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Shoujo Grand Summoning

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After laughing out loud for a while, Wu Yan had just about enough laughing when his lips started to become sore, his eyes showed that he had planned to continue but stopped the thought. That’s because he knows that they may have become stronger but they are still far off from being truly powerful.

The path to the top has just begun.

Hinagiku and Mikoto understand it as well. Mikoto in particular could feel the grind ahead, just look at Ikaros and Accelerator, they are undoubtedly way better than her!

To save the sisters would require her to be at least tier 8, i.e. level 70. Only then would she have the qualification and make no hasty guess for it is only a qualification to challenge not a guarantee of advantage.

That’s because even if they achieve their objective of saving the sisters, they would still need to make provisions against Academy City to make certain that the sisters are saved.

And, to that end, there exists a need to get stronger!

Meanwhile, Hinagiku’s reason of being on this path is much simpler, to catch up to Wu Yan and stand by his side and most importantly be there in times of need. That is all.

Hinagiku looked at the bodies on the ground while frowning and hugged Lirin who is being completely obedient.

“Yan, I think we should leave this place quickly, I don’t like this kind of place…”

Mikoto frowned as well and simply looked away after a quick glance over the ground. She tacitly asked him to make the call.

“Nn, let’s move forward!”

Knowing that the two girl still needs some time to get used to this kind of scene he didn’t even give it much thought and steered the group forward. They already know the cause of death for this ma.s.s death so there’s no point in staying any longer.

En route, the path are littered with bodies, although the number decreased as they moved on they still kept their guards up.

The main reason is that the deceased are stronger than the ones they encountered before.

The ones they saw before were mainly those tier 5 and below. But as they moved deeper and deeper into this place, the deceased ones are those that could pose a danger to them, namely tier 6, and these people were many in number!

Tier 6, the same tier cla.s.s as Wu Yan. They are only approximately 100 of these individuals and they have spotted approx 30 dead on the floor already.

Which is why they are scanning the whole place using System’s scanning function. Ikaros deserves special mention for simultaneously using her own scan in addition to the System’s to prevent anything happening to Wu Yan & company.

Perhaps among them, Lirin’s the one with the easiest mood. Afterall, she did insist on coming here while throwing a tantrum before and now that she’s here she reckons it’s best if she stay quiet in Hinagiku’s arms to lessen the burden on them.

It’s due to this nature of hers that can read mood that she’s here on Wu Yan’s consent. Of course, being obedient and quiet isn’t the only factor, he also bought a bunch of gadgets from the System to make sure she would absolutely come out of this with no harm otherwise he could never bring such a defenseless kid into this kind of place.

Rather than calling it a stone pa.s.sage, one might call it a stone labyrinth for that would be more apt seeing as they winded about through the curvy and maze like place. They are that close to getting confused at turning about so many times. And right then, many more familiar looking stone appeared!

To h.e.l.l with a.s.suming they’re normal stones, he signaled them to stop and moved back a distance with raised eyebrow.

Can’t blame em, their experience are fresh as h.e.l.l, the bigger the stones the stronger the stone spiders within them. What’s more the stones they are looking at right now is bigger than before.

The ominous cracking sound came and soon followed the thuds. Good G.o.d the fuglies are here again.

Wu Yan & company subconsciously stepped backed when they saw the stone spiders.

All of them are big stone spiders, no mini-me! Each one of them are level 40 stone spiders!

Bitterly shrugging, he reckons this is probably why the tier 6 individuals died. Cause of death: Rushed like cyka bylats in CS-GO. Poor f.u.c.ks.

The treasure hunting party must have slain a lot of the spiders on the way. With their numbers the ones they killed must be more than the ones Wu Yan & company killed. And yet, these spiders don’t seem to have an end to them, he really wonder how did they survive this path.

He guess that most likely they forcibly tore through the encirclement. They do have the capability in the form of tier 7 to do so. Also, the fact that they are seeing stone spiders here means that they did not kill off all the hostiles. This hints that they either did not bother or could not deal with it and ran.

He’s secretly glad he brought along Ikaros this time. Without her they might have to rely on the items to get them through the onslaught.

The stone spiders did not give them any room to breathe, they moved their stony slender legs and came at them.

Going into Ura.n.u.s mode, Ikaros deployed her protective barrier to cover for them. The oncoming wave got sent flying faster than they came.

“Mikoto! Now! Finish them with this opening!”

Arms wide, lightning flashed and entered the ground where he stood, ignoring the hard surface of the ground.

Mikoto understood his intention the moment she sees the electricity going itno the ground and she channeled hers into the ground as well except in bigger scale.

Controlling the minute grains, the earth got torn asunder as they swirled around the both of them forming a gigantic tide that dances as though they are blown by the wind.

Countless blades of magnetized metal sand formed in mid-air and hovered above them. The sharp blades took aim and flew at the spiders, before the spiders could hit the ground they got a follow up blow from the both of them.

A light flashed in Ikaros’ eyes and in a manner similar to the blades of iron sand countless missiles formed out of mid air and flew at the spiders!

“Go! Iron sand swords!!!”


The skies are filled with missiles and blades, it is raining with them, before the spiders could hit the ground they turned into rubbles either because of the storm of blades or the missile ma.s.sacre, either way they are dead, Jim.

Rather than retreating the remaining stone spiders all went berserk and furiously employed the same strategy, rus.h.i.+ng at them.

And as a result, they were met with another round of missiles to turn into boorish decors for the place.

He wryly laughed at the fact that they could deal with the troublesome stone spider legion that the treasure hunting team couldn’t.

Ikaros, what an operator at farming mobs…

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