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Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Survival Instinct

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Chu Mu stood in the fourth column of the fifth row, knowing that if he didn’t come up with a plan soon, he could very likely become one of the fifty children eliminated through brutal death.

When it comes to Fierce Wolves as soul pets, Chu Mu had a certain understanding. While he was in his clan, he had learned about soul pets in various ways.

Fierce Wolves belong to the Beast type – Wolf Clan, soul pets in the Demon Beast World. Judging from the color of their fur and height, they had roughly grown to the eighth stage.

Such beings as Fierce Wolves, once they reach the eighth stage, are absolutely no less formidable than a robust adult wielding a large machete! Therefore, Chu Mu knew that his survival didn’t depend on defeating these Fierce Wolves. Instead, he should figure out how to avoid their attacks as much as possible until fifty other children get killed first!

“Awoo!!!!!!!! ”

“Awoo!!!!!! Awoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The heart-stirring howl of the wolves echoed once again, chilling to the bone!

Upon the orders of those s.a.d.i.s.tic henchmen, ten famished Fierce Wolves lunged towards the unarmed children. Cries of fear and wolf howls filled the air at once!!

The children who were standing in neat rows became a jumbled mess in no time, those at the outer edges scrambled frantically towards the center of the crowd, to avoid being the first ones bitten by the Fierce Wolves.

However, there was only so much s.p.a.ce in the field, with a hundred children here. No matter how much shoving and scuffling happened, it was inevitable that the weaker ones would be pushed out to the extremities!!


A piercing scream rang out, a pale-skinned teenager’s arm was snapped off by a larger Fierce Wolf. The young arm dangled from the fierce fangs of the wolf, a horrifying stream of crimson blood dripped from the wolf’s lips!!



Again, several agonizing screams broke the air. In another direction, several more teenagers fell under the claw blades of the Fierce Wolves. The sharp claws easily tore through the tender skin of the children, slashed deep into the flesh, exposing their bones.

The most lethal weapons of the Fierce Wolves were their sharp fangs and claws. Their chilling white claws ruthlessly tore into the children’s faces, pierced their bodies, and even bit through and punctured their throats!!

Scarlet blood flowed like a brook on the muddy ground, quietly streaming down.

The young children’s heart-rending screams, their desperate struggles, their eyes filled with fear and despair, and the small dead bodies lying in puddles of blood painted a truly horrifying scene.

Contrarily, the surrounding Executors were ruthlessly detached, and they even wore s.a.d.i.s.tic grins…

Chu Mu was in the middle of the crowd, which s.h.i.+elded him from the first few waves of the Fierce Wolves’ attacks. However, as these desperate children cowered in fear, Chu Mu gradually became exposed to the wolves’ line of sight.

Fortunately for Chu Mu, there was still a teenager in front of him. Chu Mu remembered this teenager’s name — Zhou Shengmo. He was seemingly one of the most promising ones among those who were brought to this Green Nightmare Demon Island.

Chu Mu knew well that this island was cruel beyond measure. Showing sympathy towards others was the equivalent of signing your own death warrant, especially when one was powerless. Therefore, when he saw the Fierce Wolf pouncing towards him, Chu Mu made the decisive choice to ignore it.

Zhou Shengmo was bigger in stature, half a head taller than Chu Mu. When he saw the Fierce Wolf lunging at him, Zhou Shengmo’s face turned pale, and he subconsciously stepped back.

Zhou Shengmo managed to dodge the fierce wolf’s initial attack with his agility but he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance once the wolf adjusted to his evasion.

At that moment, Zhou Shengmo noticed Chu Mu beside him.

Upon seeing Chu Mu, hope sparked in Zhou Shengmo’s eyes. He clung to Chu Mu and with his stronger physique, violently shoved Chu Mu towards the fierce wolf!

Caught off guard, Chu Mu’s slender body was immediately pushed under the fierce, white fangs of the wolf!

The wolf’s razor-sharp fangs, at least twenty centimeters in length and far exceeded its lower jaw, were right before Chu Mu’s eyes. He could even smell the dreadful breath of the wolf at this close distance!

The wolf’s attack was an aimless slaughter. When Chu Mu got closer, the wolf immediately opened its maw and lunged at Chu Mu’s neck!

In this brush with death, Chu Mu managed to twist his body strenuously, avoiding the wolf’s fatal blow. Yet, he felt a chilling sensation on his neck – a clear sign that he had been scratched by the sharp fangs!

After his successful evasion, Chu Mu immediately rolled a few meters away on the ground.

“Thud thud~~~~~~”

The sound of footsteps echoed behind Chu Mu. He recognized the wolf was charging at him again after missing its previous attack. He tried his best to remain calm despite the panic inside him.

Chu Mu recalled all the abilities of the fierce wolf. If he guessed correctly, the wolf sneaking from behind would surely execute the Mad Wolf Fierce a.s.sault!

The Mad Wolf Fierce a.s.sault was a continuous claw attack routine that most fierce wolves would use. Even adults would be annihilated under at least four rounds of these intense claw strikes!

Chu Mu gritted his teeth, antic.i.p.ating the wolf’s attack routine, he quickly squatted and coiled himself together.

Simply lying down would have allowed Chu Mu to dodge these attacks. But he knew doing so would only make him an easier target and seal his fate to death.

By coiling up, he could best protect himself. Then waiting for a momentarily lapse from the wolf, he could break free and run!

As expected, the pursuing fierce wolf stretched its claws. The moment it approached Chu Mu, it began its Mad Wolf Fierce a.s.sault, unleas.h.i.+ng four rapid claw strikes in quick succession!

“Whoosh whoosh whoos.h.!.+” Three claw strikes missed Chu Mu as he squat down.

“Slash~~~~~~~~” The fourth one, however, tore through Chu Mu’s back, leaving a deep gash and causing blood to splatter!!

Chu Mu gasped for breath. The severe pain on his back felt like a searing flame.

The wolf’s claws ripped Chu Mu’s flesh open. Blood trickled down his back…

Clenching his teeth, Chu Mu swiftly stood up at the end of the wolf’s attack and bolted towards a wolf-free spot. The fresh blood from his back splashed over his footprints as he sprinted!

At this moment, Chu Mu’s face paled, even twitching slightly, but it radiated a sense of weak resilience and determination.

Such an expression emanating from a fifteen-year-old child signified more than just courage and determination. It displayed a.survival instinct – an inherent desire to live – driven by a dire situation!!

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