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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

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Chapter 2

Beautiful Man

Yun Ran choked on her saliva. Before she could recover, her chin was pinched and she was forced to look up.

She met a pair of murderous eyes.

Those eyes were too special. One was pure black, and the other was actually a different pupil that glowed with purple light. The eyes were indifferent and exuded a suppressed intense aura.

Then a low, unfamiliar male voice spoke.

“Tell me! Who sent you?”

The man’s handsome facial features were impeccable, and his outline was as perfect as a ghost’s ax. He was not wearing a s.h.i.+rt, and there were water droplets on his chest. In the mist, he looked like a handsome man coming out of the shower.

However, Yun Ran was not in the mood to admire it. After all, her life was more important!

Her cuffs moved, but before she could swing her fists, her hands were grabbed.

In this way, they were even closer.

Yun Ran tried to push him away, but instead of pus.h.i.+ng him away, she was held even tighter by those strong arms. The man’s hot breath sprayed on her neck. Her slightly arched softness pressed against the man’s chest, and the heat from him spread through the thin s.h.i.+rt.

Yun Ran immediately felt her entire body go limp. Her pink cheeks were flushed as if she was possessed. A soft moan seeped out from her two delicate lips.

But she didn’t think much of it. She just thought of it as the aftereffects of being drugged.

At this moment, the man’s eyes seemed to have suddenly changed. The killing intent faded, and his eyes were dyed with a strange scarlet color. His chest heaved rapidly, and his heavy breathing was suppressed in his throat. His voice was as low and hoa.r.s.e as sandpaper.

“What did you drug me with?”

“Drugged?” Yun Ran’s pink lips parted slightly as she raised her chin. There was a hint of arrogance in her eyes. “Who are you looking down on? I’ll only get my hands dirty playing with such despicable drugs.”

So what if he was handsome?

This person was probably delusional!

The man stared at her, his eyes dark. He was puzzled for about two seconds as if he was thinking about something. Suddenly, he raised his hand to tug at her lapel.

When his calloused fingers touched her slightly cold skin, the places he touched were numb, causing Yun Ran to let out another moan.

“Pervert, what are you doing? Let go of me!”

Yun Ran wanted to reprimand him coldly, but she did not expect those words to come out of her mouth. They were abnormally soft and actually carried a hint of coquettishness.

“Who are you?”

The man seemed to be in a worse state than her. His face was abnormally red, and his voice was even more hoa.r.s.e, but he still held her slender waist tightly.

Yun Ran was not used to being so close to others. She desperately pressed against that firm chest and thin waist.

Unexpectedly, the way she twisted was another kind of provocation for the man.

“d.a.m.n it, don’t move! Tell me who you are and I’ll let you leave.”

“Like h.e.l.l, I believe you!”

Yun Ran had always been wild. With her hands and feet bound, she knocked her head forward and hit his handsome chin.

While he was distracted, she struggled free and swam desperately to the sh.o.r.e.

Mo Beiyuan looked at the fleeing figure and a certain blurry memory appeared in his mind.

About four and a half years ago, he was schemed against and poisoned. When the Gu poison acted up, he accidentally did it with a strange woman.

At that time, he was not conscious enough to remember the woman’s appearance. The only memory he had was the special birthmark on her shoulder.

That Gu poison was called the Love Seed. After being poisoned by the Gu, if the afflicted parties had s.e.x, there would be a fatal attraction between them. That was why he had lost control with that woman just now.

Apart from that, this Gu poison would also tie their lives together. If one of them died, the other could not live alone.

Therefore, before he could cure himself of the Gu poison, this woman could not die.

“Thunderbolt, follow her. I want all her information.”


A crisp answer came from the forest. A black shadow chased after Yun Ran.

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