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Chapter 11

Going Out Without Some Money

This was the first time Bun and Sweetcake had gone out in the woodshed, and the first time they had ridden in a carriage. They were curious about everything that was going on outside.

Leaning over the window of the carriage to look out at things they had never seen before, they clenched their little fists in excitement.

Ever since Yun Ran had transmigrated, she had finally been able to relax a little. She leaned against the soft cus.h.i.+on and looked out at the bustling market from time to time.

This was indeed the Imperial City of the East Continent. The streets were wide and very prosperous.

Yun Ran heard the hawking of candied hawthorn and made the carriage stop for a moment. Then she reached out to Mo Beiyuan. “Lend me some copper coins. I’ll go buy some things.”

It couldn’t be helped. The Host was really poor and didn’t have a single copper coin. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have climbed out of the dog hole to s.n.a.t.c.h food from the beggars on the corner.

“I don’t have any copper coins.” Mo Beiyuan was stunned for a moment. However, he did have some crystals in his storage ring.

Yun Ran was about to say, “You’re a prince. Don’t you bring some money with you when you go out?”

But she saw someone hand him a small box.

Mo Beiyuan took it and opened it to reveal a pile of crystals of various sizes.

These crystals were dug out from the heads of demon beasts and were even more valuable than gold. A small one-star crystal could be exchanged for a small box of gold.

The crystals in the small box in front of Yun Ran were all at least three stars. They were priceless.

“I just want to buy two sticks of candied hawthorn for the children and two sets of clothes. I don’t need such expensive crystals.”

Mo Beiyuan did not care much and replied indifferently, “They’re just some stones. They’re not expensive.”

What he meant was that these things were no different from stones in his eyes.

In that case, she wouldn’t argue with him. She took a few pieces and got out of the car.

It didn’t take long to buy a pile of food and clothes.

She stuffed a set of clothes into Mo Beiyuan’s hands. “These are Bun’s. Put them on for him. I’ll change them for Little Sweetcake.”

When Mo Beiyuan was dressing Bun, he saw the old and new scars on his body and the deformed arm that had grown after being broken.

“How did you get these injuries? Did Yun Hai do it?”

Bun answered his question obediently as he licked the candied hawthorn in his hand. “The big baddie did it. And the other big baddie poked it with such a long needle.”

Yun Ran was afraid that Mo Beiyuan wouldn’t understand Bun’s words, so she translated for him. “Big baddie refers to Yun Hai. The other baddie refers to the nanny beside the Prime Minister’s wife, Luo Die. She must have been instructed by Luo Die to torture Bun and Sweetcake. However, I’ve already cut off that old thing’s arm.”

Mo Beiyuan understood. Therefore, she did not suddenly go crazy and start hurting people, but it was to avenge the two children.

He couldn’t help but wonder why she had watched those people attack the two children in the past if she had the ability. Was she really stupid or just pretending to be?

But doubts were doubts. Some things were not meant to be discussed in front of children.

… .

It had been a long time since the Yuan Manor was so lively.

Although there were only three more people joining the Yuan Manor, these three people were extraordinary.

Their master not only had a woman but two bloodlines.

In the future, who would dare to say that their prince was destined to be alone?

Little Sweetcake was already sleepy. When Yun Ran carried her out of the carriage, the little girl had already fallen asleep on her shoulder.

However, Bun was quite energetic. His big black eyes were wide open.

In fact, Bun was already sleepy, but he didn’t dare to sleep. He was afraid that if he slept, his father would disappear, and they would return to the same place as before, chained up.

So he surrept.i.tiously pinched the flesh of his thigh with his small hand to keep his eyes open.

Spotting his little gesture, Yun Ran frowned. “Why pinch yourself, Bun?”

Bun was shocked and nervous at having been discovered.

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