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Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Ninth Stage Flames Tail

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The dense fresh blood coagulated on the gra.s.s, and the smell quickly spread along the chaotic wind, permeating the forest.

MO Ye extended its claws, its eyes staring at the two corpses, but only licking its claws, wiping its weapon clean.

Chu Mu also walked out from nearby, his gaze fixed on the now confused rock monster.

When a Soul Pet Master dies, the soul contract with their soul pet is broken, so the rock monster was now free from Ma Zhi’s control, and any previous instructions given by Ma Zhi naturally had no effect.

“Huh, huh…”

The rock monster stood there blankly, touching its head innocently, and inexplicably turning in circles. It took a while for its gaze to fall on MO Ye. But after being stared at by MO Ye’s cold eyes, the rock monster immediately showed panic, took large strides, and fled towards the depths of the forest.

Soul pets are bound by soul contracts with their Soul Pet Masters, who can command them to do anything. Once a soul contract is terminated, the soul pet regains its freedom, losing its mental connection with its master and any special intimacy.

However, in general, after spending a long time with their masters, soul pets may develop some feelings. If their master is killed, an ownerless soul pet might easily direct its hatred towards the killer. The fact that this rock monster had fled showed that it had no emotional foundation with Ma Zhi.

“You didn’t consume much energy, right?” Chu Mu walked to MO Ye and asked.

“Woof woof—–” MO Ye maintained a spirited appearance.

“You go rest in s.p.a.ce for a while, and I’ll summon you if there’s a fight.” Chu Mu said. MO Ye’s stamina had been consumed by about 20%, which didn’t affect it much. However, to face the strong opponents, it was better to keep in top condition.

Chu Mu returned MO Ye to the Soul Pet s.p.a.ce and took the little green worm off the tree, feeding it some dry food. He smiled and said, “You played a part this time, too.”

“Rustle, rustle——-” The little green worm cheerfully twisted its body, happily nibbling at the dry food Chu Mu gave it.

Feeding the special little worm, Chu Mu continued into the depths. The deeper he went, the thicker the forest grew. Chu Mu remembered that once he pa.s.sed a small fallen leaf forest, he should be within the Inner Island’s territory.

Chu Mu had already stepped into the fallen leaf forest, with each step making a slight creaking sound on the leaves, which was very noticeable in the quiet forest.

Chu Mu dared not walk too fast, as the other party also had soul pets, and if they had strong perception, he would easily be found out.

“You go ahead and check it out, I think I heard some noises.” Chu Mu suddenly stopped and looked at the fallen leaf forest on the inner island, whispering to the little worm on his shoulder.

The little worm was quite intelligent and understood Chu Mu’s words. With a twist of its body, it quickly jumped onto the tree trunk and then disappeared into the slightly withered leaves along the complex branches.

Chu Mu slowly advanced, walking about 100 meters. Through the slightly mocking trunks, Chu Mu saw the figure of Luo Chen, dressed in a light white robe.

A moment later, Chu Mu’s investigator returned, telling Chu Mu with interesting body language that there were three people and four soul pets in front of him. Two of them and their soul pets were fighting a soul pet, while the other person and his soul pet were only hara.s.sing and not really joining the battle.

“It seems that Zhou Shengmo and another person are together fighting the

Ninth-stage soul pet. The one who is not involved in the fight should be Luo Chen. I have to find a way to get rid of Luo Chen first.” Chu Mu secretly thought.

Since Zhou Shengmo had more people on his side, Chu Mu could only break them one by one to increase his chances of winning.

As Chu Mu approached once again, it was just as he had guessed – Zhou Shengmo’s fierce wolf was fighting a ninth-stage flame tail.

And the one fighting alongside Zhou Shengmo, who had an eighth-stage steel teeth, was Tang Xian, one of the top five in strength ranking.

“It’s actually Tang Xian; it seems this battle will be very difficult. However, the strength of the Flame Tail is impressive.” Chu Mu muttered to himself.

Flame Tail: Demon Beast World – Demon Spirit type – Flame Tail Family High grade.

The Flame Tail’s body resembles a fierce hunting dog, but its tail is burning with a cl.u.s.ter of roaring flames. The depth and color of the flames can be used to determine the Flame Tail’s stage!

The rank of the Flame Tail is on par with that of the fierce wolf. If Zhou Shengmo’s fierce wolf is only at the eighth stage, then it will definitely struggle to deal with it, which is probably why he called upon Tang Xian, who has an eighth-stage Steel Fang.

The battle is intense — with the ninth-stage Flame Tail being extremely powerful in terms of speed, strength, and defense. It’s definitely stronger than both Steel Fang and fierce wolf, and even has fire skills. For a while, it will be impossible for Zhou Shengmo’s fierce wolf and Tang Xian’s Steel Fang to defeat it.

Meanwhile, Luo Chen’s Soul Pet is a Wicked Tree Demon, which is wise enough to not partic.i.p.ate in the battle. The natural enemy of the Plant World is creatures with fire attributes. Should the Wicked Tree Demon come in contact with even a spark from the Flame Tail, it would quickly lose its combat power.

“What’s that sound?!” Zhou Shengmo coldly snorted. As a high-level Soul Pet Master, his perception abilities are significantly stronger than others’.

“Sound? Might it be your misperception?” Tang Xian’s focus is on the troublesome Flame Tail and doesn’t pay attention to other places.

“I heard it — footsteps.” Zhou Shengmo said.

The Flame Tail let out a cry, and its ma.s.sive tail suddenly swept open a spectacular ring of fire. The ring of fire quickly ignited the surrounding plants, forming a circle of firewalls, separating the fierce wolf and Steel Fang from it.

“Don’t let it escape!” Zhou Shengmo immediately shouted. Afterward, he glanced at Luo Chen beside him and said, “Be vigilant about our surroundings. There must be something unusual around.”

“Swish swish swish——-“

Light footsteps tread on dry leaves, quickly pa.s.sing under the tree trunks!

MO Ye swiftly appeared beside Luo Chen in just a few moments, and its cold claws were suddenly flas.h.i.+ng!

“Hmph, trying to ambush me?” Luo Chen seemed to have sensed something, and coldly sneered, closing his eyes.

At the moment when Luo Chen closed his eyes, the Wicked Tree Demon beside him extended its withered hand-like branches. These branches intertwined to form a protective barrier around him.

” w noosnr•

The claw swept over, leaving a deep mark on the branch-palm which was nearly broken!

Luo Chen, who is wrapped inside, froze for a moment, glanced at the deep mark, and cold sweat slid down his face. That claw had nearly slit his throat!

“Who?!” Luo Chen was furious, even though he had antic.i.p.ated the ambush. He didn’t expect that his momentary arrogance would almost cost him his life!

Chu Mu didn’t hide but slowly walked out from behind the tree, his eyes coldly staring at the angry Luo Chen.

Meanwhile, the incredibly fast MO Ye had quickly returned to Chu Mu’s side.. As a person and a fox, they stood coldly in the shadows under the tree, appearing somewhat indifferent and sinister!

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