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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Threat of Death

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“Pah! Pah! Pah!!!”

A few clapping sounds echoed in the b.l.o.o.d.y camp, signaling that the terrible nightmare had finally come to an end!

The stench of blood filled the camp as the sea breeze blew in, spreading in all directions. Rain began to fall, striking the trembling faces of the children that had survived and was.h.i.+ng the lifeless small bodies lying in pools of blood. It cleansed the blood from them.

The ground in the camp became muddy, rainwater mixed with blood…

The cruel fierce wolves were taken back by their Soul Pet Masters, leaving only fifty survivors. The rest had either died already or had their souls devoured by the nightmare demons in their bodies. Their corpses would soon be dragged away to be devoured by the nightmare demons before being tossed into the vast sea.

“Starting tomorrow, you will be free to move around the island. There are many Soul pets suitable for you on this island. Choose one to sign a soul contract with, and train them.

“In three months, there will be a duel. The Top Ten will be sent to another island to continue Nightmare Demon training. As for the rest, they will be thrown into the sea to feed the sharks!” the middle-aged man shouted at the surviving children.

After that, the middle-aged man showed a cruel smile and continued: “Of course, you’d better not overlook the Devil in your body. If you don’t quickly improve your Soul Power, you’ll end up as pitiable food for them…”

As soon as the Devil within them was mentioned, the children’s faces turned pale and their expressions were filled with helplessness and despair as if being chased by the Death G.o.d.

“Get back to your nests and feel grateful that you’ve managed to survive… Unfortunately, tomorrow you’ll have to face another death challenge! Also, another piece of advice, don’t enter the Inner Island area. To you, that place is a death zone!”

With not even a hint of pity, thirteen Executors left with mocking laughter, leaving the fifty small corpses in the blood-drenched camp.

The rain continued to wash the blood off the frail bodies. The surviving children had no choice but to step on the corpses to leave the camp and head toward the other residence camp.

The residential camp had a total of twenty-five wooden houses. The wooden houses were st.u.r.dy and intricate. They were neatly distributed on the seaside spot of the camp; the environment itself was not bad.

However, the environment was not good because the cold-blooded animals wanted to provide the children with good living conditions; instead, the island was a long-term Nightmare Demon training camp. After their batch was gone, either dead or departed, other children would be sent to repeat their tragic history.

Chu Mu’s back was torn open, making it difficult to walk as he reached his wooden house.

As soon as he opened the door, Chu Mu felt someone splas.h.i.+ng water on his back, causing a burning sensation in his wound.

Chu Mu immediately turned his head and saw Zhou Shengmo’s annoying smile.

“You’re really lucky not to die like that!” Zhou Shengmo mocked.

Chu Mu sneered, too lazy to start a war of words. In Chu Mu’s eyes, Zhou Shengmo was going to die sooner or later. Even if the Executor’s Soul pets didn’t kill him, Chu Mu would do it himself!

“Actually, I was helping you in the camp. Maybe in time, as the Nightmare Demon devours your soul, you’ll regret not just dying under the claws of a fierce wolf and avoiding the pain of your soul being devoured! Hahaha!” Zhou Shengmo laughed before leaving triumphantly.

Chu Mu watched the fat, burly figure leave, but still sneered, showing a composure beyond his years.

Chu Mu’s composure came from his family’s teaching and the forced h.e.l.lish experience on this island. Any child sent here would have a dark, ruthless heart.

Chu Mu opened the door and walked into the wooden house.

Originally, there were three other people living in the wooden house. But now, it’s clear that they wouldn’t be coming back. All three of them were too weak.

Chu Mu hadn’t interacted with them much, only remembering that one of them was a girl. A girl, naturally weaker than a boy, had little chance of surviving under the claws of the fierce wolves. So, it seemed that this wooden house would belong solely to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu’s back was still bleeding. He first changed his wet clothes, washed the dirt off his body, and cleaned his wounds. Then, he took some healing medicine left by the Executors from a drawer in the room.

Wiping the wound on his back with healing medicine was clearly a difficult task for Chu Mu to accomplish alone as he lay on the bed. Despite sweating profusely and causing pain to his wound a few times, he still couldn’t successfully apply the medicine to the wound.

“Let me help you…”


Both voices were very sudden, with the previous voice being more delicate. Chu Mu, not realizing that there was someone else in the room, was extremely alert and leaped out of bed. There was a scream since his abrupt movement caused a tearing pain in the wound on his back!

“It’s you. You’re not dead…” Chu Mu said with a bitter smile when he saw the drenched girl.

“I barely survived… Let me help you apply the medicine…” the girl said.

The girl’s name was Ting Yu, who also lived in this wooden house. Chu Mu had thought she was dead, but to his surprise, the girl had no noticeable injuries except for some scratches on her body, making her quite a clever girl.

Chu Mu nodded and lay face down on the bed, allowing Ting Yu to help him apply the healing medicine.

As the girl helped him apply the medicine, Chu Mu remained slightly vigilant. After all, only ten people survived to the end of the three months. It seemed that even a seemingly weak girl might be ruthless enough to try and kill him to reduce compet.i.tion while applying medicine!

Ting Yu carefully applied the medicine, and there were no suspicious movements during the whole process. Chu Mu gradually felt the pain lessen.

“I helped you today, so if I ever need help in the future, you have to help me. Is that okay?” Ting Yu said after helping Chu Mu to bandage his wound.

Though the girl was practical, she also made it clear that she had no hostility towards Chu Mu, only wanting to maintain an ally-like relations.h.i.+p.

Chu Mu nodded and said indifferently, “I’ll try my best…”

“My Green Nightmare Demon is growing rapidly. In ten days, it might reach the third stage. I’m worried that my Soul Power won’t be enough to support it, and my soul will be devoured by it.” Ting Yu sat on her bed, s.h.i.+vering as she hugged her knees.

“Do your best, if you don’t want to die…” Chu Mu could only offer simple comfort in response to Ting Yu’s grieving words.

All Soul Pets go through a process of increasing their strength, and the evil Nightmare Demon is no exception.

Like the fierce wolves Chu Mu had encountered before, when they were born and reached their juvenile stage, they began to experience growth from the first stage onwards…

The Executors’ fierce wolves on Nightmare Demon Island had already grown to the fifth stage, making them very aggressive. Vulnerable children were no match for them.

However, the Nightmare Demons inside Chu Mu and the children on the island were also growing stage by stage, now roughly in their second stage.

The appet.i.tes of Nightmare Demons would grow larger with each stage. In the past, hundreds of children had their souls devoured alive by the Nightmare Demons when they reached the second stage due to insufficient Soul Power to support them.

“I feel like you’re not worried at all. Do you have a lot of confidence in yourself?” Ting Yu asked.

Chu Mu bitterly shook his head but didn’t speak to Ting Yu again.

As a matter of fact, Chu Mu had the least a.s.surance among all the children to survive the shadow of the Nightmare Demon.

That was because while all the other children had signed with Green Nightmare Demons, the Nightmare Demon inside Chu Mu’s body was the much more terrifying White Nightmare Demon!

At the same stage, the appet.i.te of the White Nightmare Demon was much larger than that of the Green Nightmare Demon, and the higher their stage, the more their appet.i.te would multiply. It was not something a teenager could handle, which was precisely why the Executors considered Chu Mu already dead.

Very few people survived the curse of the White Nightmare Demon, who was a killer itself. Chu Mu’s fate had been sealed the moment he signed the soul contract with the White Nightmare Demon.

This fatal threat could only force Chu Mu to enhance his strength to the utmost!

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