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The Ghost King's Wife is Sassy and Beautiful

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Chapter 1

Are You Tired of Living?

“Fourth Prince, the drug is working. She’s unconscious. We can dig her heart out.”

“Then why are you still wasting your breath? Hurry up and dig! If you delay Qingqing’s treatment, I’ll kill you.”

In the small chamber, more than a dozen oil lamps burned, illuminating the entire chamber.

On the simple wooden platform lay a woman. She was very thin and weak. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her brows were furrowed. Her face, filled with dark scars, was in pain.

Yun Ran felt weak all over as if her limbs were imprisoned by something. Her head felt as if it was pressed down by a huge rock, and she couldn’t breathe.

But she still relied on her extraordinary willpower to open her eyelids.

She raised her hand and grabbed the sharp blade that was about to stab her heart.

Her cold gaze swept to the man in the ancient robe who was holding the knife. She said word by word, “Are you tired of living?”

The man was frightened by her gaze. In his panic, he let go of the knife.

Yun Ran quickly turned the knife around. At that moment, an unfamiliar memory surged into her mind.

Yun Ran was the second daughter of the Prime Minister’s residence in the East Continent. She was born stupid. Four years ago, her innocence was ruined and she was pregnant. Three years ago, she gave birth to a pair of twins and became the biggest stain and laughing stock in the entire East Continent.

The reason why the Host was lying here was that her twin sister, Yun Qingqing, suddenly had heart disease. Yun Qingqing’s admirer, the fourth prince, Mo Chengw.a.n.g, had heard from somewhere that using her heart as a medicine primer could treat Yun Qingqing’s heart disease, so he captured her and wanted to dig out her heart.

Who knew that the excessive drug would end up taking the Host’s life?

She was originally the number one killer in the apocalypse which made zombies tremble in fear. An accident happened when her superpower was upgraded.

She did not expect to wake up in such a body.

Seeing that Yun Ran actually dared to resist, Mo Chengw.a.n.g glared at her viciously. “Stupid fool, it’s your blessing to be able to treat Qingqing. Don’t be ungrateful.”

Yun Ran held the palm-sized knife, her eyes cold.

Before they could react, she swung the knife and accurately pressed the blade against Mo Chengw.a.n.g’s neck artery.

“Don’t move. This knife in my hand doesn’t have eyes.”

With a knife at their master’s neck, the guards naturally did not dare to act rashly.

They could only watch as Yun Ran and her hostage disappeared into the night.

… .

Yun Ran fled to the courtyard wall and raised the knife in her hand.

Mo Chengw.a.n.g’s expression changed instantly. “What do you want to do? How dare you attack me? Do you want to die?”

A second later, Yun Ran raised her hand and knocked him out.

With light movements, she climbed over the wall.

Beyond the wall was a forest and Yun Ran ran through it.

Unexpectedly, there was a hot spring in the depths.

At that moment, she heard hurried footsteps behind her.

The footsteps were accompanied by noisy shouting, “You have to catch her. Otherwise, you won’t be able to explain to the Master.”

Yun Ran looked at the hot spring in front of her and jumped in without thinking.

Footsteps approached from behind.

Yun Ran held her breath and swam deeper.

After swimming for an unknown period of time, her head b.u.mped into something accidentally.

Before she could react, she was grabbed by the neck and lifted out of the water.


Water splashed.

Yun Ran’s vision returned, and a naked chest came into view.

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