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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Nightmare Demon Island

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Looking down from high alt.i.tude, through thin cloud layers, one can see the vast blue ocean below the white clouds, creating a beautiful reflection like a curved mirror in the sky.

Scattered among the vast ocean, many lush, green islands stand alone. In a place shrouded by dark clouds, a 20-kilometer-wide island appears especially unique.

This island has a regular diamond shape, with a towering, straight mountain peak at the center, resembling an upside-down sword buried in the vast land.

Cliffs suuround the entire island, with no flat beaches in sight.

Beneath the cliffs, turbulent waves roar; one can frequently hear the angry howling sound of waves pounding against the chaotic reefs.

This unique structure on the edge of the island implies that it’s an enclosed island, impossible for s.h.i.+ps to dock!

On the southern side of the island, a fifteen-year-old boy sits thinly clothed at the edge of an overhanging cliff, staring at the vast ocean’s horizon. In his longing gaze lies a hint of melancholy that is rather intriguing.

This is a face far too gloomy for his age, but he remains genuine and unpretentious as it reflects his true emotions…

Waves. .h.i.t the cliff in a thunderous uproar while the cold sea wind penetrates the boy’s clothing, lifting his messy hair.

Like a statue on the sea cliff, the small figure faces the boundless turbulent ocean…

After an unknown amount of time, a horn-like sound emanates from the depths of the island’s jungle.


Upon hearing the horn, the teenager shows a hint of disgust, but he still slowly stands up and walks towards the source of the sound.

The teenager is thin, but agile. He moves with ease through the intricate island jungle, quickly arriving at a clearing within.

The clearing is roughly 100 meters in diameter, surrounded by 30-meter-high wooden stakes, forming a walled-off camp that resembles a village.

Only one gate exists in this camp, guarded by four men dressed in green. These men, all around their thirties, look ordinary at first glance.

However, what deserves attention are the fierce-fanged wolf-like creatures beside these men!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”


The four fierce wolves bare their fangs and issue a menacing growl as they see the teenager approach, ready to pounce at him at any moment.

“Don’t just stand there, get inside before you get killed! Huh, with a figure like yours, you wouldn’t even make a good midnight snack for my jackals!” One of the men with messy hair spoke with venomous intent to the teenager.

The teenager dodged the constantly lunging jackals, quickly entering the camp.

Watching the teenager’s retreating figure, the man with messy hair spat disdainfully, saying: “I don’t know who brought this kid here. He looks frail, and can’t possibly endure the torments of our Nightmare Demon Camp.”

“It was Lord Xia. I heard…” another redhead man paused deliberately before saying in a heavy voice,

“He’s already a dead man.”

“Already dead, huh? What young person here isn’t a dead man?” Gu Lei said indifferently.

“You don’t understand. This kid used to be a young master from some clan. I don’t know who he offended, but someone paid for our Nightmare Demon Palace to get rid of him.

“Lord Xia took the task, successfully captured the kid, and thought since he’s going to die anyway, why not make him sign a soul contract with a White Nightmare Demon and then throw him in here to serve as another slave for our Nightmare Demon Island.” The redhead man explained.

At the mention of the White Nightmare Demon, the other three men couldn’t help but gasp for breath, as one of them whispered:

“How did Lord Xia get his hands on a White Nightmare Demon, and is the kid so special that he can withstand the White Nightmare Demon?”

“Of course not! If he had that ability, he would have been sent to the White Nightmare Demon Island early on and would not have appeared here.

“I don’t know how Lord Xia got the White Nightmare Demon, but I do know he was using the kid as a guinea pig, figuring the kid would be dead soon anyway. It won’t be too long before the kid gets devoured by the White Nightmare Demon completely.” The redhead man laughed, seemingly not caring about the teenager’s fate at all.

“Ha, so that’s what happened. Good riddance! I’ve never liked that kid! But speaking of which, Lord Xia isn’t a simple character. Even we haven’t seen something like a White Nightmare Demon, and yet he has it. You know, the leaders on other Nightmare Demon Islands at most have one or two Blue Nightmare Demons!” Gu Lei said.

“Of course… Oh, it’s about time. Close the gate. Tonight, we’ll be able to hear the screams again, hehe…” the red-haired man said with a cruel smile.

The other three joined in with scornful laughter, displaying a complete disregard for life.

The teenager who sat quietly on the cliff is named Chu Mu, a youthful young man honed into a concealed cold, sharp blade.

Chu Mu ended up on this island indeed because he had been captured. He was left alive solely because the man referred to as Lord Xia in the conversation performed a devilish experiment on him!

As a matter of fact, all the children around Chu Mu’s age on this island, aside from the aforementioned executors, had been subjected to the same demonic experiment: signing a soul contract with Nightmare Demons!

This world is a world of Soul Pets, where those with natural talents can become Soul Pet Masters.

Soul Pet Masters can sign soul contracts with Soul Pets, allowing them to fight on their behalf.

Soul Pets and humans have a master-servant relations.h.i.+p, where humans can command Soul Pets to do anything.

However, on Nightmare Demon Island, things are different. It is a place completely cut off from the outside world.

Every once in a while, many teenagers like Chu Mu would be sent to this sealed world to undergo inhumane, evil experiments.

Nightmare demons are the evil soul pets they mention. Evil soul pets are a very special type of Soul Pet that can also sign soul contracts with humans to fight for them.

But they have the terrifying ability to devour their master’s soul!

From the first day the children are imprisoned here, they are forced to sign soul contracts with nightmare demons.

After a certain period, the nightmare demons that have grown inside them will devour their master’s soul as food. Losing their soul means death for humans!

The only way to avoid being devoured by the nightmare demons is to improve one’s own strength, to become more powerful, and to strengthen one’s own soul.

Or in other words, one must always be stronger than the nightmare demon in order to survive!!

This is the cruelest of, where children do not face the loving teachings of teachers but instead confront evil-looking, ruthless beings that can take their lives at any moment!

Here, the weak become food for the evil soul pets, while the strong are constantly pursued by nightmare demons and hunted…

It is like a nightmare that never ends!

Tonight, there is no moon. The sea breeze whips the low-lying dark clouds in the sky, driving them to even further seas.

The trees sway in the fierce wind, always making a mournful sound, as if a heartbroken woman is weeping.

In the camp, one hundred teenagers stand trembling in the howling wind, wearing thin clothes and displaying numbness, determination, and firmness on their faces. In their dazed eyes, there is a hint of savage sharpness.

The one hundred people stand in rows of tens, neatly lined up.

Surrounding them, there are ten adult Executors leaning against the wooden stake walls.

These Executors stand still, their faces showing only coldness and indifference. Their eyes fixate on the hundred teenagers, constantly monitoring them.

At the location near the wooden stake door, three men in dark robes stand with extremely indifferent expressions.

The burly middle-aged man in the middle takes a few steps forward, casting his sinister gaze over the group of children. A cruel smile emerges, and he says,

“Today is physical training, you all must face ferocious soul pets on your own.”

“I can tell you that we will only keep fifty of you for the next training here, meaning half of you will die in today’s test!”

“Hahaha, enjoy the thrill of death. Only those forged between life and death have the qualifications to enter our Nightmare Demon Hall!”

Upon hearing the words of this middle-aged man, the hundred children’s faces immediately show panic, and their eyes nervously watch the ten adult Executors around them.

Out of the hundred, only fifty can survive, which means each person has only a fifty percent chance. How cruel!!

However, these evil-doers have no mercy for the children. As the middle-aged man gives his order, the ten Executors inside the wooden stake wall immediately recite a series of strange spells.

With each movement of their lips, a semi-transparent light symbol appears around them. The symbols, like letters, cast a blue pattern on the ground, which emits brilliant light…

“Awooo! Awooooooooooooooooooooo!”

“Awooooo! Awooo! Awooooooooooooooooo!”

Suddenly, heart-palpitating howls resound, and a ferocious beast’s stench sweeps across the relatively s.p.a.cious camp, brutally hitting the frail-looking teenagers!

Sharp claws dig into the muddy ground, gray fur bristles and the ghastly fierce fangs are exposed!

After the ten Executors finish their summoning, ten fierce wolves appear in the camp. They are known for their terrifying, fierce fangs!

Seeing the ten fierce wolves snarling and baring their teeth around them, the teenagers’ faces turn pale without blood. Some girls even bite their lips as tears flow down.

For both Soul Pets and these powerless children, fierce wolves are terrifying creatures. For their sustenance, they will not hesitate to attack any creature they can defeat and kill them.

In most areas, adult Soul Pet Masters struggle to fight a fierce wolf without their Soul Pets, let alone these unarmed children who have not learned any skills.

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