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When the warriors started using battle skills, the magicians at the back had no reason to hold back anymore. They threw aside the small spells and brought out the big guns while bringing out more mana. Their chants got longer, fast and steady they chanted, it seems they are going to use highly destructive spells.

Without a doubt, the tier 7 warriors can dish out the punishment. But the Black Stone Spiders aren’t chicken s.h.i.t either. They might not have battle skills, but in exchange, the spiders have rock hard bodies. They might be howling in pain but they aren’t really that hurt, judging by their body surface.

The Black Stone Spiders went berserk when harm is inflicted upon them. They can’t approach the annoying magicians shooting spells from the back and they can’t push back the tier 7 engaging them. Thus, the spiders all opened their mouths and shot stone spikers.

The spikes this time also had an upgrade compared to the tinier spiders before. The spikes are bigger, and darker. It’s strength is probably no weaker than the power of those magicians’ blasts!

The tier 7 magicians have the necessary counter measure unlike the puny magicians before, what with getting skewered by spikes. The shots may be sudden but with a lift of their canes, magic s.h.i.+eld appeared to block the spikes.

Are the spikes really that easy to stop though? Of course not!

The tier 7 magicians are unharmed for now. Their s.h.i.+elds that could withstand same tier attacks a few times are now barely holding up. Well this is what is to be expected of the only long range attacks these spiders could muster.

When a few warriors see that the spiders are going to keep shooting, they banded up and struck at the nearest spider from multiple directions with weapons covered in layers of qi.

The spiders are not that intelligent but they still know how to dodge. Against their attacks, they could only close their mouth and furiously grapple with the fighters once more.

A tier 7 magician finally finished chanting and with a fwish of the cane the temperature of the air soared. A gigantic wave of fire formed and swept towards the black spiders.

A few tier 7 warriors backed away with good timing, taking position in front of a few magicians. The spiders wanted to chase them down but waves of fire forced them back. They shot spikes, trying to disperse the magic.

When the spiders actually dispersed the wave and are about to launch an offensive, another tier 7 magicians finished his casting and released his big a.s.s magic. The ground started trembling and the spiders, as if threatened by this, started screeching out loud.

To no avail however, a spike came out of the ground and slashed off one unlucky spider’s leg. Soon after, countless spikes came out rapidly and started going for the Black Stone Spiders.

Ignoring their agonizing screech, the spikes made their way inside their body. Incredibly, green blood flowed out from within them when none flowed out with the smaller counterparts before.

Wherever there are spiders, there are spikes as well. They got pin cus.h.i.+on-ed and as a result, went bat s.h.i.t crazy.

But before they could fight back, the other tier 7 finsihed their chanting and gigantic bolts of lightning appeared out of nowhere and struck the spiders.

After a few loud bang, the black spiders are given great casualty under the combined efforts of the 15 tier 7. Under attack from the lightning bolts and sharp spikes, green blood splattered everywhere. Some of them lost their legs, some got fried, some are screeching in pure pain like they’re trying to leave behind their last shout on this world.

It’s a given the tier 7 would know what’s going on at this point. Isn’t it high time to beat the dog that fell into the water? (Tl: give them fuglies a good hiding). They took up arms and smashed their battle skills at the black spiders.

After waves of attack, the 10 spiders made their appearance for the first and last time. Their giant bodies fell one by one…


The treasure hunting group cheered when they saw their powerhouses taking down the giant monsters. They raised their weapons, they beat their weapons on the ground in clear elation.

At this very moment, their morale has reached the peak!

Wu Yan & company watched the whole thing go down. They exchanged glances and nodded.

Wu Yan broke the quite atmosphere around them first.

“The tier 7s are pretty good to able to hold their own agaist 10 spiders of the same tier, without much casualty at that. Given that they had the numerical, equipment and coordination advantage but still, without a doubt if the tier 7s are our enemies, they would probably be tricky to deal with…”

He can’t stay quiet about this because it’s clear from the battle just now that these guys are ruthless. They wouldn’t even help their dying subordinates. Surely when Wu Yan & company finds the treasure, they would not hesitate to outright try and kill them!

He does have the necessary items in place to guarantee their escape but truth be said, he really doesn’t want to resort to these methods because it would mean that they are in very dire straits.

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded in agreement. Mikoto reckons that she’s stronger than any one of the tier 7s present but against the whole group and without the item’s a.s.sistance, she would probably end up the same as those spiders. Dead.


When they heard Ikaros, the three turned towards her. Given Ikaros’ personality, she’s a bit uncomfortable with all eyes on her.

“Ikaros, did something new turn up?”

Normally, she would just stay quiet like a loyal guard if nothing important happens.


She continued in a light tone.

“A very strong life signature is approaching…”

“Very strong life signature?”

Since she said it, then she’s definitely not talking about the auction firm that’s hiding as well, which means to say…

Her deep red eyes shone as she said.

“3 signatures, 2 rank A’s and 1 rank… S!”


Wu Yan, Mikoto and Hinagiku are surprised.

A means the same tier as Ikaros, or those that Ikaros feels can cause harm to herself, that’s A!

S means those that can bring serious threat to herself!

This kind of existence is approaching?

How can they not be shocked at this revelation?

Of course the ones on the battlefield wouldn’t know what’s going on. And so, the ones cheering happily are currently unaware that their last moment is going to arrive very soon…

The poise tier 7s standing there basking in praise suddenly felt the presence of death enveloping them and their surrounding. Startled, their face changed very quickly!


One of the tier 7 succ.u.mbed to the trauma of death and backpedaled while hysterically shouting.

The shout didn’t only surprise the ones present, the other tier 7s also looked at each other, conflicted.

They are conflicted for a very simple reason. Run and abandon the bounty or brave the risk and find that this is but another trick engineered into the structure of this place to mess with people.

In that few moments, they lost all chances of salvaging their lives…

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