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Chapter 536 – Blazing Through It!

When the darkness withdrew, the viewers and the players were left with the shocking sight of Sensation’s severed parts being cast into different directions.

Unbothered by the blood, Saltz Master’s body got reconstructed above the Orc’s back.

Before the viewers and the players could break out of their daze at such a sudden harrowing image, Saltz Master waved his hand down abruptly and the head of the Orc got severed as well by a shadowy line!

He got executed right when Sensation’s charm abilities lost their effects on him!

Saltz Master dusted his clothes and jumped away from the Orc’s corpse as he knew that it was going to lose control soon and hurl blood everywhere.

When he got into a diving posture and carried on his journey cooly as nothing had happened, only then, did viewers and the players react!


While the viewers exploded in cheers of excitement at such a deadly ambush, the players all shuddered in fear at the sight of Sensation’s current appearance.

They never a.s.sumed that Sensation would actually end up getting killed right after she survived an ambush by Krialder!

‘Motherf*cker, he really planned far ahead to get rid of us!’

Felix didn’t feel an ounce of joy at the notion of Sensation getting eliminated. He understood that the rules of the threeway champions’ game were slightly different.

First, the one who wins the game wins everything.

However, that’s only applicable if the champions didn’t get killed in the hands of another champion!

Since Sensation got killed by Saltz Master, this meant that k.u.miho’s treasures would be given to Erebus even if Felix won the game!

This rule was done like this to make the champions battle against each other and bring the best entertainment to the primogenitors.

After all, where was the fun in the game if the champions kept ignoring each other and just focusing on the win?

So, two treasures were already secured by Erebus, leaving only two for Felix to bring home.

Felix already was in a disadvantageous situation due to being ten kilometers behind Saltz Master!

What’s worse, there was only Cursed Blade ahead of Saltz Master. Felix knew that he wouldn’t cause much trouble to Saltz Master!

So how could he feel joy in this situation?

“Saltz Master showed his true colors!” Kayn commentated with a feverish tone, “No wonder he remained connected with Heavy Punch for so long! His target was the pretty Sensation all along!”

The viewers didn’t know why he cared to wait for so long just to slay Sensation but they still cheered him on after finally spilling some blood and enlivening the game.

“You leaving already?”

Meanwhile, in that cozy room, Erebus asked k.u.miho with a wide grin.

“I have another champion game in less than 5 minutes. I need to catch it lest Saurous gets upset with me for not watching it with him.”

k.u.miho spoke casually while standing up like her champion didn’t just get slaughtered.

“I see, I see.” Erebus smirked and requested, “Can you hand me the harp and the amulet? I want to feel them in my hands.”

k.u.miho didn’t bother to entertain his cheap attempt to humiliate her. She simply clicked on her bracelet and said, “Check your email inbox, I have sent the serial codes.”

Vrr Vrr!

Sure enough, Erebus’s bracelet vibrated slightly, letting him know that she wasn’t kidding.

Before he could start bickering with her, she blew a kiss at them and said, “Bye-bye, Let’s meet at another time.”

Then, she exploded into light particles. Although she appeared cool about the entire situation, she was slightly p.i.s.sed at the fact that Sensation died before she had gotten Felix’s secrets.

k.u.miho dearly wanted to know the deal between Felix, Lady Sphinx, and Jörmungandr. Alas, it wasn’t meant to happen this time.

“I guess it’s just us now.” Erebus said with a faint grin while glancing at Jörmungandr and Lady Sphinx.

“You better change that c.o.c.ky grin Erebus.” Jörmungandr advised calmly as he eyed Felix, “The game is not over yet.”

Erebus merely chuckled, believing that he was a bit delusional if he thought that Felix had any chance of winning this.

He knew that the only chance that Felix had to win this was by entering with Saltz Master in a thunderstorm and utilize a lightning-based ability.

He didn’t know if Felix had any ability that could be used in that environment but Erebus preferred thinking of the worst scenario possible.

Due to the distance between the two of them, it was going to be almost impossible to enter the same thunderstorm!

So, Saltz Master simply needs to keep going at the same pace and he would emerge victoriously!

The primogenitors stopped speaking and focused on the game as they noticed that the players were getting closer and closer to the 3rd layer in the atmosphere, Mesosphere!

“Only 40 kilometers are left before Blade Curser and Saltz Master reach the Mesosphere Layer.” Kayn wondered, “Are they going to slow their speed as much as possible to avoid getting burned or just blaze through it?”

“Blaze through it!”…”Blaze through it!”…”Blaze through it!”

The viewers cheered on the latter as they wanted nothing more but to watch the players enter the mesosphere layer akin to a meteor shower!

Alas, only a few players were planning on doing so since they had adequate abilities to turn off the fire and keep it off as they penetrate the mesosphere layer…Or they were simply fire-resistant.

‘Landlord, when we reach the edge of the thermosphere layer, making sure to hold into me as I will be slowing our speed to the minimum.’ Wild’s Breath informed.

Felix thought about it for a few seconds and shook his head, ‘No thank you, I will be going at my fastest speed.’

‘Oh? Do you have a method to survive getting burnt?’ Wild’s Breath asked.


Wild’s Breath got shocked after hearing his blunt response.

‘Are you nuts? Didn’t you attempt blazing through the mesosphere layer in the practice runs? It’s impossible to resist the burning effect without having some abilities to rely on.’ Wild’s Breath said.

‘Don’t mind me.’ Felix gave him a slight nod and said, ‘If you are planning to slow down, then our partners.h.i.+p will most likely come to an early end.’

‘I am not that brazen to copy you.’ Wild’s Breath rejected.

‘Very well then.’ Felix smiled faintly and said, ‘If we managed to cross paths before the troposphere layer, let’s continue supporting each other.’


Although Wild’s Breath seemed like he agreed, he knew deep down that Felix would be in great trouble if he carried out his plan.

h.e.l.l, he somewhat believed that Felix might end up burning to dust if he had absolutely nothing to help him out.

Felix didn’t care about anyone’s thoughts as he already planned to use a method to survive through the experience.

It would be extremely painful but he wasn’t a foreigner to pain at all.

Asna who read his mind and saw his plan could only show a subtle hint of worry. But, her tone was as s.a.d.i.s.tic as ever, ‘Felix on fire, aah, this is a dream comes true.’

‘F*cking psycho.’ Felix’s eyelids twitched after hearing so.

Then, he ignored everything and emptied his mind, preparing himself for the upcoming h.e.l.lish agony.

Minutes went by and the ceiling of the mesosphere layer was getting closer and closer to Felix.

Meanwhile, Cursed Blade and Saltz Master had already gone through it after using a slowing ring that was extremely close to the mesosphere layer’s ceiling.

By utilizing it, they didn’t end up burning at all but their speed had been slowed substantially. This helped the players bridge the distance from ten kilometers to only five kilometers.

However, Cursed Blade and Saltz Master weren’t worried that much since they knew that only a few players would ignore slowing their speed.

The majority were definitely going to use the ring as well, this would return the distance between them to normal again.


The moment the players crossed over the half-kilometer mark between them and the layer’s ceiling, they immediately moved based on their preset plans.

“As expected, more than 15 players have decided to take play it safely.” Kayn commentated while highlighting the biggest pack of players gliding towards the slowing ring that was slightly off course.

This left only 5 players in different heights still going strong on their main course.

“Krialder, Burning Crusade, Waterloo, Serenity, and Landlord are planning on continuing on with their speed! This will help them a lot!” Kayn commentated in excitement at first before arching his eyebrows at the realization that Felix didn’t show any sort of ability to help him out.

“How are poison and lightning element are going to help him fend off against the burning effect?” Kayn asked in bafflement.

Alas, the viewers were just as bewildered as he was.

However, before they could start to ponder on this matter, their eyes were captured by Krialder slapping two talismans on his body, creating some sort of a red halo barrier on him.

Meanwhile, Waterloo and Serenity had engulfed themselves inside water spheres to keep them wet.

Only Burning Crusade and Felix had yet to make a move even though the mesosphere layer was right in front of their faces.

The viewers understood that Burning Crusade had a fire immunity but what about Felix?

Just as they tried to think of solutions that Felix had prepared, they were left in absolute disbelief at the sight of him turning in a burning man as he blazed through the mesosphere layer!

This created an image of two shooting stars, representing Felix and Burning Crusade!

While Burning Crusade appeared just fine, the image of Felix’s skin getting scorched black almost made his fans, grandfather, and Olivia faint on the spot!

They instantly knew that Felix had gone full commando without having anything to rely on!

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