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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Soul Contract, Capturing the Mutant Fox

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“Could this little guy have mutated?” Chu Mu carefully examined the little fox in front of him.

“But even if it mutated, it should have only changed from a Red Cloud Fox to a Blue Star Fox. How did it suddenly become a Moonlight Fox? Unless this little guy didn’t mutate just once, but twice in this period.”

Chu Mu continued to mutter to himself, but as he spoke, his voice grew lower and lower.

Chu Mu was just speaking casually and didn’t really believe that there would be a soul pet with continuous mutations in this world. After all, race mutations were already very rare, and continuous race mutations… it would be like having a soul pet whose species ranking could be infinitely upgraded.

However, this casual remark made Chu Mu suddenly realize a very important issue – the two other Red Cloud Foxes and Blue Star Foxes he had seen before all had silver moon marks on their foreheads!

“The Soul Pet Mutation Book mentioned that there will definitely be a mark of its original race somewhere on the body of a mutated soul pet,” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s expression had already changed, from casual to serious, and gradually showing a bit of astonishment!

“Mu… Mu… Mutated soul pet, and… and continuous mutation! It’s a soul pet with continuous mutation!!!”

Chu Mu remembered that when he first saw the Red Cloud Fox, there were signs of injury on its tail. In order to verify his guess, Chu Mu quickly grabbed the little fox’s tail and parted its fur.

A shallow scar! Chu Mu stood still, looking at the wound in the same position with disbelief.

“Continuously mutating soul pet… it’s really a continuously mutating soul pet… I must be dreaming…”

At this moment, Chu Mu’s inner fury was boiling, and he even felt waves of heat surge through his body!!!

For most soul pets, being able to mutate once is already a luxury, but now, Chu Mu had unintentionally encountered a soul pet with continuous mutations – a priceless treasure!!!!

A constantly mutating soul pet has infinite potential and limitless room for strength improvement!

Thorn Demon is low-grade, with the weakest potential. Manxi Monster is medium-grade, with higher potential than Thorn Demon.

Blue Bird is high-grade, with even higher potential than Manxi Monster!

As long as one has a Manxi Monster, there is hope for making it into the top ten. With a Blue Bird, one can definitely sweep all opponents, because Blue Bird is a high-grade soul pet.

However, Chu Mu now obtains the Moonlight Fox, which has mutated from low-grade to medium-grade. If it mutates to high-grade, its potential will be the same as the Blue Bird, allowing Chu Mu to attain first place!

Furthermore, if it mutates again, going beyond high-grade, Chu Mu will even be able to deal with Executors in the future!

“There’s always a way out, there’s always a way out, hahaha, I Chu Mu can actually encounter such a rare treasure of a soul pet, hahaha!!!”

Chu Mu laughed, not knowing how long it had been since he laughed so heartily like today!!

“Mutated soul pet, continuously mutated soul pet, hahahaha!!!”

As he laughed, Chu Mu already felt tears welling up in his eyes!

Scalding tears landed on his cheeks.

For the past year, Chu Mu’s heart had been filled with a sense of loss because his life had been hanging by a thread, under someone else’s control. A slight move of their finger, and he would face the most cruel death.

Everyone on the island was struggling on the edge of life and death, but Chu Mu had already stepped into the Ghost Gate, with the evil spirit inside him constantly growing!

Chu Mu knew that his death was imminent!

For others, facing death requires courage, but for Chu Mu, staying alive requires even greater courage, or even more than that!

He was forced into a dead end, with the only way out being to fight to survive.

Breaking into the perilous Inner Island was Chu Mu’s only choice!

Indeed, in the face of danger, Chu Mu had found the greatest hope for survival!

This soul pet could continuously mutate! As long as he nurtured it carefully, it could definitely become a powerful being in this world!

Chu Mu wiped the corner of his eye; it took him a while to gradually calm down from the surging emotions inside him.

Chu Mu knew that it wasn’t time to rejoice yet. Although he possessed a soul pet that could continually mutate, he still needed to cultivate it step by step. After all, it was still a first-stage newborn, and Chu Mu had to make it stronger and stronger, so that it would not be killed by others before it could mutate.

The first thing he needed to do was to sign a soul contract with this Soul Pet.

Chu Mu gazed into the eyes of the little fox, and saw that it was still trying to break free from the white silk, even though it was completely bound. Through the eyes of the Little Moonlight Fox, Chu Mu could see the little creature’s unwillingness and resilience!

No matter how the Moonlight Fox felt, Chu Mu had to capture this soul pet!

Chu Mu closed his eyes, using his soul as a guide, and activated the soul power within his body to tap into the power of the soul contract!

“Fourth Soul Contract, open!”

A pale blue, special halo appeared between Chu Mu’s hands, s.h.i.+mmering with brilliant beauty.

Chu Mu gently placed his hand on the Moonlight Fox’s body, and the pale blue halo immediately enveloped it.

The Moonlight Fox showed clear fear and began to struggle frantically.

The soul contract halo continued to glow faintly, but as the Moonlight Fox struggled, the pale blue soul contract halo became dimmer.

In the end, the pale blue soul contract halo disappeared.

The disappearance of the pale blue halo meant that this time’s soul contract had failed, and the Soul Pet still had a strong desire to resist, completely rejecting Chu Mu’s soul contract.

Chu Mu knew that success from the first try was unlikely, so fortunately, during this time the White Nightmare Demon was sleeping, and Chu Mu’s soul power was full enough to use it ten times.

Chu Mu continued to use his own soul as a guide, consuming the soul power in his body, and once again released the pale blue soul contract halo.

The halo wrapped around the Moonlight Fox’s body, and upon receiving the soul stimulation, the Moonlight Fox immediately showed pain and anger, struggling frantically. But soon, the pale blue soul contract halo disappeared again.

Of course, Chu Mu wouldn’t give up easily and continued to use the power of the soul contract.

Chu Mu failed to capture this soul pet after six consecutive soul contract attempts.

On the seventh try, Chu Mu didn’t immediately use the soul contract. Instead, he looked at the unyielding Moonlight Fox and said, “Little guy, I know you don’t want to be controlled by others, but you’re too weak. It’s challenging to survive on this island, and you could be stifled at a very young stage. You don’t want to end up so depressed, do you? You long to become strong, and I’m the one who can take you to the pinnacle of this world!

“Accept my soul contract!!!”

Chu Mu spoke sincerely, believing that soul pets could understand human language.

After finis.h.i.+ng his sentence, Chu Mu initiated the seventh soul contract, placing his palm on the Moonlight Fox’s body, and encircling it with the pale blue halo once more.

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