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Chapter 21: Chapter 21: Kill, the Indifferent Fox

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“Isn’t this Chu Mu? Why don’t you hurry back to your room and groom your little pet…” Ma Zhi saw Chu Mu walking slowly over and immediately sneered at him.

The battle between Chu Mu and Zhang Luo was suppressed by Ge Qing, so no one knew about Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox’s battle power. Even if someone did know, no one would care about Chu Mu. After all, Zhang Luo was also a n.o.body, so it was normal for him to be defeated.

“Who allowed you to walk this way? If you don’t want to die, roll over to the other side!” The grey-clothed teenager next to him saw Chu Mu trying to enter their guarded territory and immediately scolded him.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, didn’t you hear what I just said? If you don’t roll away, I’ll kill you right now! The teenager saw Chu Mu ignoring him, his anger growing even stronger.

Although the Executors prohibited the soul pet trainers on the island from killing each other before the compet.i.tion, if killings happened in the wild, n.o.body would know about it.

Chu Mu slowly looked up, cast an indifferent glance at the yelling teenager in front of him, and said coldly, “Is there any point in talking to a dead man?”

As soon as Chu Mu finished speaking, he mysteriously slid back. Then a silver light flashed through the slightly dark forest, quickly leaping over Chu Mu’s shoulder and appearing in front of the grey-clothed teenager!!

Tearing Claw!! !

Interweaving left and right, the sharp claws flashed with a sharp chill in the dim light, and several falling leaves in mid-air were cut in half!

The grey-clothed teenager’s words stopped abruptly, his pupils kept enlarging, and he looked at Chu Mu in disbelief, fell down in extreme fear, as his thick fresh blood splashed onto the tree trunks!

Ma Zhi was dumbfounded. It took Chu Mu less than two seconds to kill the teenager, and during these two seconds, Ma Zhi couldn’t see the movement of Chu Mu’s Moonlight Fox!

Fast! The speed of the Moonlight Fox was terrifying, and its shot was even more vicious and fierce, killing with one hit. The teenager’s soul pet didn’t even have time to be summoned!

Finally, Ma Zhi recovered from his shock and hurriedly retreated, summoning his soul pet in the process.

Ma Zhi’s soul pet was a Rock Monster from the Elemental World – Rock type Rock Monster Family – Medium grade, about 1.3-1.4 meters tall, with a human-like body, strong build, and abnormally thick arms.

From its appearance and color, it should be a sixth stage. Rock Monsters are naturally defensive and strength-based soul pets. At the sixth stage, their Rock Skin should be at least late-stage.

Rock Skin’s defense was already much stronger than the skin defense of other soul pets. If Little MO Xie’s claws were also at the late stage, they wouldn’t be able to break the Rock Monster’s defense without using skills.


The Rock Monster’s weight was astonis.h.i.+ng, and its footsteps on the forest floor caused some vibrations.

Chu Mu had already retreated from the battlefield and immediately focused on Ma Zhi’s Rock Monster!

“Zhou Shengmo… Zhou Shengmo…” After summoning his soul pet, Ma Zhi started to call for help.


However, at this moment, white sticky threads suddenly fell from a tree trunk in mid-air, and accurately poured into Ma Zhi’s throat, instantly blocking his windpipe, making him unable to speak and even having difficulty breathing.

“MO Xie, kill him!” Chu Mu immediately gave MO Xie an order.

During the battle, MO Xie revealed a completely different temperament – cold, cruel, and fierce. After killing the teenager, MO Xie accelerated towards Ma Zhi!

Although Ma Zhi’s throat was blocked, he could still control the Rock Monster through his thoughts. When MO Xie charged at him, Ma Zhi directly ordered the Rock Monster to collide with MO Xie.

MO Xie faced the Rock Monster head-on, running at least three times faster than the Rock Monster!

The Rock Monster’s strength and defense were definitely much stronger than MO Xie’s, but it didn’t have any advantage in speed. MO Xie’s agile body constantly changed positions while running, its silver fur casting shadows like an illusion.

The Rock Monster took a big step, its body suddenly leaping up and pressing down, directly aiming at MO Xie’s small body!

Seeing the Rock Monster’s move, Chu Mu sneered and watched the silver Little Mo Xie.

The Rock Monster didn’t jump very high, and when its body expanded and pressed down, the range was quite extensive. If MO Xie were hit, its small body would be crushed on the spot. However, the moment the Rock Monster’s shadow enveloped MO Xie, MO Xie’s speed suddenly increased!!


The silver light flashed and disappeared. In the shadows, MO Xie’s speed instantly grew, and it actually pa.s.sed directly under the Rock Monster’s body!!

“Dark Strike!” Ma Zhi immediately showed a surprised expression. This instantaneous acceleration technique under the shadows was a sneak attack skill that many beast-attribute soul pets possessed!

A sixth-stage Moonlight Fox actually used this sneaky technique, and it even managed to pa.s.s through the Rock Monster’s jumping and pressing movements in an instant. This application was completely unexpected by Ma Zhi!

The Rock Monster fell heavily to the ground, mud and gra.s.s roots splashed, and the surrounding ground shook. However, this attack did not cause any damage to MO Xie. She was still accelerating after the chase, without any pause and rushed directly towards Ma Zhi!

Ma Zhi froze in place, not expecting this Moonlight Fox to be so terrifying. He anxiously covered his throat and hid behind a tree.

“Hmph, what good will hiding there do?” Chu Mu sneered coldly!

The chase of Dark Strike pushed MO Xie’s speed to the limit. In this instant, the leap and release of Tearing Claw made the attack power of Tearing Claw reach its strongest state!


MO Xie’s claws cut sharply through the tree trunk, revealing a clear indigo-blue light!

A neatly cut hole appeared on the tree trunk, which was about ten centimeters in diameter. Behind the tree, Ma Zhi was completely frozen in place, with a bloodline appearing on his dark neck.

After completing the attack, MO Xie landed gracefully on the ground. The next moment, bright red blood spurted out of Ma Zhi’s neck, splas.h.i.+ng wildly around…

Ma Zhi’s pupils were wide open, staring at the sky obscured by leaves, his eyes full of terror and horror. Finally, he slowly fell amidst the blood mist…

The entire killing process took less than a minute! These two teenagers, who had just been talking about the possibility of being eliminated, never expected that they would be killed by Chu Mu.. Perhaps if Chu Mu hadn’t obtained an ornamental soul pet, they wouldn’t even remember this teenager’s name!

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