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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Crisis Emerges

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Jade Dew Mushrooms are delicate, so Chu Mu had to be extremely careful when digging them up. If he damaged the root part, it would become worthless and all his efforts today would be in vain.

Little MO Xie was quick in her actions, her claws swiftly striking the Hundred-Eyed Palm accurately, finding the location of the flower bud and extracting its Soul Core.

The Soul Core of the Plant World is a translucent amber-like object, about the size of an adult’s thumb. Most Soul Cores are small, but they contain vast amounts of energy.

Now, Chu Mu only allowed MO Xie to eat Beast Attribute and Demon Spirit Attribute Soul Cores, avoiding others as much as possible.

In fact, eating a Soul Core of a non-matching attribute does not have much impact on a Soul Pet, but if it always eats Soul Cores of similar attributes, subtle changes are bound to happen.

Carrying the Hundred-Eyed Palm’s Soul Core, Little MO Xie obediently stood by, watching Chu Mu, waiting for him to dig out the delicious Jade Dew Mushroom.

“Don’t look so greedy, this is definitely for you to eat. But we’ll wait until we find the Tianlan gra.s.s to mix them together before we feed you. It will be very beneficial for you,” Chu Mu said as he stroked MO Xie’s little head.

MO Xie squinted her eyes and enjoyed Chu Mu’s caressing while making a purring sound…

“Let’s go. You must be hungry too, so let’s find a Beast type Soul Pet as food,” Chu Mu said after collecting the Jade Dew Mushroom, then stood up and looked deeper into the forest.

MO Xie nodded, but still cutely jumped into Chu Mu’s arms, wanting him to hold her…

Chu Mu felt helpless, saying, “Now you’re still in the first stage of your form, so I can carry you. But when you’re at a higher stage form later…”

“Sha sha sha

As Chu Mu was speaking, the little green worm on his shoulder suddenly made a sound.

“What’s the matter? Is there something?” Chu Mu immediately put down MO Xie and asked in a low voice.

“Sha sha sha-” The Little Green Worm only replied with a faint sound, its eyes staring at the front.

“If only I could understand your Stinging language,” Chu Mu said.

The information the Little Green Worm brought to Chu Mu was not a danger signal, but a reminder, simply telling Chu Mu that there was something ahead.

Chu Mu was about to move forward, so he walked deeper into the forest with Mo Xie.

After walking for a few minutes, Chu Mu understood why the Little Green Worm had made the sound. About a hundred meters ahead of Chu Mu was Ma Zhi, one of the three men he had met not long ago.

There was also another teenager next to Ma Zhi, whom Chu Mu didn’t remember and didn’t know his name.

“It’s really too much, making us guard here, saying they fear Soul Pets and other people coming to interfere. They’re clearly afraid we’ll suddenly make a move!” Ma Zhi said indignantly.

“What can we do? Who told you that his fierce wolf is so strong? Our Soul Pets combined aren’t a match for him, so all the benefits naturally go to him alone,” the teenager beside Ma Zhi said.

“Sigh, you know it too, we only have five days left until our life and death trial. Unless Zhou Shengmo really does as he said before, helping us severely damage the people from other circles and keep as many quotas as possible for ourselves, we won’t survive in the end,” Ma Zhi said.

“You mean…?” The teenager beside Ma Zhi quickly understood and lowered his voice.

“I didn’t say anything, don’t think too much, I’d rather try my luck in the battle than fight Zhou Shengmo. He’s more ruthless than the Executors!” Ma Zhi said immediately.

“Yeah, that guy is merciless. If it weren’t for my weak strength and needing his help to survive, I wouldn’t obey him.”

Chu Mu, hiding not far away, heard their conversation and fell into deep thought once again.

Survival on Nightmare Demon Island was crucial. At first, most people would choose to act alone and search for high-level Soul Pets.

However, some people have poor strength and luck, unable to get satisfactory Soul Pets and performing badly in taming them.

In such cases, even if the life and death battle hasn’t arrived, many people already know that they are doomed to die. These people will naturally choose to join or attach themselves to a particularly strong Soul Pet Master’s camp, perhaps this way they may still have a glimmer of hope!

“After this, Zhou Shengmo will have no match. He’s already reached the

Seventh Level and gained the Third Soul Pet…” Ma Zhi muttered to himself.

“Yeah, I’m sure many people still don’t know that he can already have the Third

Soul Pet. And now this one is also a Ninth Stage Soul Pet. If he really tames it…”

After hearing these words, Chu Mu’s face immediately darkened! Zhou

Shengmo actually had a third Soul Pet and was taming a Ninth Stage Soul Pet!

Everyone’s first Soul Pet on the island was the Green Nightmare Demon, and the second one would be the Soul Pet that would partic.i.p.ate in the upcoming battle.

There was almost no one who could have a third Soul Pet. After all, to have a third Soul Pet, the Soul Pet Master’s Soul Power must reach the High Levels.

The cultivation of Soul Pet Masters is divided into Nine Thoughts, with the first three being Low Spirit, the middle three being Medium Spirit, and the last three being High Spirit.

Low Spirit can only perform the First Soul Contract, Medium Spirit has the Second Soul Contract, and High Spirit has the Third Soul Contract.

Among the Soul Pet Masters on Nightmare Demon Island, all of them are at the Medium Spirit level. While Zhou Shengmo has reached the High Spirit level, his Soul Power is enough for him to have a third Soul Pet!

One more battle Soul Pet has huge significance, even if it can’t be summoned at the same time!

“The Soul Pet they’re attacking now must be a Ninth Stage High-Level Soul Pet. If Zhou Shengmo gets this Ninth Stage High-Level Soul Pet…” Chu Mu quickly realized the imminent crisis.

Chu Mu was sure that if Zhou Shengmo met him in battle, he would definitely try to kill Chu Mu. Now that Zhou Shengmo was about to have a third Soul Pet, Chu Mu, no matter how good his control of the battlefield, couldn’t possibly be Zhou Shengmo’s opponent!

“No, I must stop them,” Chu Mu’s face grew colder.

“I’ll start with these two.”

It would be difficult for Chu Mu to sneak attack Ma Zhi and the other teenager since their Soul Pets were with them. But since they said they were guarding the outside, they must be some distance from Zhou Shengmo. Even if there was a battle here, Zhou Shengmo wouldn’t notice it or might not be concerned about it, as a Ninth Stage Soul Pet wouldn’t be that easy to deal with.

Chu Mu walked out directly, leading MO Xie towards the location of the two men with an indifferent look in his eyes.

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