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Chapter 538 – Loot Boxes!

After seeing that everyone had put a respectful distance from him, Felix stopped paying them any attention and focused on healing himself as he gritted his teeth.

This time, his eyes never left Saltz Master, the main source of his current pain.

After all, if it wasn’t for him pulling so ahead, Felix wouldn’t have been forced to take extreme measures to keep up with him.

‘I will f*ck him up when I catch him, I swear on it!’ Felix promised with bloodshot eyes that were slighting bleeding. He looked one last time at Saltz Master’s back and closed them shut again to avoid having them turn into ash.

His agitator inducement was already having trouble healing his external burnt marks fast enough since the fire was evaporating the mist immediately after it gets released. Felix was purely using the inducement internally.

The amount of energy that was being consumed to keep it up for this long had begun to take tolls on Felix since he had charged himself with only 30% poison energy while the rest was for lightning energy.

Thankfully, after it was consumed, he switched to using only Asna’s purified energy, which could be used for any element as long as he had an affinity to it.

“Only six players are at the front and they are closing in rapidly to the stratosphere layer.” Kayn commentated, “I bet they must be feeling slightly warm due to the ozone layer being upfront.”

It was common knowledge that the stratosphere increases in warmth with elevation because ozone gases in the upper layers absorb intense ultraviolet radiation from the sun.

So, the area near the ozone layer was always warm unlike the area above it and the one below it that was always below zero degrees in temperature.

The closer Felix got to this layer, the less fire kept surrounding his body. This wasn’t caused by the ozone layer or the chill but due to the game’s modification.

It was done like this in case someone was daring to attempt blazing through the mesosphere layer, he wouldn’t end up burning almost all the way to the lower air.

Everything was for entertainment purposes and the sight of Felix resembling a meteor wouldn’t have occurred if this modification wasn’t done since he wasn’t a r.e.t.a.r.d to risk doing it in all three layers.

‘Finally, Landlord has been put out of his misery!” Kayn spoke while spotting the camera on Felix’s body that was getting cooled slowly after he penetrated the ozone layer.

A split second later, the fire was completely snuffed out, allowing the viewers to see his horrendous state!

He appeared like a f*cking black charcoal!

h.e.l.l, people would actually mistake him for a meteor if he even approached the ground in such a state!

Soon, the viewers’ vision was blocked due to a greenish mist being released from the front and covered his entire body, turning him into a smoking green ball.

This situation remained like this for more than five seconds before the mist disappeared, showing Felix in a new blue anti-chill suit that covered his entire body and head.

They couldn’t see even a single area of his skin, making them unable to guess the state of his burnt marks.

“He must be fine.” Kayn mentioned, “His healing ability is extremely effective against even broken bones.”

True to his words, Felix had indeed returned to his peak form!

As they say, after the suffering comes the glory!

Right now, Felix was in 3rd place in the race and he was merely 4 kilometers away from Saltz Master!

Such distance was almost nothing in Felix’s eyes!

‘Let’s see how you pull away now.’ Felix narrowed his eyes dangerously while staring deeply at Saltz Master’s back.

He was staring so hard, Saltz Master ended up sensing it and turning around to check.

When he saw Felix in his anti-chill suit without any subtle hint of injury, he frowned his eyebrows in disgruntlement and turned to face the front again.

‘It’s not the time to deal with him.’ Saltz Master thought while focusing on colorful objects hovering in the air, ‘I need to secure my own parachute first.’

Saltz Master didn’t know if those little colorful objects were parachutes or loot boxes but he wasn’t planning on slowing himself to deal with Felix in such a critical moment.

Grabbing a parachute was a priority even for him who could transform into a living shadow. That’s because he knew that it wasn’t allowed to use elemental manipulation to fly, float or hover.

So, even if he transformed into a living shadow, he would still be subjected to falling to the ground and would feel the same pain as the others since his senses were still connected in that form.

If they weren’t connected, he wouldn’t be able to sense Sensation’s location and deal with her.

Meanwhile, Felix who had the best vision in the game had already identified the little colorful thingies as loot boxes spread everywhere in their course and off it!

The majority were actually off course by a kilometer to five kilometers!

‘They are putting them like that to bait us.’ Felix reasoned.

He knew that if one player decided to go for a loot box off course, he would most definitely be out of the race if the others kept on their course.

But, it was a good idea for the players at the far back who gave up on the race pretty early.

They might not win but at least they would get a sweet compensation for the risks they took in the games.

As for the loot boxes in the course? Felix wasn’t planning on letting Saltz Master grab them without risking his live!

‘Heh, I dare him to approach one box.’ Felix smirked faintly while placing his fingers on the leather bag.

This was the old leather bag. It was still safe and sound after going through that inferno.

That’s because it was mildly resistant to environmental elements. If it wasn’t for so, the nails inside would have melted already.

Thankfully, they got merely superheated before chilled again.

“It’s time for the fun part!” Kayn brought the mic close to his lips and laughed in delight, “There are more than 100 loot boxes spread throughout the stratosphere layer. This amount will definitely bring out the greed in those players’ hearts.”

Kayn brought back the camera to the front and zoomed on the top six players. Then, he mentioned, “Those six players would have it easier to grab the loot boxes in the course, leaving leftovers for the ones behind them.”

As he mentioned, Blade Curser and Saltz Master could be seen aiming at the closest loot box to them. It didn’t look like they were planning on striking each other.

However, the same couldn’t be said about Felix as he had already pulled another nail and extended his shoulder towards Saltz Master like he was pointing a rifle at him.

Well, he wasn’t exactly focusing on Saltz Master but the loot box that he was aiming for.

Sensing ill intentions at him, Saltz Master glanced behind him and was instantly irked after spotting Felix’s posture.

However, he still didn’t change his path, making it obvious that he was planning on challenging Felix.

‘If he couldn’t hit me when I didn’t know about his ability, it’s impossible to hit me now.’ Saltz Master thought with an indifferent expression.

Meanwhile, Felix had yet to start the activation sequence to fuel the golden’s beam power.

Saltz Master had noticed his inactiveness but he still didn’t lower his guard as he was ready to turn into a living shadow at any moment.

However, he ended up almost reaching the loot Box and Felix still didn’t fire at him!


Just as Saltz Master wanted to touch the loot box and claim it as his own, time abruptly slowed down only for Felix.

Then? A thin version of the golden beam had emerged from his finger, appearing like a laser beam, and connected right with Saltz Master’s back and emerged from the other side!

It was a pure a clean strike!

Szlzlzlzlz Boom!!

However, the moment Felix closed his lightning containers and the time returned to normal, he sighed in frustration after spotting that Saltz Master had exploded into the black matter before reconstructing a split second later with a newer set of clothes.

“What a quick strike!” Kayn exclaimed while highlighting the a.s.sault one more time, “h.e.l.l, the party is already over after we spotted it!”

When the viewers saw that Saltz Master was still in optimal shape, they could only shake their heads at Felix’s futile attempts.

If even the fastest attack in the game failed to harm Saltz Master, how could anyone do it? Felix didn’t claim that the b.a.s.t.a.r.d was extremely hard to kill for no reason.

One shouldn’t mention that all of this was happening in mid-air!

G.o.d knows how impossible killing him would be when he is near surfaces with actual shadows!

‘Whatever, at least he didn’t get the loot box.’ Felix smiled faintly after seeing that Saltz Master was giving him a dirty look from afar.

It was only natural that Saltz Master wouldn’t get the loot box since they required to touch it with their hands to avoid players using their elemental manipulation and harvesting them like a weed.

After all, the games committee put them specifically for the players to fight for them.

This wouldn’t have been possible if they didn’t make it mandatory to physically touch the loot boxes!

Felix wasn’t planning on letting either Saltz Master or Blade Curser touch them as he had already pulled two more nails with a faint smirk.

‘If you want them, then you better put your life on the line to get them!’

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