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Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Race Mutation, Moonlight Fox

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“The Gexi Monster just pa.s.sed by here, and another soul pet dares to pa.s.s by. Could it be another ferocious fellow?” Chu Mu silently guessed.

The Gexi Monster with strength beyond the Ninth Stage was not far ahead. This creature has its own aura that can make weak soul pets shy away for miles.

Rustling sounds came from the bushes. Moments later, a pet.i.te soul pet emerged from it.

The little soul pet cautiously glanced at the Gexi Monster wriggling its plump body forward not far ahead, then slowly approached the food…

“Blue Star Fox, another little fox …” Chu Mu looked at the little fellow and was momentarily speechless.

The Blue Star Fox in the trap location was even smaller than the young fox Chu Mu had encountered before. Including its tail, its body length did not exceed forty centimeters.

Furthermore, judging from its spa.r.s.e fur, it should still be very young. In human terms, it was probably equivalent to a baby who had just learned to walk recently.

“The Blue Star Fox should be slightly higher than the Red Cloud Fox, but unfortunately it’s still suitable as a pet for a girl…” Chu Mu shook his head with a bitter smile, helplessly watching the little fellow take away his bait.

When the little fellow took Chu Mu’s bait, it even specifically observed the surrounding situation, showing it to be a rather clever soul pet.

“Either the strength is too strong, or it’s too weak, sigh…” Chu Mu sighed in the depths of his heart, breaking off a piece of grain and delivering it to the mouth of the little green worm on his shoulder.

The little green worm happily accepted it and started gnawing on the grain while lying on Chu Mu’s shoulder.

Waiting was extremely difficult, but Chu Mu did not chase away the little green worm, using it for company instead. Also, even though this little green worm was not even considered a soul pet, it had a high level of vigilance. Whenever a powerful soul pet appeared, it would always remind Chu Mu.

After waiting for another three days and still gaining nothing, Chu Mu had to change locations again.

“What… what is going on here? Did I poke a fox’s nest or something? Why is it another young fox!”

On the fifteenth day of his vigil, Chu Mu once again saw a young fox come to steal his food!!

Chu Mu’s bait consisted of soul core shards of the soul pet, which came from the body of a soul pet. In general, many soul pets treated these soul cores as delicious food.

Chu Mu’s soul core shards were limited, and he couldn’t afford to have so many little foxes keep stealing them in succession.

Finally, Chu Mu could no longer tolerate it and decisively set a trap when a young Moonlight Fox attempted to steal his soul core shards!

“Wuuu~~~~” The little Moonlight Fox immediately sensed the danger and quickly responded. In the instant that the trap sank, it used its small paws to grab onto a root buried in the mud layer, its body hanging fifty centimeters below the trap.

“Swoos.h.!.+” The young Moonlight Fox moved very agilely. Borrowing leverage from the edges of the trap, it jumped back to the ground!

Chu Mu was stunned. This little Moonlight Fox was at most a first-stage infant, yet it exhibited such agility. This trap was set for third-stage soul pets!


Just when Chu Mu thought the little fellow was going to escape, the little worm on his shoulder suddenly made a sound, followed by a white silk thread spraying out from the little green worm’s mouth!

The white silk thread accurately wrapped around the Moonlight Fox leaping into mid-air. The Moonlight Fox panicked for a moment, its body barely touching the edge of the trap before being bound by the white silk.

“Puff~~~~~~” The green worm continued to spit out white silkthreads, sticking and adding several layers around the Moonlight Fox’s body, wrapping it up tightly, giving the young fox no chance to escape.

The young fox continued to struggle, trying to break free from the silk, but despite its speed, its strength was too weak to escape, and it gradually lost energy.

Chu Mu was a bit caught off guard, looking at the big round eyes of the green worm and then at the trapped little fox, he couldn’t help but laugh, patting the little creature and saying, “Well done, I didn’t expect you could spit silk, you really bring me good luck.”

The green worm twisted its body on Chu Mu’s shoulder, looking very smug.

Chu Mu rewarded the green worm with another piece of dry food, then approached the Moonlight Fox, decisively picked up the little thing and climbed back up the tree.

Chu Mu dared not stay on the ground where powerful soul pets often roamed.

Little young fox lay there, constantly turning its eyes, showing an unwilling look and appearing ready to escape at any moment.

“Strange, why does this guy have a silver-white crescent mark on its forehead too?” Chu Mu soon noticed the mark on the forehead of the Moonlight Fox.

In the Demon Beast World, only the Silver Moon Fox of the Beast Type – Fox species has a silver-white crescent mark on its forehead.

The reason why the Moonlight Fox is called the Moonlight Fox is because it has the special ability to absorb moonlight and transform it into power.

Chu Mu recalled the first time he encountered the young fox; it was a hybrid of Red Cloud Fox and Silver Moon Fox, with a species ranking of low grade.

The second time, he encountered the Blue Star Fox, which is also a low-grade species and a slightly higher level compared to the Red Cloud Fox. Chu Mu vaguely remembered seeing a silver-white crescent mark on the forehead of the blue star fox. He didn’t pay too much attention back then.

The third time, he encountered this Moonlight Fox of medium grade, leaving Chu Mu bewildered to see that there was still a silver-white crescent mark on its forehead.

“The crescent mark should only belong to the Silver Moon Fox. How come all three of these little foxes I met have it? Could it be, they are all the same one?” Chu Mu stared at the young fox, muttering to himself.

“One and the same… that’s impossible. The three young foxes are of different breeds; they cannot be the same.”

Chu Mu was just speaking casually. In fact, Red Cloud Fox, Blue Star Fox, and Moonlight Fox all belong to the Fox species but in different sub-clans, hence they can’t be the same one.

A soul pet’s birth determines its species, and it will always remain that species, never changing…

Of course, there is a very, very unique situation…

The ranking of a soul pet is determined by its species ranking. The species ranking is determined by the species of the soul pet, which is naturally unchangeable.

However, in the soul pet field, there is an incredibly rare situation called a race mutation!

Theoretically, the strength of all soul pets can be continuously improved, such as a high-grade fierce wolf, elevating from the first stage to an even higher stage.

However, every soul pet ultimately has a bottleneck. Even if their stage is still progressing, the limited nature of their race makes the increase in strength negligible.

At this point, some soul pets with mutated bloodlines have a very small chance of experiencing a race mutation, changing from a lower-grade species to a higher-grade species!

Once, Chu Mu had heard of a real event where a wolf with great potential mutated into a more powerful Horror Wolf.

The species ranking of the Horror Wolf is much higher than that of the fierce wolf. A sixth stage Horror Wolf can defeat at least three sixth stage fierce wolves!

Mutations can be considered a peculiarity in the soul pet field and are absolutely a coveted surprise for soul pet trainers!

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