shui Star Lord.

The Heavenly Eye that the Longevity Emperor of the South Pole had given Xu

Tui had already been activated. He was carefully observing Shui Zhi and Chi Jing. Xu Tui could even vaguely determine the trajectory of the two of them through the Heavenly Eye.

The moment Xu Tui teleported, 11 cold sword lights instantly appeared in front of Chi Jing.

Xu Tui’s combat range was already extremely wide. Now, with the enhancement of the Heavenly Eye, it was equivalent to fighting at homeground in the small universe of the Heavenly Court. The range of his battle was wider, and he was more proficient.

In an instant, the Ice Array Sword slashed at Chi Jing.

“How dare you!” Shui Zhi immediately realized that this was an excellent opportunity. He instantly charged forward and wanted to attack Xu Tui.

When Chi Jing saw Xu Tui attacking him, flames shone around his body. The Flame Mirror also blasted toward Xu Tui’s Ice Array Sword.

Chi Jing felt that he should be able to withstand this sword. However, the moment the 11 ice array swords slashed out, they suddenly swayed at the same time, turning into a super-large ice seal domain that enveloped him.

The moment the ice array blasted down, Chi Jing’s heart suddenly trembled. This attack fluctuation was too f*cking strong. He felt that he could not deal with it.

Fortunately, with Shui Zhi around, there should be no danger..

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