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Chapter 10: Chapter 10: The First Battle, Thorn Demon

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This time, the Moonlight Fox did not show strong resistance like before, instead, it gazed at Chu Mu with its beautiful eyes.

Like humans, soul pets have their own thoughts and emotions. At this moment, Chu Mu could see a hint of confusion and hesitation in the small creature’s eyes, seemingly considering whether to trust Chu Mu, a human or not.

In fact, Soul Contract Capture has a certain binding and compulsion. After the Moonlight Fox showed confusion and hesitation, the light of the Soul Contract Halo immediately became stronger!

The pale blue Soul Contract Halo was slowly shrinking, and as the Moonlight Fox’s resistance decreased, it began to brand its soul.

Gradually, the Moonlight Fox stopped resisting, and the pale blue Soul Contract Halo finally slowly merged into the little Moonlight Fox’s body, turning into a soul mark belonging only to Chu Mu, branded within the Moonlight Fox’s soul.


The Moonlight Fox let out a weak whimper, and a pale blue radiance bloomed from its body.

The radiance covered its body, then the delicate body slowly dissipated in the pale blue light, disappearing in front of Chu Mu.

Soul Pet Masters have their own Soul Pet s.p.a.ce to accommodate their soul pets. After signing a soul contract with a human, a Soul Pet Master can summon a soul pet from their Soul Pet s.p.a.ce using their thoughts.

The summoning and retraction of soul pets require Soul Power consumption. Although Chu Mu’s Soul Power was nearly depleted, he couldn’t wait to summon his first battle Soul Pet to appear before him.

A pale blue halo slowly appeared, enveloping a delicate, beautiful body. The pretty furry tail swayed slightly, and a pair of agile, enchanting eyes as alluring as moonlight gazed at Chu Mu.

The look in the Moonlight Fox’s eyes was different from before. Previously it was confusion and suspicion, but now it was soft and gentle.

Chu Mu laughed emotionally again, as he had finally captured this soul pet with limitless potential. This meant that his fate had changed completely because of this soul pet!


The Moonlight Fox whimpered weakly, looking pitiful, and twisted its adorable body, trying to break free from the white silk wrapped around it.

Chu Mu also took out a knife and struggled to cut the highly resilient white silk before picking up the furry little creature and stroking its fur.

The Moonlight Fox seemed to enjoy this touch, snuggling in Chu Mu’s arms, showing a somewhat dependent demeanor, and licking Chu Mu’s cheek with its small tongue.

Seeing the young Moonlight Fox showing affection so quickly, Chu Mu guessed that the little creature was of low age and intelligence. Relying solely on instinct and tenacity, it had survived in the perilous Inner Island, which was indeed not easy for an infant soul pet. Its growth process must have been very difficult.

“Little guy, you must have become an orphan when you were very young. But it doesn’t matter, from now on we’ll depend on each other, and you won’t have to struggle alone…That said, let’s give you a name first.” Chu Mu grinned, and this smile was the only one coming from his heart, filled with joy and ease, after so many years.

In fact, Chu Mu was in the same situation as the little fox who had struggled to survive on a dangerous Inner Island. The only difference was that Chu Mu was no longer struggling on his own.

“I remember a weapon called Mo Ye, which is gentle and beautiful when still, and sharp and sinister when in action. I’ll call you Mo Ye, it suits you, you cunning little creature.”

“Woo~~~~” As if not too pleased with being called cunning by Chu Mu, the fox whimpered resentfully.

“Yeah, wise…”

The little fox immediately stuck out its smooth tongue and licked Chu Mu’s cheek. Chu Mu laughed heartily, thinking that this little fellow was not only full of potential but also a very interesting creature.

Already having obtained the most satisfactory, or even unexpectedly perfect soul pet, Chu Mu could confidently leave the dangerous Inner Island.

Of course, on the way back, Chu Mu dared not be careless, for the little Moonlight Fox was too young and could not possibly deal with those powerful soul pets. Chu Mu even had to a.s.sume the responsibility of protecting the little Moonlight Fox.

Retracting a soul pet didn’t require too much Soul Power, but summoning it required a considerable price. Chu Mu didn’t recall Mo Ye into his Soul Pet s.p.a.ce, but instead directly carried it back with him.

Chu Mu was also very careful, marking his way after entering the Inner Island so as not to get lost in the dangerous Inner Island.

Following the marks he had carved on the trees, Chu Mu smoothly returned to the area of thorns.

Chu Mu still remembered that there was a second-rank Thorn Demon in the thorn forest, so he was particularly cautious.

Just as Chu Mu was about to climb across, Little Mo Ye suddenly broke free from his embrace and jumped into the Thorn Forest.

After signing a soul contract with a soul pet, you can sense their location within a certain distance. Chu Mu didn’t want anything to happen to his precious Mo Ye, so he immediately followed.

Mo Ye’s body was small and its movements agile. It moved freely through the Thorn Forest without getting scratched or hurt at all.

Chu Mu quickly followed and soon realized that Little Mo Ye was after the Thorn Demon that had attacked him before.

“Soso soso soso~~~~~”

As they approached that location, Chu Mu heard the sound of swaying thorns.

Chu Mu cut through the thorn forest, only to see the small moon-colored figure darting back and forth rapidly in the dense thorns, pursued by a thumb-thick vine like a snake. However, the vine’s pursuit and binding seemed much duller compared to the agile and flexible movements of Little Mo Ye.

“Great, this shall be our first battle on the road to becoming strong!” Seeing that Little Mo Ye had already started fighting with the Thorn Demon that almost killed him, Chu Mu was immediately filled with the pa.s.sion for battle.

A qualified Soul Pet Master doesn’t need to join the battle personally, but instead act as the true controller of the entire field!

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