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Chapter 3

Two Little Buns

Yun Ran didn’t know she had someone on her trail.

She rushed back to the Prime Minister’s residence but was stopped at the door by two servants.

“Second Miss, you’re going the wrong way.”

Yun Ran frowned and looked unhappily at the two people blocking her way. “Isn’t this the Prime Minister’s residence?”

The servant sneered and replied sarcastically, “It’s true that this is the Prime Minister’s residence, but the Prime Minister has long given the order. Second Miss, you did those shameless things. For the sake of the Prime Minister’s reputation, you can’t use the front door. There’s a dog hole in the backyard. That’s the way you should go.”

“A dog hole?”

Yun Ran bit the word hard, and a cold glint appeared in her eyes.

Whoever wanted to crawl through the dog hole could do so. She, Yun Ran, would not bend down and crawl through a dog hole!

“Get out of my way!”

Yun Ran shouted, her eyes as cold as the wind.

In an instant, the two servants were stunned by her gaze. When they regained their senses, they reached out to grab her.

Yun Ran’s figure swayed and she nimbly dodged. She threw two punches back at them and accurately hit their temples, knocking them to the ground.

Then she walked gracefully and calmly through the door of the Prime Minister’s residence.

According to the memories of the Host in her mind, she found the place where the Host and the two children lived, a small woodshed by the stable.

When she pushed open the rickety wooden door, she saw two naked children chained up.

The two little b.a.l.l.s on the broken straw mat saw Yun Ran and their big black grape-like eyes lit up.

They huffed and addressed her as their mother cutely.

Yun Ran was instantly charmed by their soft little voices.

At the same time, her heart ached. The Host was stupid and weak. She didn’t even live like a human, so how could she protect these two children?

Everyone in the Prime Minister’s Mansion said that the children of fools were all fools.

Therefore, the two children had been locked here since they were born.

Actually, not only were the two children not stupid, they were smarter than normal children. They had learned to walk and talk before they were a year old.

Neither of them had a name.

The Host had never read much, so she named the little packrats after two of her favorite foods, Bun and Sweetcake.

Bun was the brother and Sweetcake was the sister.

The two children were obviously malnourished. They were as thin as two kitten cubs who had just turned a month old.

Perhaps it was because they were twins, their facial features were very similar.

“Mother, steamed bun. Eat it.”

Bun was an older brother, so he was a little braver. He took out half a bun from the torn blanket and handed it to Yun Ran, revealing a row of small teeth and smiling ingratiatingly at her.

His sister, Sweetcake, was a timid and shy little girl. Even her voice was small. “Mother, eat. Sweetcake will be full after drinking water.”

As she spoke, she reached out with her skinny little arms to pull at the broken porcelain bowl in front of her.

Seeing that the water in the bowl was muddy and a lot of sand had settled in it, Yun Ran quickly stopped her. “Don’t drink it. The water is too dirty.”

Little Sweetcake blinked her big, beautiful, jewel-like eyes, which were filled with confusion. She didn’t understand why her mother said the water was dirty because they had always drunk such water.

However, her brother had said that Mother was right!

They had to listen to their mother.

Yun Ran took the bun that had been left around for countless days and was already moldy and sour. She raised her hand and threw it out. This thing could not be eaten at all.

Seeing that his mother had thrown the steamed bun away, Bun looked disappointed. He and his sister were hungry and could not bear to eat it.

Tears welled up in Sweetcake’s eyes. Was her mother angry with her and her brother?

“Mother, Sweetie and Brother will be good. We’ll be good. Don’t leave us, okay?”

Yun Ran looked at the small hand that was timidly grabbing her sleeve and realized that her actions had hurt the two little b.a.l.l.s. She quickly explained, “I understand your kindness, but that steamed bun is already moldy. You’ll get sick if you eat it.”

Looking around at the messy environment, Yun Ran couldn’t help but sigh. It was a miracle that these two children could survive until now.

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