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Chapter 100: Frenemy

Volume 4 Chapter 100 – Frenemy

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His heart dropped.

‘Dante Hairan. There’s no way… Did he detect my magic and spiritual energy?’

Recently, the number of people who knew about his alternative powers increased. 

However, it was power that should not go public yet. Jin tried his best to conceal his nervousness and looked Dante straight in the eyes.

“Hidden powers? What do you mean by that?”

“What’s this? Jin, did you already learn the Runcandel Clan’s decisive killing moves?”

Beradin abruptly joined the conversation. Since he became a 7-star magician, he awaited a similar growth from Jin as well.

“Ah… It was just a hunch. There was never a time where my guts lied to me during a battle. I knew from the moment we clashed swords. Whether I can win or lose… Stuff like that. And even though your swordsmans.h.i.+p seemed to be duller than mine, I still felt like I would lose.”

“Really? How cool.”

“Ultimately, I failed, so my hunch was correct. However, if you really didn’t have any secret techniques or powers, then I held back for nothing.”

At Dante’s words, Jin just smiled outwardly. But inside, he was surprised. Dante’s hunch was spot on.

“Anyways, be prepared the next time we fight. I will give it my all.”

“Jin, Dante. Me too. I’m awaiting the day we all lead our respective clans and have a legendary battle.”

Dante’s and Beradin’s eyes glimmered with fighting spirit.

Although they were sitting in a circle with a wine gla.s.s in hand at the moment, they would have to fight each other someday.

Enemies that were friends, friends that were enemies. Their relations.h.i.+p was like that.

‘However, when the time comes, I don’t think I can kill you.’

As silence ensued, Dante was trapped in his thoughts.

“But on that topic, becoming allies after fighting wouldn’t be that bad. Just settling on a victory and becoming good friends again and all…”

Beradin broke the silence while scratching the back of his head.

“I would’ve never thought the prospective successor of the Zipfel Clan would speak such soft words.”

“It’s just a hope! Hope! You mess up a little, and you both die to me, hehe. Oh, but besides that, the craziest thing happened to me.”

“What is it, Beradin?”

Dante showed interest, and Beradin clenched his fist.

“You know the Akin Kingdom? It’s a kingdom that’s part of the Lutero Magic Federation, and apparently, someone impersonated me there last year.”

Jin would’ve spat the wine in his mouth, but he safely retained composure.

“Ha! Is that true? In the land of the Lutero Magic Federation, impersonating you… A man with no brain. So, what happened?”

“…Surprisingly, they haven’t caught the culprit. Apparently, the impersonator destroyed the underground organization known as Tesing. A very weird intent. And the clan’s investigators can’t find anything.”

“Why not put a bounty?”

“Doing that means soiling the Zipfel name, Dante. It’s basically advertising that the all-powerful Zipfels can’t find a measly impersonator.”

Jin calmly explained, and Beradin nodded.

“Exactly. And recently, we lost Lord Andrei… It isn’t something to bring up right now. Oh, Jin. It wasn’t to make you uncomfortable. It isn’t even confirmed that the Runcandel Clan is the culprit behind his death.”

“But what if it is?”

To Jin’s question, Dante coughed and glanced at Beradin.

The young Zipfel shrugged. 

“We, as well, killed many from Runcandel. It’s just a debt-repaying relations.h.i.+p. So when the time comes, it’ll be equal… And to be honest, I didn’t really like him. In fact, I hated him.”

“So the prospective successor of the Zipfel Clan did not like the old geezer of a second-in-command. I don’t think that’s something you should say without caution. What do you think, Beradin?”

Jin calmly spoke. He wondered why Beradin didn’t like Andrei.

‘Is it because Andrei lost the way of the pure magicians by using the Demon G.o.d’s…o…b.. Or just his different perversive temperament? Either way, the orb should be a big deal for the entirety of the Zipfels…

‘But before that… does Beradin even know about the orb? Seeing him, I’m sure he’ll have some sense of hesitation for human experimentation or gathering contractors for the orb, but he would do it anyway. It could be related to the reason he disliked Andrei.’

But it wasn’t something Jin could ask about.

“It’s just something I say. I can say that I don’t like someone simply because I don’t like them. We’re close enough to say that stuff, right? I believe we are!”

“Hoho… Hearing you say such complaints, I’ve also thought of annoying stories from my clan. Someday, I shall get rid of all of those peasants!”

Pointlessly blabbering about personal problems within the clan in front of the enemy.

An act only an idiot could do. 

‘Dante is definitely a certified idiot, but I don’t know about Beradin. He’s definitely not the average guy.’

In addition to that, using Numerous’s Blood for Dante.

Bringing up the dead Andrei and saying that he ‘hated him’. It was hard for Jin to pinpoint Beradin’s intent.

Within a few seconds, Beradin raised his voice again in fury.

“Oh shoot, the conversation strayed too much. Anyways! The impersonator. We can’t put a bounty or anything, but we couldn’t just gloss over it… We’re thinking of putting the high-star magicians into investigation.”

“Oh, you’re deploying 8-star magicians to catch a mere impersonator? The Zipfel Clan truly is a great clan.”

“What do you mean? The Hairan Clan can do that as well. Jin, what do you think?”

“If I were you, I’d just say that there was no impersonator and that I destroyed the Tesings.”


“By your words, the culprit used your name to destroy an underground organization. Did he harm the kingdom’s citizens?”

“No, it’s the opposite. Recently, Akin seems to be having a festival every day. It appears that the Tesings’ corruption was insane.”

“Then it’d be better to take credit for the outcome. In fact, since the culprit hasn’t been caught, he’ll probably impersonate you again. As the tail grows longer, it’ll be easier to catch. Deploying high-star magicians would be foolish.”

“Hm… Good point. I guess I was going too far. I should ponder on this more.”

“If you catch the culprit, please inform me. I would like to see such a courageous man.”

“Alright. For the time being, Dante, make sure to visit one of our banquets. I’ll make sure to send an invitation.”

The three spent the night talking and drinking.

Apart from Dante and Beradin, Jin reserved his words—for one reason.

‘More words could hit me in the back.’

Although it was a short meeting, that night, he wished they were his friends. Not enemies.

* * *

“Young Master! For what reason did you use Numerous’s Blood on Dante Hairan?”

“And you should’ve killed Jin Runcandel on the spot. It was an opportunity to kill off your compet.i.tion!”

“Make that part a secret. And as for this treasure chest, make sure it doesn’t get a single scratch when it gets back to the clan. Hehe, it’s a very nice souvenir.”

“Why is it so important? Don’t blame us for wasting such a valuable artifact.”

“Stop, stop. Gaining Dante Hairan’s trust is nothing bad. From losing one drop of blood, it’s raising the chances of having the Hairan Clan on our side when we wage war against the Runcandels.”


“As for not killing Jin, there are some things I needed to check. I’m gonna sleep until we return, so you guys are dismissed.”

The bodyguards mumbled in disapproval and left.

And Beradin sighed.

‘Well, Father and the elders will find out soon enough. The excuse for Numerous’s Blood is fine, but what do I tell them about Jin…? Should I say that I couldn’t have won? That wouldn’t seem like a lie…’

Beradin’s future already seemed grim.

* * *

Reaper Scans

* * *

“I’m sorry, grandfather. On top of losing the compet.i.tion, I’ve had a close encounter with death. Twice.”

“You almost lost your life in an insignificant compet.i.tion…? How did this happen? Was it a lack of swordsmans.h.i.+p or was there a master who was blinded by money?”

The patriarch of the Hairan Clan questioned Dante. In contrast to his words, his expression was not the slightest bit angry. 

He felt proud as soon as his grandson returned. His adorable and precious grandson returned home with lessons learnt.

“I did not lack such sword skill, but resilience. Additionally, there was no such master, but two friendly boys.”

“Hoho, hearing you say that, I’d like to hear some more. You don’t even bat an eye towards the most beautiful women in the clan… Alright, what are the names of these fellows?”

“Grandfather, unfortunately, I cannot tell you of their names… Instead, I would like to request something.”

“You little—!”

Ron embraced Dante and jokingly choked him.

However, he did not press and ask for the boys’ names. Changing his grandson’s mind was harder than rising to the top spot of his clan.

“Kurgh. I c-can’t breathe.”

Even though it was a joke, the choke was still painful as it came from a 10-star knight.

“You make your grandfather disappointed as soon as you come! However, I forgive you. What is your request?”

“In whatever situation, please let me save these acquaintances.”

* * *

“Oh, you’re back? How was it, kid? Did you get beat by Dante or Donte or whatever-his-name-was? Your expression’s a little grim. Don’t you think, Strawberry Pie?”

“What do you mean by grim? Of course I won.”

“Young Master, are you tired? You don’t look too good. I congratulate you on your victory… but did you fall into a dilemma? Did you get poisoned or something of the sort?”

“No, it’s fine, Gilly. I’m just a little tired. How were you guys without me?”

“Oh, Lord Jin! You’re back! Whoa! This time, victory in a fighting compet.i.tion! As a celebration, please sign the back of my s.h.i.+rt!”

Enya ran towards Jin, offering him a pen and her back. 

‘A celebration.’

Jin took the pen and looked at his other hand. He held the shark-tooth trophy tightly. 

‘Those idiots. They won’t keep the bag of gold and treasure chest as souvenirs, right?’

Jin smiled as he signed Enya’s s.h.i.+rt.

“Thank you for appreciating me, Miss Enya.”

He was thankful that he had friendly people who would offer him all the love and kindness in the world.



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